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  1. Spoilers....Amy helps Sheldon to relax. http://news.google.com/news/url?sa=t&ct2=us%2F0_0_s_3_0_t&usg=AFQjCNEjokEt6L75tD29rBgIulB8G9OFQw&did=db441eb0777a57c7&cid=43982010871706&ei=K-lBUZW7I4jLtgftPw&rt=STORY&vm=STANDARD&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.huffingtonpost.com%2F2013%2F03%2F14%2Fbig-bang-theory-sheldon-amy-paleyfest_n_2874987.html
  2. Monique. When you go to 6.22, let us pray the show you 6.21 so we can her what Sheldon sings to Amy.
  3. Monique. When you go to 6.22, let us pray the show you 6.21 so we can her what Sheldon sings to Amy.
  4. Sheldon will be singing? Its the Shamy episode I tell ya!
  5. We'll only have to wait a week after taping to find out what happens. They'll most likely play it at the 6.22 taping. Calm down guys.
  6. He eats Chinese and Thai food...nothing sophisticated about that. And grapes. Pretty normal.
  7. Oh get of the freakin' clothes already? Is this a new thing? They look like themselves!
  8. No its not. You're just blind. Someone can't be goofy and insightful? What a bore you must be!
  9. What's this nonsense about 'two Amys?' Amy was a caged bird all her life...and now she has found freedom.
  10. I thought this was an AFF thread? No? Ok.
  11. This is one blog post I really didn't enjoy. I disagree on Princess culture, but I don't like the tone of this blogpost. Love her to death, but this was kinda mean.
  12. Amy....a neuroscientist will be ideal to deal with mute Raj!
  13. My bf says at the start of one episode, while they were just hanging out or something...Amy needs to grab Sheldon and lay a good one on him. Then casually resume what they were doing while he struggles to react for the entire episode.
  14. Ok. I love my bf soo damn much. He said 'Well Damn Amy....don't worry, your prince will 'come'' while we were rewatching just now.
  15. If I wasn't a scientist...they would sure not interest me nohow.
  16. I did a Penny-slap on my bf at that point when he was doing the horsey...and he was very Sheldon like 'Don't get any ideas...LOL'
  17. Its been a topic of discussion recently due to study published regarding the women and the difficulties we face in the world of science.
  18. Loved the episode. Loved the girls as Princesses. Loved Leonard. Pretty Decent Episode. Oh, loved Horsey Howard.
  19. Ok. Look writers. I do not like to be teased. That singsong at the end was a deliberate and overt singsong tease about the kiss! Imma go to Cali, storm a taping and making it happen. That being said. Amy was GAWJUSS as Snow White.
  20. Suppose it was a break-up? *runs and hides* I kid, I kid.
  21. Monique, its okay you guys don't have tix for next week....you guys will probably see a replay of 6x21 at the 6x22 taping. We'll hear spoilers then.
  22. Of course its 10 years. Shamy wedding is season 10.
  23. And Praise Jeebus your opinion is the minority.
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