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  1. Actually, Arthur is cast the part for the paramedic wasn't. Bill posted Shamy! https://twitter.com/billprady/status/314199773634777089/photo/1
  2. Actually, 6.21-6.24 are sweeps.
  3. That line and Amy's annoyance as being used as a sheild kinda soured me on the whole thing. The bickering was cute but the horse was already out the barn door.
  4. Monique, I hope the next episode will lift me out of this dour mood this episode has left me in.
  5. Yup. I myself have employed my tactic to whip guys into line.
  6. Y I loved that the episode was about Howard but thr nastiness from Sheldon was uncool. 6.21 better make up for it.
  7. One more thing : He is a callous egomaniac and Amy deserves better.
  8. But the 'normalization' was always happening. Amy is different from Sheldon in the fact that he missed out on all of that and doesn't care. She did and she does care and has been trying her darndest to catch up. Dating back to sleep-overs in S4 and having a bestie in Penny. I see NOTHING wrong with her becoming who she would have been if she had friends growing up. She's still smart and enjoys Sheldon's quirks but the woman is growing up and needs more. Sheldon is either going to grow up and give more or she will eventually move on. We know they will end up together...but HOW? 2 years ago, this would have been fine for her. But she's grown up and wants more - and thats the push and pull of their relationship.
  9. We can wait another week till 6.22 and we'll find out then.
  10. You know what? I loved Amy on the couch with Raj....swaying in sync to the music. I dig a friendship between them and would like him to be her new study subject so I really wasn't bothered by that...at all. Otherwise, Sheldon was an ass and Amy was annoyed and their relationship is angst-central. Its frustrating but I'm also intrigued. Sheldon has been very mean/cold two episodes in a row. Its all a leading somewhere. Last year on FF everyone was pissed off after TWV - 5.19 and now 6.19 was more of the same. Interesting.
  11. They were bickering alot this episode and it was very angsty ...but I loved it all. Tension, Friction, Arguments....aaaaah the stuff I love. And yes, Sheldon was rude.
  12. Here is Mayim's quote. For her part, Amy "is generally frustrated with the slow pace of everything with Sheldon, but I think she's also not terribly troubled by it," Bialik says. "I think she can be frustrated but also be really content and kind of roll with it because it's worth it."
  13. Mayim said it her self. Amy is FRUSTRATED with the pace of their relationship. She's generally happy but she is frustrated (as am I tbh) and hence as they say 'she is building a better boyfriend'. LOL>
  14. Really? They spend time together almost every day. Again. Sheldon/Amy is NOT Leonard/Penny or Howard/Bernadette.
  15. Howard? Win! One plot with the group dynamic? Win! A real story that touched me all misty-eyed win! This episode wasn't one for the laughs, it was for the heart...WIN!
  16. I keep telling ya'll...Frustrated!Amy is a bubbling over!
  17. I don't see the problem with Jim's or Bill's or Molaro's comments,
  18. Sheldon is a creature of habit...he needs to be pushed. The whole season is immovable object vs irresistible force. More here http://www.tvguide.com/News/Big-Bang-Theory-Relationships-1062740.aspx
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