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  1. In what way was that post criticizing ANYONE? The thread has a DEBBIE DOWNERNESS in it. And that an OPINION. If you take offense, then that's on you because there was nothing aimed at you or anyone in that post.
  2. I don't know. I like the paradox. I like the angst. Its growing pains. The relationship was essentially brand new in s5, it was new and had a sheen but now they are in the tough, gritty, growing pains segment of their relationship, it has to be done. The immovable force digs in its heels, the force keeps on pushing, it may not be 'pretty or sweet' but its intriguing as hell. THIS season has dealt with matters of consequence. They have not all been resolved - threads are still loose everywhere...but that's what makes it goooood, the ups and downs have been fascinating. S4 and S5 laid the groundwork for the issues they have now and have to work through to get something that will last. The paradox will end and a victor declared, then they can move on to another phase. The Debbie Downerness in this thread is kinda tiring tbh.
  3. This season is NOT about physical gestures, its about EMOTION. Next season they can deal with that.
  4. I'm sorry, I'm NOT unhappy at the moment, the paradox was set in motion for this entire season and we are seeing it play out. Chill out and enjoy the ride. Sometimes its good to just chill and enjoy the view.
  5. It kinda reminds me of Monica teaching Chandler about the 7 spots, years before they get together. Her lessons benefited her in the end.
  6. Have you all seen the update of the taping report...? 5. Shamy scene at the guys' apartment. Sheldon calls the Alpha network claiming to be a VP and asking to be connected to the people in charge of canceling the show. He says "Don't ask a lot of questions about whether I am who I say I am." And then he says something like, "No, I'm not the person who called before. That person clearly had a French accent!" (this was changed in the last take to "That person was clearly a cowboy.") Then Amy says Sheldon has a compulsive need for closure, and proves it with the "knock, knock, kna-knock, knock...." without completing the final "knock, knock." They changed this scene up a bit on each take. The first time, Amy did the sequence and then there was a long pause and then Sheldon couldn't help but complete it. The 2nd take, Amy did the sequence and then Sheldon immediately, without hesitation, completed it (as if he was so unable to tolerate it that he couldn't wait even a second!), and then said, "That proves nothing." The 3rd take they went back to the long pause, but kept the "That proves nothing" line. Then Amy tells Sheldon she can help him with his problem with closure through a series of exercises. She starts with the tic tac toe game. Sheldon suggests it won't work, because the game will end in win, lose, or draw, all of which provide closure. But then just as he's about to win, she erases the board. Then he admits maybe he does have a problem, and says how she can't possibly understand what it's like to have this longing for something that builds up to you and never reaches a climax (or something suggestive like that). Meanwhile Amy just stares at him, like, "Really, you think I can't imagine that?" And then as Cathie described, they tried out two different responses - "Yeah, that must suck." And then on the last take it was changed to Amy saying, "Sometimes I sit on a washing machine, but that probably wouldn't work for you." When the writers showed this new line to Mayim between takes, she was totally cracking up over it. She had to work to regain her composure in order to do that take, and then as soon as the the director called "Cut" she started cracking up again. Oh, I just remembered something else from this scene! Somewhere in there, when Sheldon is denying his difficulty with closure, Amy says a sentence, with the word "option" in it, but when she gets to that word, she just says, "op--" and then notices something on her hand and starts examining it and never finishes the sentence. Sheldon can't stand it, and yells, "-tion!!" to complete her sentence. Then on one take, as a joke, when they are getting ready to start shooting, the director called, "Ready, and, Ac--!" (leaving off the "tion" of "action"). Mayim laughed and sort of pointed at him like, "Good one." Jim kind of smirked in a way that made me wonder if he'd heard that joke before (maybe they did it in rehearsal or something). Either that, or he was just trying to remain in character and not laugh. 12. The pre-recorded "sucker" scene with Sheldon undoing everything Amy taught him. 13. Tag - Sheldon calling the Alpha writer and learning that the proposed ending was terrible. http://www.fanforum.com/f15/big-bang-theory-s-s-45-because-arthur-doesnt-deserve-cat-lady-treatment-63089263/index8.html
  7. Monique can tell us when she sees it at the next taping but its kinda clear that there was mix up with the order of the scenes and what was said. I'm 95% sure he will say "and you are sucker"
  8. Regina freakin' Davis. Its always nice to see some shades like myself on this show.
  9. That pic was taken with the sides cut off, so Simon/Mayim were cut...its early hours. They will surface.
  10. I think otherwise. I think this is right in his wheelhouse as a stage performer. And the chance to dress in drag? C'mon...that's a bonus.
  11. C'mon. Jim IS gay, lol. It's not THAT hard to get mo's to cross-dress. LOL.
  12. The paradox has to end...so either the immovable force remains unmoved or the irresistible force wins. I think/hope the latter is true. Hence the tension/angst subtext throughout. Fascinating. I don't see a break-up at all. Molaro said the season finale will be intimate. We shall see.
  13. No. I really think those dresses are distasteful...generally. But I have friends who dress like that and I don't hesitate them to give them directions to 11th Ave. In jest of course.
  14. It was the point of the scene. I contend that she looks like a hooker, that was the point of the scene no? But then again, I don't like Kaley/Penny, so I am biased.
  15. More than half of her boob is hanging out, the same way the ladies of the night advertise their merchandise. It looks like what I see pros wear....particularly in NYC & I'm certain you can get a dress like that at any thrift shop here in M'han for $10. $5 was probably too low. Cheap looking.
  16. I don't hate. Its an observation. She looks like the women I see in Times Square or those on 11th Avenue; But...cleaner. I guess that is what they were going for.
  17. I'm sure the $5 hooker dress has you mesmerized.
  18. Seriously, are we still harping on Amy's clothes....again? At this point, I just see it as "Amy". Don't change her clothes after 3 full seasons. I just see Amy, I rarely notice her clothes. I mean Kaley/Penny is dressed like a $5 hooker in the pic, but that just makes me love Amy and her uniqueness more.
  19. YES! Score 1 for my sex metaphor! Just wait until my brain starts working again...you'll see me, ahem, explore the depths.
  20. Correct. But they words were the same right? Same like they went with Sheldon patting Amy's back in TSTM. You can tell us next week. The fact that the line was changed altogether meant they probably got a bigger laugh/better vibe with the playfulness of the SUCKER!
  21. From Roxanne and Kellee and Monique and other taping attendees, I'm sure they will go with the last take. They usually do anyways.
  22. Last year was brilliant...can't wait to see this year's!
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