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  1. Ship Zone

    Yeah, I'll be disappearing into hiatus-ness and Game of Thrones soon too, but man! What a way to go. I hope you all have a great summer and I'll see you around Comic Con time (assuming they're going).
  2. Ship Zone

    I thought it was hilarious as well. I also took the disgust more along the lines of... you know, not wanting to think about your friends that way. There's been that kind of reaction before between other characters too, even recently when Bernie compared Howard to a sexy greyhound. So I didn't mind it. Also, another moment that flies under the radar because the episode is so packed... but I found Sheldon telling Amy about the ladders and Amy enthusiastically nodding along to be hilarious and adorable too.
  3. Ship Zone

    I agree that Amy is impulsive (although maybe over-excitable is a better definition... she tends to get hyper about stuff before calming down to think and often times that "calming down to think" period comes across as falling from cloud nine for her), but I don't think we can say that she is happy to abandon things the instant she has doubts. Or at least not consistently enough to say that's a personality trait of hers. I mean, in the cohabitation thing she was ready to quit, but she's also often patient and resilient in the face of difficulties and she's had several of those moments in her relationship with Sheldon (not that I'm a fan of those moments where she's shown "putting up" with him in S6 or 7, but they're there...). Either way, I don't think either of them is commitment-phobic, and reporters questioning Sheldon's motives at every turn just because he does things his own way and at his own pace irk me to no end. Nobody questioned whether Howard was ready to marry Bernie when they had barely been dating a year, for example, or Bernie's acceptance despite the entire episode being focused on the fact that she was thinking of dumping him at the very same time. Or whether Penny was ready to marry Leonard despite the fact that she suggested it right on the whims of a career crisis. But Sheldon, who canonically had a ring for 2 years, has been dating Amy for 7, tried to propose already once and was canonically stated to have been thinking about it in several episodes? Oh no. He has to be questioned. Because he's "different" and because he and Amy don't fit the norms of traditional relationships. ITA that I hope they don't have Amy regret leaving. But I think she/they know better than that. I mean, this is a lesson for Sheldon too because, like Penny said, he has no experience with that sneaky behavior and, on top of that, has difficulties reading people. He will learn to be more wary in the future. And it's kind of sad for him because he genuinely thought he was gaining a friend. Once it's all out in the open, Amy should/will understand that. And, again, Penny is his witness.
  4. Ship Zone

    I hadn't read the entirety of Steve's interviews so this snippet escaped me: Not that there was any doubt in my mind before, but it's nice to get official confirmation that the writers' minds are on our same wavelength. There's not going to be any stupid drama, with Sheldon trying to hide things from Amy and no question that he was anything but innocent in all this. I think that also partly answers the doubt some might have regarding whether Sheldon proposed out of guilt. He's innocent in what happened, and wouldn't hide it if asked... if he felt guilty in any way, he wouldn't act the way he's acting. I mean, I do think there might be a bit of guilt in him at the fact that he didn't realize sooner what was going on, but that's not something he would propose for. Plus, he's had that idea in his head for 2+ years now. He's had time to think about it. It's tiresome to see reporters constantly asking if Sheldon is "ready", like he's some sort of dumb idiot who doesn't know what he wants. When has Sheldon ever made a step he wasn't 100% sure of? If anything, he's the opposite. He delays and delays and delays in order to make sure he's certain. And whenever he had reservations about something, he made it clear from the start and worked through them (like he did this season when he agreed to trying living together). I keep going back to Spoiler Alert, but back then it was Amy who was handling the whole situation in an immature way where her desire to live with her boyfriend trumped the reality that it's not the same as getting a roommate (she was all ready to move into Leonard's bedroom with her own bed), that there's a level of intimacy that goes far beyond that and she just wasn't getting it, while Sheldon did. He is more aware of the importance of certain commitments than most give him credit for.
  5. Ship Zone

    I'm confused. Isn't the bold part exactly what happened? Sheldon didn't agree with Penny's assessment of the situation, he confronted Ramona about if immediately, and then found out Penny was right? On another note... I didn't pay much attention at first, but after re-watching those scenes a bunch of times I noticed that Ramona does look very upset in the end there. As in, she's being rejected openly and she knows it. I mean, not that I feel sorry for the b***, but it was interesting to me that they didn't have her smirk or be smug or be unaffected by it. That it's a rejection, and there's no question about it.
  6. Ship Zone

    What I adored about it is that there wasn't a double meaning in the sense of Amy trying to get to sex and Sheldon not getting it. The double meaning was that to them this IS literally like sex talk. She loves it! Man. I would say "get married", but that's beyond the point now, isn't it.
  7. Ship Zone

    I think what I love about this episode, upon rewatch, is that it's showing us how Sheldon has changed while at the same time he is still Sheldon. With Ramona, he's his usual, oblivious, clueless, uninterested Sheldon from years past. He barely notices her "attributes" and even if he does it's from a very "matter-of-fact" point of view. This is the Sheldon from S2-3 that some parts of the fandom (who has probably quit by now, who knows - and who cares) kept complaining was gone and had been ruined. He's not gone. He's never been gone. He's just put 10 years of human life experience and interaction under his belt, has fallen in love, and has merged his old persona with all these experiences. Of course, this will mean nothing to people who want to dig their heels and insist the show has jumped the shark because the characters haven't remained static caricatures of themselves, but whatever. I think this episode greatly mixed the old and the new. As for the germophobia and the gang not noticing... well, I think they probably don't pay attention all that much and also I don't think they're as privy as to what goes on behind closed doors in the Cooper-Fowler residence, at least until last week. But it's another thing that makes sense to me. I know some might want Sheldon to only be ok with Amy touching him, but that's not how getting over a phobia works. Amy was the catalyst that made him begin to overcome it, but it's not something that was ever specific to one person. Phobias are serious, general obstacles. And I hope I'm never going to see people (not Shamy fans of course) complain because Sheldon (mostly) got over it, because that's like being upset that someone got over depression. If you enjoy watching someone be in distress because "it's funny", then you're a bully. The show has always found the way to find the humor in the difficulties, but ultimately it's a good thing that Sheldon is probably a lot more relaxed and happy in his every day life because of managing his phobias. And it's nice to watch him be more relaxed as a character too, because you know how much he had to work for it and it's payoff as a viewer.
  8. Ship Zone

    You are reading a whole bunch of things in his intentions that were never even hinted at on (or off) screen. Sheldon most definitely did not have sex with her just to keep her in the relationship. He already knew sex was not the reason for the breakup since in Platonic Permutation he asks if she has slept with anyone and she says no. And nothing in that episode, the ones that followed, or the interviews by the cast and crew said anything about that being even remotely a factor. He said ILY to her DESPITE Amy saying he didn't need to say it back and after she specifically mentioned social convention as one reason he shouldn't. And waiting to be ready to make a step (especially for someone with as many hungups and issues as Sheldon), or realizing change isn't that bad, has nothing to do with commitment, in any case. The *only* thing that might have potentially made Sheldon's commitment a question is science. I think science might be the only thing that could give Sheldon pause when it comes to Amy. But other than the Mars thing, that was never really an issue. The writers have never made commitment the issue with Sheldon, just his slow pace. I understand the two can be confounded with each other, but they come from very different places.
  9. Ship Zone

    Sheldon is not commitment phobic at all. He doesn't like change. It's a huge difference. A person who is afraid of commitment doesn't want to settle down precisely for the opposite reason: because they like change and they don't know if they are happy to stick with one thing for their whole life.
  10. Ship Zone

    I finally watched it and.... What. a. season. Besides the fact that it's the first year since S5 (S5!!!!) that I get to the end of the season 100% satisfied throughout (S8 came close but then... *shakes fist*), I feel such a big relief having one entire season unbesmirched and, more importantly, with Sheldon and Amy being so consistently in-sync throughout. I really enjoyed the episode (although of course it doesn't compare to my other favorites of the season) and I'm not concerned about the future. Molaro's interview makes me feel good (for a change) and just confirmed further that 1) they 100% made sure to make it clear Sheldon has no interest in Ramona, nor in cheating - that was never something they intended to play with and that 2) from everyone's reactions to the scene (here comes the 2017 edition of "Steve Molaro cries during a scene") this is it. Why would everyone get so emotional if this wasn't an actual, meaningful proposal? I doubt there's going to be massive drama coming from this, let alone multiple proposals. I think they will clear the air about Ramona in the premiere and they will probably have a touching scene at the end where Amy will accept. I actually think that the way they set up the whole thing, and the cliffhanger at the end, made sense from a technical and narrative POV. We might have preferred a different trigger to get Sheldon to propose, like maybe not having Ramona back but him just missing Amy and realizing he was ready to take that step because of that would have worked just great from our POV. But they have to write a comedy, it's a season finale, and they have to shock the audience and I honestly think it worked really well in that sense. Everyone was so focused on Ramona and whether or not Sheldon might cheat that I don't think anybody (in the general audience) thought a proposal was coming. It was sweet, it was romantic, it was shocking, but it wasn't cheesy or over the top. it was simple and to the point. And Sheldon is so calm and determined that there's no doubt in my mind his intentions come from a good place. From what I read on Twitter this morning, it's been received very well. And I've never heard the studio audience scream so hard in 10 seasons! I also think that had they had Amy say yes right away, and the kiss/hug whatever had come after, the scene wouldn't have had nearly the same impact from a visual/shock perspective, nor made much sense from Amy's POV. After all, Sheldon's just shown up out of the blue to propose when he's meant to be on the other side of the country, that it's just natural that Amy's first reaction would have been to be shocked and maybe confused. I think it would have been far weirder had she jumped up and said yes. This worked. It makes sense that they wouldn't know how exactly Amy will react and what her response will be because there's so many options to go with. But I'm fairly confident it won't be drama. Or they wouldn't have had Sheldon be completely clueless, innocent, and well intentioned about it. From a production POV too... an engagement between Shamy isn't a risk for the show. The biggest risk to the status quo of the show was changing the living arrangements, and that's all done and dusted successfully. An engagement will change nothing in terms of how the show is written and made. So there's really no reason why they might want to re-hash breakup-like drama over THIS, when the show is winding down to its end and Shamy have literally cleared every single issue they've ever had this season. I think the only real criticism I have for this episode is that I feel everyone overreacted far too quickly at the very start. I mean, a part of me wonders if that was the writers' tongue-in-cheek way of parodying the way things escalate quickly in the fandom. But I felt like they could have had a better buildup than one single lunch before the gang (and Amy) start panicking/getting crossed. They could have had a montage or a little time-jump to justify the worries. I felt like their concerns were far more organic later on, after Ramona turned down Raj, and took Sheldon swimming and showed up for dinner obviously intent on getting him alone. But, at the beginning of the episode, all that panic seemed a bit excessive. The gang was absolutely on fire though, and that staircase scene might be one of the funniest scenes they have ever shot. I don't know how they will pick up in 11x01 (although I think a classic Amy panic attack could definitely be in the cards), but, again, I am pretty sure it will all be fine by the end of the episode at the latest. Again, if they had wanted to toy with more drama, they would have made it much more ambiguous that Sheldon might have been into Ramona, and they would have had him run to Amy in a panic, not in that calm, determined and relaxed way he did. And... hey, for the first time in years, I get to have a happy hiatus!
  11. Ship Zone

    I had to take a 24-hour cooling down period before writing down my thoughts on the episode because otherwise there would have been nothing but an incoherent sequence of "awwww" and pterodactyl noises. Not necessarily in that order. I mean, I knew all along I would love the episode, but as always the things that often stand out to me, going into an episode spoiled, are the little things we didn't know about from the taping which take me by surprise. That entire conversation at breakfast was amazing, and you can tell the seeds of the proposal are being planted right there already. That's all Sheldon's essentially saying to her, that his life has become so interwoven with hers (and he loves it) he can't imagine himself without her. It's not about the things she can do for him, or where she can drive him to, or any of that. It's about how kind she is, and how she gets him, and how just her presence is comforting to him. And he's saying all that BEFORE finding out she's been offered the position, so there's no manipulative intent involved there. It's all coming right from a place of love and affection. And what was wonderful when he finds out about it is (and this is something that's totally incongruent with what Sheldon said Leonard told him - which is rich coming from someone who just last episode was whining because his wife *might* work with an ex) is that his immediate reaction wasn't to stomp his feet and forbid her from going. It was to clamp down his own emotions and tell her she should take it. If that's not loving and supporting, I don't know what is. Frankly, some of the advice from Penny too reminded me of how nobody really understands Sheldon and Amy BUT Sheldon and Amy. And the other thing that I didn't notice until I saw gifs later on, was the way Sheldon's face changes into a big smile in the last scene, when Amy tells him that she will love him no matter what. And his overprotectiveness in insisting she texts and calls him all the time. Again, that's not the kind of neediness he had with Leonard, it's about being with her and missing her as a person. Oh, and I can't believe I nearly forgot when he tells her "I'm proud of you, and support you in everything you do". I mean, can this episode scream "relationship goals" any louder? I don't think I have to say anything about the end of the once-a-year deal, because I'm sure there's been lots of discussion about that already (and I'll catch up with it shortly). And there's not much I could say about it that I didn't already when the report came out, given how we knew every little detail about it. Hehe. But I just love the ease and how well tuned with one another they are these days. It's nice that sex can now come from a place of emotional need instead of a deadline. At the cost of sounding like a broken record, I don't care how often they do (or don't) do it, but there was just something off with that deadline. I also LOVED that when Sheldon says that thing about warning her that if she wants to "hit some of that" and she's 3000 miles away he can't skype it to her, she's all "that's a risk I'm willing to take". Once again, loud for those in the back, Amy's not necessarily that much more sexually driven than Sheldon and that's why their sex life works for them. I think they've now hit a nice, comfortable, healthy balance for them and I never felt like they're as ready to conquer the world together as they are right now. It's a great place to be as the show winds down to its end. (Also, if this is Alex Ayers idea of an episode - given her writing credits - PLEASE WRITE MORE. And thank you.)
  12. Ship Zone

    Been busy all day but I just wanted to say: 1) Happy to hear the news that M&M have been officialized and got a bump in salary (still nowhere near what they deserve, but it's a huge bump nonetheless). Not that there were any doubts. 2) I loved last night's episode too. Once again a funny, feel-good, yet meaningful episode! Shamy are adorable as always and I have to say, I'm going to miss Raj being around Los Robles. I really like to see him hang out with Shamy and Lenny for a change, instead of always being relegated to Howardette's. It was great to see Zack again and I absolutely loved Bernadette's secret ventriloquist past. I often moan that the show doesn't give the girls the chance to be anywhere near as odd and quirky as their partners and this was exactly the kind of stuff I meant. I also loved Amy being "Sheldon" when out with the girls, with her phone and fact-checking. 3) I loved the plot about getting older and Sheldon feeling like he's not that special anymore. I totally agree with the discussion from earlier about how Sheldon was used to being a stand-out in every way as a child prodigy and how at the end of the day being a child prodigy mostly means you only get to things first, but eventually the perks start dwindling as you get older and become more "normal". And I loved that Amy *did* also mention his solid career in the list of reasons why he should be proud of his life. Top notch Shamy once again. And that tag was adorable. Roll on 10x23!
  13. Ship Zone

    I think there's lots of possible, plausible and IC reasons why Sheldon 1) hadn't proposed until now after their reconciliation and 2) decided that now was the time to do it. I don't think we are meant to take the "Amy drugged him jokes" seriously. I think they're tacky and terrible jokes, mind you, precisely because the writers think it's funny not to take them seriously when they're overtly creepy. But I don't think the writers meant to be serious about them and have Sheldon question Amy's motives for them. Now, Sheldon being hurt by the breakup and being scared it might happen again has always been something I thought could make a lot of sense, especially in terms of why he hasn't proposed yet. There are hints that he might feel like there's some lingering insecurity in terms of Amy possibly leaving again (e.g. the "escape hatch" thing, his forlornness when he finds out she might "leave him" for the summer like she's leaving for good that Leonard needs to put in perspective, him telling her to call him immediately if she meets someone that could be like him). But there are also a lot of hints that he's extremely comfortable and well-adjusted in their relationship right now and that all the things he's doing in it aren't things he feels pressured into doing to keep her (and he literally spells it out in 10x23 that he's not having sex with her just to get her to stay). So I don't know that we necessarily *need* to explain his delay in proposing with that. Would it be an interesting avenue to explore and one that makes sense, canonically? Sure. I'd be happy with that. But I don't think it's mandatory, and I won't be disappointed if they don't. Besides the, very valid, point that Sheldon just settles into the status-quo and never really feels the need to change it, if it works, there might be another very simple explanation: that they have gotten back together relatively recently, all things considered, and it makes sense not to pop the question immediately, no matter how attuned they might be (see Leonard in S5, when he asked Penny to marry him in the middle of sex right after they had started dating again). I guess it makes sense to let things settle a little, especially when so many things have changed with them: sex and living together are two huge shifts in their relationship in the last year, year and a half. The status-quo explanation also works in terms of why Sheldon decided *now* is the time to propose, after the Ramona debacle: the status quo of just being boyfriend and girlfriend is obviously no longer optimal since telling Ramona he is in a relationship and her wanting to pursue a relationship with him is a huge issue given that status didn't deter her from going for it anyway. So he might feel like a change of status is in order to make things even clearer to the world (of course, there's people who wouldn't care about that either, but that wouldn't cross Sheldon's mind at this point in time). I do think there might also be a component of guilt. Not the "Amy forgive me" type of guilt, but the "I should have made the uncrossable line thicker and it was my fault for being gullible" type of guilt. We won't find out until the premiere (and, who knows, they might never spell it out), but I think these are all valid interpretations and it's likely it's a combination of many, rather than a single one. I don't think any cheapens the gesture though, because, ultimately, he's had that ring for years, and it's obviously something he's been thinking about for a long time. So despite the status quo being great for them right now, it seems like it's something he's been pondering without even having any input from Amy or anyone else. He must have his own reasons for it that go beyond status quo, or making a statement, or guilt. ETA: Also, well, one thing we can't complain about is that Sheldon hasn't had work-related plots? He had two ongoing projects this year, and the Recollection Dissipation one I thought was one of the best Sheldon-work episodes in years, since they finally showed once again how brilliant he is at everything he does, rather than have him have his usual "Sheldon is arrogant and gets put in his place through failure" workplace plots.
  14. Ship Zone

    Yeah, their time jumps tend to be all over the place, and usually it's because they want to do holiday episodes. I personally wouldn't mind if Amy were a Princeton for a couple more episodes. As in, premiere with Sheldon in NJ as they sort out the proposal, then he comes back home, have a couple of episodes where they Skype and maybe Amy has her own plot in Princeton (one can dream), and then episode 4 she comes back home and it's a Shamy-heavy, reunion episode. The only thing I'm sad about S10 is that they never did that flag convention episode they mentioned at SDCC. I would love to see something like that in S11. Or for the gang to take a trip somewhere together.
  15. Ship Zone

    Good point, @Jonny about this being technically Sheldon's second (and maybe third - we don't really know when he was planning to pop the question after the S8 finale) attempt, even if Amy didn't know about it. So, yeah.... Even further reasons for why them going down a season-long string of proposals is unlikely. I also think the writers have other stuff they like to write for Shamy, and not all focused on romance. We have seen it this year, especially, and especially with their ongoing project (I LOVE that is mentioned in 10x23 again), that they can write plenty of one-on-one Shamy plots without even bringing up the word romance, so they don't *need* to milk this out to keep them interesting. I think they will settle in engaged life after the premiere and then the writers will pull out the wedding card when they feel like it in the next two seasons. It's time they focus on Lenny a little, they've been by far the weakest part of this season, IMO and they're the only ones who haven't really made any movement from where they were 2 years ago. Leave Shamy on the backburner with their work and FWF stuff for a while. I personally would be totally fine with them taking Lenny's place at the metaphorical "kitchen counter" observing the gang and making comments.