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  1. Who stacks up on porn? Browser. Click. Watch. Delete browsing history.
  2. So that means it was about SEX. LOL. He knows what sensual/orgy/sex/porn music is.
  3. Now where did you get that? Latin ORGY music. ORGY music....and that means popular music? Please...
  4. Hate is Hate. Directed at real life or fiction. Its just nasty. But as I said : Haters. Cliff. Jump. :-)
  5. Get them out then. Hate is ugly and useless. My relationship is also NOTHING like S/A but I find it poignant...so haters can find the tallest cliff and jump off for all I care....I love my show and my ship.
  6. Quit letting the haters ruin your thought process or how you enjoy you show.
  7. Oh, bless your heart for mentioning my girl Lucille Ball...but technically she reminds me of Lucy Ricardo (:-P). Mayim has some of Lucille's comedic techniques down pat.
  8. Latin Orgy Music means exactly what it implies : Sheldon watched an xxx video and heard music on it that sounds similar to what was playing. No innocent or hippie things can explain this away.
  9. Oh, I think the hammer is going to drop on him soon....shall be interesting.
  10. I think working on his touch phobia - which without Amy, he really wouldn't do - is something extraordinarily sweet. I want to see something selfless too...but I'll wait.
  11. IMO, its already there. He just hasn't expressed it openly TO HER! His emotional bond is so clear its blinding. Gentility comes with ease. I don't believe he is at ease with his LOVE for her yet, hence the ever decreasing awkwardness. But I want it all in time, they have at least 3 more seasons to fill....all good things will come in due time.
  12. But to people other than Moonbase, Sheldon and Amy are the bees knees - again just check twitter for the opinion of MOST PEOPLE. Their chemistry is palpable. Chemistry does not necessarily equate with sex, there is something earthy and rich about them and MOST PEOPLE get that. Trying to fix something that isn't broken for a blind few is nonsensical. You may end up wrecking something that was perfect in the first place.
  13. Amy is already replacing his mother in many respects in his life in all the right places. He respects Amy more than anyone else on that show and reveres her and as he rightly said 'Amy is making him become the man he wants to be'. Again, his relationship with his mother has an almost 30 yr head start...and he HAS used that relationship with his mother as a basis, he does not argue with Amy (neither his mom) and he greatly respects her (as he does his mom). All that is left, is for him to sucessfully and permanently modify the maternal love he has for his mother and apply it in a romantic sense to Amy. Maternal Love is something that comes easily, Romantic Love - to someone like Sheldon, who for most of his life, did not see the need or has any experience in it, is going to take a while...in fits and starts but it all leads to that glorious ending. But if you don't see it, you don't see it...words aren't going to let you see it.
  14. I don't get the 'nicer' thing, He's had very sweet moments with Amy replete with sincerity. She is equally matter-of-factly and aloof with her demeanor. I don't get the complaints. Sheldon is not 'nice' by nature, so to let him be overly nice or whatever would be a disservice to the character.
  15. If fans had their way with storylines and characters the show would fall apart. I have ideas but TPTB should NEVER take them, its their show and their characters.... And as for Moonbase, its pointless - he does not see the CHEMISTRY. He does not get how they are together, he thinks if they wrote it differently, then maybe he could see it better - not true. Chemistry is an empirical science, its natural, it flows and if you cannot observe that and appreciate it in its raw form, no amount of modification if going to let you see it.
  16. Those are long established relationships from birth, that comes with nature. Amy is a relationship that will eventually fall into the mold of those but with differences. It has to be worked out, he can't all of sudden have Amy become like his mom and his grandma.... But if you don't see the chemistry between the characters, why do you bother to complain about it? You don't see the attraction, so you aren't gonna get Sheldon as a 'boyfriend' - so just don't let it bother you. I don't get the Lenny, but I don't point out how horrible Penny is for him and their utter lack of Chemistry, I just grin and bear it through their relationship - Leonard is my favorite character - it is not that hard. We all know Sheldon and Amy are going to end up together, its the getting there is the fascinating part.
  17. Shamy is steady as she goes. I don't want them sweet and overly gooey - that is so not them. They are aloof but effective. Frequent, Intense and Whimsically Inventive. An immovable object meets an irresistible force. Your idea of what should work WOULD NOT WORK on the show. THIS is more realistic. A person does not abandon all sense of self when they are in a relationship, they go in as they are and they learn and grow together and work on their marriage. Ben Affleck said as the Oscars Sunday, a relationship takes work and time - it does not bloom overnight. With characters like these 2, its gonna take even longer. They are obviously in love with each other - its making that love work into something lasting - thats the hard part. That is what we are seeing play out and it is utterly beguiling and intriguing. Sweet, Gooey, Sheldon? In what universe? Let them work out their relationship that suits them - you may not like it, you may not see the 'chemistry' , but as Sheldon says : that is all irrelevant. Oh btw, Sheldon and Amy are becoming on of AMERICAN TV couples of all time.....just read the critics lists.
  18. He touched her a lot in Fish Guts. But I think this will be hilarious than anything....
  19. I wanna see Amy's face when Sheldon uses her as a shield...he'd probably be dead if I were Amy :lol:
  20. Thanks so much! I love Howard and his stories and I think this is long overdue! Thanks much Kyxzz!
  21. Not many people love him, but I respect Chiam Levine - you go Chuck!
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