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  1. Yes, it was The Consummation Deviation . At first when I saw the title and the cast list with the Fowlers I thought I struck gold and I had a front row seat to a Shamy coitus episode 😂
  2. Thanks guys! It was indeed a wonderful experience. To answer the questions, if I remember them all: 1) No, it wasn’t a Thanksgiving episode. Thanksgiving was just mentioned when Mrs Fowler tells Sheldon Amy has been saying they could never make TG at theirs because they had to go to his mother’s and then when Amy gets busted she’s all “good news Mom, we can come to Thanksgiving this year!”. 2) It wasn’t from before they started dating. Amy’s been trying to avoid spending time with her mother all along. 3) Yes, Sheldon and Mrs Fowler were bonding over minor things like the eggs, the fact that Mrs Fowler doesn’t seem to like Howard much and at the end that she doesn’t like magic. Sheldon at one point goes “I married the wrong Fowler!”. LOL. It’s all very lighthearted and fun, nothing to do with dissing Amy or Larry or anything mean. Sheldon at one point gets upset that Howard is entertaining Larry so well and goes “stop being so delightful! You have your own father in law, leave mine alone!”. It was surprising to me that they had him bond with Mrs Fowler over Larry, I didn’t expect that. Maybe they’re trying to mellow Mrs Fowler down a little.
  3. I rise from the grave to bring spoilers. I am too much on a high from managing to finally attend a taping not to share with the happy Shamy crowd. Not much direct Shamy interaction but they had a plot where Sheldon decides to bond with his in-laws because he “wants to be a good husband and since they’re important to Amy, by the transitive property, they’re important to him”. Cut to Sheldon trying to bond with Larry and failing once Larry finds Howard’s magic tricks more exciting than Sheldon. So Sheldon moves on to Mrs Fowler next and they surprisingly bond once it comes out that Amy used Sheldon as an excuse not to spend time with her mother and so Mrs Fowler realizes she’s been angry at Sheldon for no reason all this time. And they bond over their hatred of Amy and her dad putting ketchup on eggs (amongst other things - there’s a cute like where Amy’s mom tells Sheldon how can he defend Amy when she’s thrown him under the bus and he says she’s his wife and he loves her and if he can forgive her putting ketchup on eggs he can forgive her this). LOL. Sheldon now finds Mrs Fowler a delight. I can’t believe I got so lucky to see Kathy Bates act right in front of me with Jim and Mayim! There was a blooper with Kathy and Jim that was just hysterical that I’m 100% sure is going to end up on the DVD. The other plot was about Raj and Anu planning to sleep together for the first time and Raj getting so stressed out he relapsed back into his inability to speak to her while sober. It was a surprising twist and a cute resolution but nothing to write home about.
  4. I will say more on the episode later because there's so much I loved, but I just wanted to quote this and say: I LOVE YOU STEVE HOLLAND! YOU BEAUTIFUL NERD! I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS FOR 8 YEARS!!!!
  5. The way Sheldon smiles in that promo, ISTG.
  6. I just LOOOVE this kind of humor! THIS is how to write funny, IC, Sheldon-sex jokes!
  7. I guess I don't find the dress ugly? If you know what I mean. As in, there are different styles of wedding dresses and this one, to me, looks more old fashioned. Something brides might have worn earlier last century, rather than the slimmer, strapless, sleeveless types that people wear nowadays. It reminds me a bit of the dresses royalty used to wear in the first half of the 1900's. I think what makes it "Amy" is that it's old fashioned, not that it's ugly. I understand that it's not everyone's cup of tea, but what I mean is that I think it's a bit of a stretch to say that the wardrobe department picked it because it's ugly, rather than old-fashioned (as whether or not it's ugly is a personal preference), and we don't know that that was the thought process behind it. Mayim will probably explain in her video.
  8. Maybe I don't have much fashion sense, but I really don't have a problem with the dress. Yeah, the cloak might be a bit much, but the rest of it is a fairly conventional, old-fashioned, puffy wedding dress. And in that photo with Teller from Twitter it looks even better. I don't think the comedy is meant to be in the fact that the dress is ugly, just in the fact that it's not a dress most people would pick, but Shamy find it amazing. It's the old-style sort of "Shamy vs. the audience" comedy which I loved from the early seasons, rather than the cringeworthy Sheldon vs. Amy comedy. I've never been a fan of the ugly-duckling makeover idea anyway, and having Sheldon react like this to this dress means a lot more than having him react the same way to a more conventionally pretty dress. I also totally agree with April that I am overjoyed that they did none of the "cold feet" tropes with this wedding and instead have Sheldon be 100% committed, excited and impatient to marry her. I never understood the whole "Sheldon would never get married" idea anyway. The man loves contracts and stability! It would be more OOC for him *not* to want to marry and to have cold feet. So I'm happy they didn't go there.
  9. Sadly I haven't provided any TRs in the past, GivesAWhit. I hope I can go to a taping before it's all over. *takes another tissue*
  10. Just popping in after eons to say that I have never been more delighted with Shamy as I have been in the past two years and while I've never been someone who really cares much for wedding plots, the Shamy-twist the writers used on every wedding-related episode made this season not only massively enjoyable but it surpassed all of my expectations. And this last episode, boy. Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, they go and do this. I am just so incredibly grateful that, having been someone who was out of the door following the S8-finale/S9 debacle and who's been frustrated A LOT in previous seasons because of the mean humor, I've been allowed to fall for these two dorks all over again, possibly even more than I was back in S4/5. To paraphrase Amy's wedding vows, I didn't think it could happen, but they're making me happier than ever before. *sobs in a corner with a tissue*
  11. I meant in terms of big moments or specific directions. There aren't that many huge milestones left to tackle at this point that you can steer characters in the direction of, other than babies (which they are obviously not keen on as writers unless they have to) and career. Again, I haven't seen this week's episode yet, but my issues with the previous two wasn't much to do with re-hashing of old plots because I didn't think that was the case (Howard and Sheldon bonding over his impending fatherhood 2.0 was new, for example; as were Howard and Amy working together), but because I found the jokes rather stale and unimaginative. And the whole plot about having a boy made me cringe at several points over gender stereotyping. So it's more about the execution than the plots or directions per se.
  12. I haven't seen this week's episode yet, but to be fair it's S11. Most of the major milestones have been hit, the big moments have happened, and I doubt you can recapture that same excitement of even last season because the characters have now arrived at their destination, in many ways. I think it's hard for Holland to give the characters a direction because there's very few places left he can take them to. I kept saying that, at this point, the only area where they can maybe take them somewhere is in their careers, with someone becoming a professor or something, but other than that, given that this isn't the kind of show where they would have people move to another apartment, let alone city or have any other major overhaul of that kind, there's not much left to write. I think what we are going through right now is the classic case of the show that has gone on too long, tbh, and I feel that if this had been the final season and we didn't have a 12th lined up, perhaps people wouldn't feel so bored. Personally, I really really enjoyed episodes 1 to 3 and then found 4 and 5 to fall kind of flat for different reasons, so I'm not even sure it's an issue with the change in showrunner as much as the age of the show.
  13. After the sneak peek, i was expecting to enjoy this episode a lot more, but I actually was a bit disappointed. I mean, it was more enjoyable than the last one to me, but I found it a bit over the top. I was expecting to hate Lenny using the book to handle Sheldon more, but it really just came across as using tips that could come from any people-management book, be it grown ups or kids, to handle behavior that anyone at any age can display so it really didn't bug me. I also didn't mind Sheldon being jealous of Amy spending time working with Howard. I really don't think we can say anymore that Sheldon isn't a supportive boyfriend, after the way he handled the Princeton situation. It was just this one project that was bugging him, partly because he likes having her around at home and partly because they have their own project going. If Sheldon were nice and supportive 24/7, then they would have nothing to write about for comedy. If I have to find something to criticize about the episode, I guess it would be that there were some veiled jokes about the fact that Amy doesn't have as good a time at home with Sheldon, which I find kind of stupid at this point (especially since we have seen them enjoy living and working together). But they were so veiled and blink-and-you-miss-it that I don't really think they qualify as real criticism. I guess I just enjoyed episodes 1-3 A LOT this season, so these last two have kind of let me down a bit. Not in a "I hate this" kind of way, but more in a "meh" sort of way. It was all a bit heavy-handed. I think the funniest scene was probably the Morse code blinking, alongside the "sexy science flirting" from the sneak peek. The rest, I could take it or leave it.
  14. I doubt it. Sheldon and Amy were looking into quantum cognition, it's more of a theoretical problem/theory of everything kind of question that wouldn't be directly applicable to brain-machine interfaces. BMIs are quite the hip thing right now, although usually a lot of the research is with intracranial implants, but EEG-based caps are often also used.
  15. Yeah, I can't see Sheldon having difficulties about getting married, given his mindset about both the proposal and the groomzilla-ness displayed in the upcoming episode (btw, love those sneak peeks!). It could be that PP is appearing in a dream about difficulties with his career? Maybe Sheldon is trying to reinvent himself as a science educator like PP? I still think Sheldon's best bet for his career right now is to focus on the project with Amy, and I hope the show hasn't forgotten that.
  16. Love groomzilla!Sheldon! And it makes so much sense given how he is. They can use his personality not only to create the comedy but also to make him be someone who cares and flipping the gender stereotypes at the same time.
  17. AHHH brain-machine interfaces! Niccceee! Yep, definitely need an engineer for that! And I know, I get sidetracked by work and (fake) GoT spoilers so all my time has been eaten up LOL. But I'm still watching and still shipping
  18. Hey y'all! I haven't been posting much lately, but I just wanted to share my enjoyment of the season so far. I really loved both the premiere and this week's episode. I thought they handled the proposal aftermath really well, and this week's plot is one that's always close to my heart. It's funny how they get more realistic with science when they're writing "somber" episodes than when they're going for pure comedy. It's so true that with the technology limitations the big questions in Physics are kind of stuck while there's a boom of technology in Neuroscience right now to tackle some of our big questions, so I'm so excited to see this explored further and the fact that obviously Shamy have to be front-and-center for these plots is just the icing on the cake. They are continuing on the streak of writing Shamy REALLY well, IMO. Sheldon still has his massive ego (speaking of ego, LOL at them mocking Leonard together in this week's episode!) and self-centeredness, but it's definitely shifted when it comes to Amy. I like it that although he's annoyed he's not the center of attention or the one who gets the success, he's still proud of her and respects her work instead of belittling it and tries to make himself feel better in other ways (like with the markers, LOL). And it was so sweet that he was the one doing the rounds calling everyone to announce the engagement and how happy everyone was for them. And from the promo for next week, it sounds like Sheldon's got a bit of groomzilla in him after all too, with the dates and all. It's great to see him being invested in it and not just something he just nods along to to make Amy happy. Basically, they hit the perfect balance with them last season and it's continuing on really nicely, so I couldn't be happier. And I love how science-centered this season has been so far. Lots of career movement in both episodes and the fact that Amy's career is taking off is making me hope there's going to be more where that came from (although the way she's randomly jumping from topic to unrelated topic is giving me sea-sickness), as well as more collaboration-time with Sheldon (I loved that Bernie this week said she was surprised Sheldon wasn't in Amy's lab to play with her new toys - my two nerdy babies and their common interests!). I understand there's a collaboration with Howard in one of the upcoming episodes, although I don't know what exactly it is about but that's another one I've been wanting to see for a while too (neuromorphic circuits?? signal analysis?? what could Amy be needing an engineer's input for??). A three-way collaboration between Amy, Sheldon and Howard would be pure gold! I hope they keep up the good work, I'm definitely still intrigued, 11 seasons in.
  19. Did someone say promo photo? I'm back! ETA: I've just caught up with some posts. I had read the spoilers for 11x03 (I can't believe I'm typing "11" still) and I assumed from the wording of the spoilers that Sheldon's being annoyingly picky about a date, not that he's stressing out because Amy's going bridezilla. I think it would be very IC for Sheldon to be obsessive over organizing stuff the way he wants it and I would hope they don't fall into the usual cliches of "woman goes bridezilla/man doesn't care". I also don't agree that Sheldon would bolt at the wedding. Why would he? He's not afraid of commitment at all, and he sounds pretty certain of himself about the proposal. I'm hoping they continue to ride the good wave of S10 Shamy this season: funny and in sync!
  20. Yeah, I'll be disappearing into hiatus-ness and Game of Thrones soon too, but man! What a way to go. I hope you all have a great summer and I'll see you around Comic Con time (assuming they're going).
  21. I thought it was hilarious as well. I also took the disgust more along the lines of... you know, not wanting to think about your friends that way. There's been that kind of reaction before between other characters too, even recently when Bernie compared Howard to a sexy greyhound. So I didn't mind it. Also, another moment that flies under the radar because the episode is so packed... but I found Sheldon telling Amy about the ladders and Amy enthusiastically nodding along to be hilarious and adorable too.
  22. I agree that Amy is impulsive (although maybe over-excitable is a better definition... she tends to get hyper about stuff before calming down to think and often times that "calming down to think" period comes across as falling from cloud nine for her), but I don't think we can say that she is happy to abandon things the instant she has doubts. Or at least not consistently enough to say that's a personality trait of hers. I mean, in the cohabitation thing she was ready to quit, but she's also often patient and resilient in the face of difficulties and she's had several of those moments in her relationship with Sheldon (not that I'm a fan of those moments where she's shown "putting up" with him in S6 or 7, but they're there...). Either way, I don't think either of them is commitment-phobic, and reporters questioning Sheldon's motives at every turn just because he does things his own way and at his own pace irk me to no end. Nobody questioned whether Howard was ready to marry Bernie when they had barely been dating a year, for example, or Bernie's acceptance despite the entire episode being focused on the fact that she was thinking of dumping him at the very same time. Or whether Penny was ready to marry Leonard despite the fact that she suggested it right on the whims of a career crisis. But Sheldon, who canonically had a ring for 2 years, has been dating Amy for 7, tried to propose already once and was canonically stated to have been thinking about it in several episodes? Oh no. He has to be questioned. Because he's "different" and because he and Amy don't fit the norms of traditional relationships. ITA that I hope they don't have Amy regret leaving. But I think she/they know better than that. I mean, this is a lesson for Sheldon too because, like Penny said, he has no experience with that sneaky behavior and, on top of that, has difficulties reading people. He will learn to be more wary in the future. And it's kind of sad for him because he genuinely thought he was gaining a friend. Once it's all out in the open, Amy should/will understand that. And, again, Penny is his witness.
  23. I hadn't read the entirety of Steve's interviews so this snippet escaped me: Not that there was any doubt in my mind before, but it's nice to get official confirmation that the writers' minds are on our same wavelength. There's not going to be any stupid drama, with Sheldon trying to hide things from Amy and no question that he was anything but innocent in all this. I think that also partly answers the doubt some might have regarding whether Sheldon proposed out of guilt. He's innocent in what happened, and wouldn't hide it if asked... if he felt guilty in any way, he wouldn't act the way he's acting. I mean, I do think there might be a bit of guilt in him at the fact that he didn't realize sooner what was going on, but that's not something he would propose for. Plus, he's had that idea in his head for 2+ years now. He's had time to think about it. It's tiresome to see reporters constantly asking if Sheldon is "ready", like he's some sort of dumb idiot who doesn't know what he wants. When has Sheldon ever made a step he wasn't 100% sure of? If anything, he's the opposite. He delays and delays and delays in order to make sure he's certain. And whenever he had reservations about something, he made it clear from the start and worked through them (like he did this season when he agreed to trying living together). I keep going back to Spoiler Alert, but back then it was Amy who was handling the whole situation in an immature way where her desire to live with her boyfriend trumped the reality that it's not the same as getting a roommate (she was all ready to move into Leonard's bedroom with her own bed), that there's a level of intimacy that goes far beyond that and she just wasn't getting it, while Sheldon did. He is more aware of the importance of certain commitments than most give him credit for.
  24. I'm confused. Isn't the bold part exactly what happened? Sheldon didn't agree with Penny's assessment of the situation, he confronted Ramona about if immediately, and then found out Penny was right? On another note... I didn't pay much attention at first, but after re-watching those scenes a bunch of times I noticed that Ramona does look very upset in the end there. As in, she's being rejected openly and she knows it. I mean, not that I feel sorry for the b***, but it was interesting to me that they didn't have her smirk or be smug or be unaffected by it. That it's a rejection, and there's no question about it.
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