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  1. Ok, if it's only 2-3 month then I doubt Sheldon will move back into 4A. Or if he does it will be just on the odd occasion he feels lonely. A scene where he gets ready for bed and then looks longingly at Amy's side of the bed or puts his iPad there while he skypes her could be cute.
  2. I'm trying to keep an open mind because the writers have been superb with Shamy this year so I feel like I owe them the benefit of the doubt, since I feel like this is a plot that could potentially be very good. I remember when the rumors about Shamy's cohabitation experiment came out I was expecting Amy to trick a feet-dragging Sheldon to get him to live with her and lots of trite shenanigans and instead it was one of the best episodes ever. Same with Veracity Elasticity. I feel like this too is a plot that could serve itself to a lot of classic TBBT trite crap but at the same time could be amazing if done right. So I'll wait to see what happens, given their track record this season. Sheldon has never lived alone and this could be great for him to definitely conclude he doesn't need his "escape hatch" anymore. Amy can get some good career plot out of this and Sheldon learning to support her in it would be also great. And they're going to miss each other and the reunion will be likely amazing whenever it happens. Going from living together 24/7 to being apart 24/7 is something they never had to deal with before.
  3. OH! I wonder if they took the project from the guys because Sheldon took that cold medicine and blabbed in the Recollection Dissipation. I have to say that Raj moving out of 4A at the same time as Amy leaving does smell of Sheldon moving back to 4A. Hopefully if it happens it will just be temporary or to show how much more he prefers living with Amy now.
  4. I'm confused as to why the title is the Gyroscopically Collapse. Does that mean the guys' project fails somehow? The Ramona storyline will obviously involve Sheldon but, again, it could be work related or it could be Sheldon being clueless about what she's up to answer perhaps the cliffhanger is Amy overhears something and misunderstands and we are left with the summer waiting to find out how they will fix it. Or, hey, for all we know, Ramona might get so crazy that Sheldon runs away to Princeton himself to escape her.
  5. Sheldon is the show's golden hen, and they have been hell bent for years with regards to his sexuality being almost the most important feature of his character. There's no way they'll have him cheat. I am worried they might play that card with Amy, though. Although I also find that unlikely. If she didn't sleep with anyone while they were broken up, I doubt they will have her cheat now that they're happy together. And with Amy being always so loyal and devoted. I am not discounting the possibility though, just because of who these writers are, but I'm skeptical. All in all, though, there's also great potential for this to be a great plot. With Amy making strides in her career and Shamy really missing each other and the reunion being out of this world sweet.
  6. There will most likely be some kind of cliffhanger, but I doubt they will recycle the "waking up in the same bed" stuff. Especially not with Sheldon. I mean, not only it would make no sense but nobody would buy it. And they would never damage their precious Sheldon like that. I would be more worried about them damaging Amy. It is possible that there might be some lame misunderstanding where Amy does think something is going on, though. Which would even incredibly trite and cringeworthy. Or Amy doing something stupid in retaliation for it. Who knows. It might be that the finale is just a self contained story where Ramona is just being her crazy self and it all gets wrapped up and solved at the end.
  7. Well, hope it's more than what it sounds like that's all fine and good but VERY good? Well, needs a bit more than that in my book. But why is he packing her car? Is she driving cross-country? ETA: A Fellowship is usually a temporary position, but the duration can vary from a minimum of one to five years. I doubt the show will be that specific with accuracy though. It could be a summer thing.
  8. All these things could very well happen regardless of whether or not it's long distance because the writers don't think in terms of cause and effect but in terms of what plot they want to write. If they want to slow Shamy down to fill two seasons by having them regress, they can very well find a way to do it. And that's the bottom line, to me: they have to fill two years now and I doubt it's going to be with Shamy wedding prep. I am just saying that with long distance they can fill up some episodes where Shamy deal with being apart and missing each other and leaving us happy with their relationship because they WANT to be together but can't, instead of having them have problems in areas that have to do with themselves in the relationship and make things less pleasant, like Amy getting angsty over not being engaged yet or Sheldon being a man child or what have you. Plus, I doubt they will change living arrangements back and forth anymore. They've done it, it's gone well, and eventually we all know they would have to revert back to couples living together, so there's literally no incentive for them to go there again. I don't have a problem with Sheldon missing Amy and feeling lonely and sleeping in his old room again once or twice. It doesn't mean that when she's back he won't run back to her. Actually, they could even use it to show how he DOES NOT like his old routine and place anymore and prefers living with Amy. I just think there are many ways any kind of scenario can play out and they can all be good or bad in the end. It's all about execution. And I would take some costs over others in terms of these different executions.
  9. I do think that, if the people who went to the taping last night have our same notion of what VERY GOOD means (LOL), there's a very good chance that we might get to see Amy get a great career opportunity and Sheldon being supportive for a change (even if it's after throwing a tantrum about her leaving). I agree that I would prefer she doesn't give up a permanent position or something to come back to Sheldon, but I kind of doubt that's what she would be offered. Much more likely it's a visiting position, but that would still keep her away for a substantial length of time or even multiple times. As for Ramona... she's never met Amy? She was only in the one episode, so she's never said to her that she finds Sheldon cute? Regardless, I think it's much more likely that she will come across his work, maybe even his work with Amy, and start vulturing around him taking advantage that Amy is gone and Sheldon being Sheldon won't think anything ill of it but the gang sees it and gets worried. ETA: @camelliayao: I am trying to think in terms of how writers might deal with a 2-year extension. They have to drag things out, somehow, and I personally would much rather have little Shamy but good Shamy than, say, another breakup. And I think long-distance can provide a fresh new set of plots to at least fill a portion of a season, and Shamy missing each other would definitely be a good thing. There's only so many cute domestic scenes you can write before writers get bored and decide to "spice things up" and it's often not in a good way. I'm not saying I want Amy away for a whole season or anything like that, I'm just saying that I understand the need to fill two seasons and I would rather have some of that than drama. Plus, if they can write plots for Bert these days, I'm pretty sure they can write one for Amy.
  10. Oh, I know. I don't blame you. I guess I'm zen because even if the worst happens, I've had everything I wanted from the show so I can just tell them all to piss off and I'll be on my way. Back in S8 I kept repeating up until the last minute how the narrative of the season didn't point to anything bad happening and it did. So I'm not going to make the same mistake again and say it makes no sense whatsoever given the way Shamy have been written this season for there to be romantic drama again, let alone something like cheating, which is totally OOC for either character, not just Sheldon. Because I know these writers don't really care about continuity and will pull out whatever plot suits them at the moment. And especially with a 2-year renewal, I could see why they might want to drag things out with more drama. But that doesn't change the fact that 1) we have VERY little info and just because it's a finale and it says the gang are worried doesn't necessarily mean the show will go full out OOC drama and 2) they literally just went through one breakup 2 years ago, it's unlikely there's going to be more coming again so soon. Sheldon is clueless when it comes to women. I can see that Ramona might try to wiggle her way into his work/life and he doesn't even notice what's happening but everyone else does. I can even see Amy misunderstanding something by accident and for there to be angst in that sense. But I think it's unlikely there's going to be anything seriously bad happening. There might be a cheap cliffhanger though. That I could see. ETA: @April. Ok, so nothing new on that front from the last time I heard. I doubt they won't have Mayim on for the full season, no. But now that that idea got into my head, to be honest I'd MUCH rather take a long-distance thing if they have to drag out the Shamy (which is something very realistic for academics) than stupid pointless romantic drama. I think Shamy trying long-distance could be very interesting and a growth experience for both. And they could still have Mayim on full-time, just filming on her own for, I don't know... half the season or something. Oh and this crap just writes itself.... I can so see them bringing her back for 11x11 just in time for reunion/birthday sex. I need to stop now, LOL. *awkwardly steps away*
  11. Ok, for the love of cod, you guys nearly gave me a heart attack! LMAO! I randomly opened Tumblr and I didn't even know there was a taping last night and I see all these angry posts and references to the Lenny mess from 8x24 and I was like 'WHAT THE HECK HAS HAPPENED?" LOL!!! I thought Sheldon had cheated on Amy for a moment. Let me get this straight... We know nothing about it other than Amy has some stuff to do at Princeton for work and Ramona shows up in the finale and the gang are worried? That's it? ETA: If I have to speculate on the basis of that, and from what we know about Ramona, I wonder if she's gotten wind of Sheldon's project with Amy and she's taking advantage of the situation of her being gone to drop in and try to wiggle her way into it. Maybe Amy is at Princeton because of this project. Maybe she got a job offer? I haven't been catching up on contract related news, but it might be that if they might give M&M a reduced contract and so are setting up a long-distance thing for Shamy for S11? I honestly doubt that that's what they're going for, though.
  12. A part of me wonders if they wrote this one around the time they were clinching renewals and therefore that's why it was so awkward and pointless and disjointed. Not that we never had awkward and disjointed plots before, but never centered around a guest character and with such a pointless storyline.
  13. I agree completely. Although, to be fair, they were discussing what attracted Sheldon to Amy (emphasis on the past), as in, what was the first thing that made him want to date her. I don't think that applies to the here and now, or that Sheldon loves her body now because of that. Indeed, Amy herself used the past tense: "He knew he could harvest a organ". In that sense, it's not as bad because, like I said, there's no way Sheldon was first attracted physically to Amy. And I don't think she was either (notice how he talks about his intelligence attracting Amy). But I still agree that the eyebrow raise wasn't meant to imply that Sheldon was attracted to her body in the conventional way, just confirming that Amy was right. Nonetheless, I'm still fed up with these jokes. Get over it, Jesus. Nobody is going to throw a fit and stop watching the show because Sheldon finds his girlfriend physically attractive.
  14. Well that was a... bizarre episode to say the least. I really didn't get the point of the Bert plot at all. I mean, was it to inform us about the various couples and what makes them and gets them to stick together? Because who the heck cares about Bert and his love life and what he does or doesn't learn from it? It's such a bizarre setup for an episode, and the ridiculousness of it all is that they treat grant money as if it's dollars that end up in the researcher's pockets when 95% of it is research expenses. Do they realize it's not like winning the lottery and it isn't Bert personally that gets rich? Why would a "gold digger" ever date an academic?! I wasn't as bothered by Amy telling Sheldon off as I thought I would be (although it was still eye-roll inducing) because eventually she had to cave and admit he was right, which is a first. But I was annoyed by the fact that the writers still think it's funny to tease the audience about Sheldon finding Amy physically attractive only to go "ha! just kidding!". It's REALLY bad taste now, and I actually found it borderline offensive that the audience laughed even before the joke came. Look, I get it that it wasn't Amy's physical appearance that attracted Sheldon when they met and that's totally fine. Expecting the opposite would be OOC. It was incredibly sweet how he gets all mushy when he says "So many things". And I don't for a second believe he's not physically attracted to her since we have plenty of evidence to the contrary. But the fact that the writers still think they can harp on that stuff at this point is absurd and cringeworthy. Not to mention resorting to the cheap token racial jokes and general shallow mockery about looks and money. The Howardette plot was marginally better but even there at the start I was a bit concerned it was a little bit too much stereotypical "mother doesn't want to go back to work" cliches, but it was saved in the second half when it became more a plot about all three of them instead of just Bernie missing Halley. Also, Simon's impressions of Bernie and Stuart was probably the best thing in the episode. Even FWF kind of fell a bit flat, which says a lot considering I'm obsessed with the thing. The whole "caller" thing was a rehash of Raj last season. It's definitely a massive slump in storytelling from the last handful of episodes, but the report for next week's sounds better so hopefully they can finish the season a bit stronger with the last 3.
  15. Very true. I'm just commenting on the info we got so far, also because Amy made the same point in Geology Elevation and it's a bit eye-roll inducing. I mean, I get the sentiment. Sheldon has a full and happy life and while winning a Nobel will be icing on the cake, if he doesn't, his life will be full and happy regardless and that's great. The Nobel isn't his sole reason for existence. But sometimes you can't just swap satisfaction in a career with satisfaction in one personal's life, because the two are very different things and being miserable in a career can be just as detrimental to one's well being as being miserable in one's personal life, even if the personal life is great. But the point with Sheldon is that, like others have said, he does love what he does and he's good at it, and it would be nice to have someone point out to him that his obsession with the Nobel is only about his ego because he is already extremely lucky to be doing great work in a field he loves. In a sense, and this kind of links to what I'm going to say below, Sheldon's obsession with the Nobel kind of reminds me of Amy's S6-7 obsession with "traditional romance". They focus so much on these idealized things that are seen to be as the be-all-and-end-all, when, in reality, they already have so much to be grateful and happy about, if only they stopped to look at what's good for them instead of what the world deems a sign of a successful scientist or a perfect romance. On another note, I said years ago that I would love it if Sheldon did get to win a Nobel eventually but in the field of "yucky squishy things" because of a project with Amy. That would be him getting everything he ever wanted at the same time as being served a slice of humble pie for dissing any field that isn't theoretical physics. We now have piece #1 of that puzzle... who knows where we might be in 2-3 years Well, here we go back to my usual pet-peeve with the show, which I know many might not agree with. I've said this plenty, but I am not a fan of the idea that Sheldon needs to always learn a lesson and go on self-improvement quests to become boyfriend or husband material, while Amy is already perfect as she is and just has to sit and wait for Sheldon to grow up. Not that I think Sheldon was perfect and never needed to learn anything, but the show rarely, if ever, has implied that Amy is anything but a saint or perfect even when some of the behavior she displayed in the past could be the subject of some nuanced criticism, particularly about her ideas of romance and how Sheldon measures up to it. Why is it ok to constantly hit Sheldon over the head with "look how sad Amy is!" but not to hit Amy over the head with "look how sad Sheldon is!"? Because that's been the format of the show for a long time and it's an issue not only with Amy, but with the rest of the characters too. I feel like Sheldon's POV or feelings or opinions when it comes to interpersonal relationships are rarely considered valid when it comes to how the writers handle them, and the vast majority of the time it's about how Sheldon is ridiculous and everyone else is correct (even when it came to Leonard cheating - Sheldon was the only one who apologized to Penny for Leonard's behavior and disapproved of it and what he gets in return is a rant about how bad of a boyfriend he was, while everyone huddles around poor Leonard who doesn't deserve to be treated badly by Penny). So, to me, if they wanted to incorporate a reason for the delay in the proposal despite the presence of a ring, it might be a good opportunity to air some of that stuff out more explicitly and balance the scales a little. Amy did want him back, no conditions asked, but the show never explored what exactly was her thought process in that and what realizations she got to in order to decide that a life with Sheldon in it, no matter what, is better than a life without him or with someone else. Amy's POV when it comes to the really interesting and compelling stuff that pushes her to question herself and grow from it is always swept under the rug, while her POV when it comes to her being upset and hurt because Sheldon's being a jerk is reiterated over and over and over. I guess I don't feel that we as the audience have really been hit over the head with "Sheldon sad!" anywhere near as much as we have with "Amy sad!", so I don't think it would be overkill to do it once more. Not that I *want* any more "Sheldon sad!" or "Amy sad!" plots or that I think they're particularly necessary at this stage in their relationship. They are balanced, communicate well, obviously love each other very much and are protective of each other. In that sense, I agree that it's belabouring the point because I would dare anyone watching S10 to say that these two aren't 100% satisfied in their relationship. Amy has stated out loud that she loves him exactly the way he is, so I don't *need* further confirmation about that. But if there were to be further confirmation, it's not a bad thing. Just like it's not a bad thing to hear them say ILY again after they said it once. And if they had to address the delay in proposing, I would personally much rather it'd be about whatever insecurities Sheldon might have felt after the breakup than about Sheldon waltzing in announcing he is now husband material after working so hard on himself and that's what he was waiting for; to be worthy. Like Amy's Thor hammer or something. Or, at least a combination of both would be more satisfying than just the latter. I don't mind Sheldon working on himself, at all, but I would like there to a bit of balance.
  16. I personally didn't find the way they addressed that very satisfying in the sense that we never got to see how finding those things out affected Amy. When Meemaw said that, for example, it was cut immediately to Sheldon barging in and saving the day. When Sheldon wouldn't get back with her, Amy was obviously upset but we can't really dissociate how much of that turmoil was due to the rejection versus the realization of how much he hurt and her role in it. And they never talked about it again. Amy never found out he was going to propose to her when he saw her with Dave. I felt they explored Sheldon's side fine but I don't feel like they did as much with Amy. Plus, there's the practical issue that they wrote in that ring two years ago and clearly stated he was thinking of proposing. And then almost forgot about it and even have Amy complain about not knowing how he feels about marriage like either she's forgotten he was planning to propose or she's wondering why he has a ring and hasn't popped the question yet. I find that the most believable reason at this stage why he has had a ring for years but hasn't proposed is that there are still some lingering feelings there of fear (as per Escape Hatch) that of course are totally irrational and unfounded but that he needs to finally throw out once and for all. Or at the very least that he feels the need to take things slow because of what happened. Again, though, I'm happy to pretend S9 never happened so I am not advocating for this to be brought up again, if they don't want to. And I won't be disappointed if they don't. But if they were to take that angle, I would be on board with it.
  17. Yeah, wow, the Nobel prize age is the most inaccurate thing ever said on this show after the right brain/left brain crap from S5 (still looking at you sideways, Mayim!). But I like the sound of everything else very much! Small scenes but cute and heartwarming. ETA: although upon re-reading I would rather they had Amy say that you can have a satisfying and successful career even without a Nobel and that prizes are not the real aim in science than the usual "love life vs career" cliches. It's not Nobel or failure, come on. ETA2: Although I wouldn't mind it that were foreshadowing to a joint Cooper-Fowler major award later on in the show
  18. For someone who used to write long-winded rants about the show in S6 and 7 and then again in S9, I have to say... I'm at an incredible level of zen that by this time last year I never thought I'd reach. I've had everything I've ever wanted for Shamy now, so I am waiting for literally nothing and it's so liberating! Honestly, even if they sunk the entire ship in the season finale I'd still merrily skip away going "la la la" and pretending the show ended with 10x23. I'm that content. I can just play S10 over and over and over. I think the only thing I kind of still wish for is to stop with the coitus deadline nonsense, but even that is such a minor thing at this point that whatever comes or doesn't come is fine with me. *happy sigh* ETA: I'm not someone who particularly cares about a proposal or a marriage (although, of course, I'm not against it), but if they have to go there, I think it would be quite nice to show how the S8 finale debacle and subsequent break affected Sheldon and his intentions to propose. Like I said, I felt like the show always goes a long way to make Sheldon realize how much his actions hurt others but don't grant him the same courtesy when it's the other way around. It would be nice to explore that and for Amy to realize how much power she has to hurt him too. I am quite happy forgetting S9 ever happened though, so if they never want to mention it again, that's fine with me.
  19. This episode was everything I've ever wanted and more. I can officially die happy now. And I want "Biology + Physics = peanut buttercup of the mind" engraved on my tombstone. It's a serious contender for my favorite episode of the show now, but most definitely in the top 3. And I'm seriously getting ideas for work LOL My personal highlights on second viewing: - The honking in the car scene made me laugh out loud (twice) more than any scene in recent memory, and so did the nose-whistling scene when Sheldon realizes it was him after all; - The montage was the most adorable thing ever, and it really shows how fun they can have together in a way that, I'm sorry, no other couple on this show does. - Sheldon insulting her grandparents and Amy falling for it and him looking all smug that she did. - The tag was classic Shamy, finding pride in being snarky. - And, finally, the project. As I might have mentioned a few times, the intersection of physics and neuroscience is my #1 research interest, so this was a total nerdgasm for me. While not specifically the branch of physics+neuroscience that tickles my fancy, and not one I know much about, it was pretty interesting to look it up! There was one line that didn't make any sense to me (the occipital cortex "seeing" an action potential... wtf?) but it was cool how grounded in real science the whole thing actually was. I've been to a few talks about the time-lag between initiation and awareness, and it's a pretty hot topic in motor neuroscience, but I wasn't aware of the Copenhagen interpretation and the similarities do sound quite interesting so I want to read up more about it I have to say, this season in terms of scientific nerdery is really ticking the boxes. Between the gyroscope, the brain in a bowl, the emotion detector, now this? I dare anyone who complains this has become too much of a rom-com to tell me there isn't enough science anymore.
  20. Cranky is fine to me. But not over-the-top, Sheldon-is-a-crazy-nutbag-and-everyone-around-him-normal-and-reacts-to-his-antics kind of plot. I hate those where they just write crazy stuff for Sheldon to do and have everyone else stand around rolling their eyes. It's trite, predictable and boring. And I definitely don't want to see that now that he's living with Amy and they're in such a sweet spot in their relationship. I was assuming "journal" means those notebooks he uses for work, rather than a diary type of thing. But I might be wrong. I really hope this isn't going to be just an episode to plug the spinoff because I have no interest in that. I also struggle to see Sheldon being homesick for Texas since he hates it there. I also can't think of line-dancers anymore without thinking about that horrendous episode from the latest X-Files season, that traumatized me for months. So it's like my body is preemptively preparing me for the worst. LOL! So I'm still hoping for feverish dreams.
  21. Oh, some tidbits! Thanks for digging. With no episode for two weeks and no spoilers, it was going to be a long boring week. It all sounds very confusing but better than nothing. Maybe Sheldon has some feverish dreams about going to the Western bar? LOL! I only hope it's not going to be the annual "Sheldon acts like a giant annoying jerk and mistreats everyone when he's sick" episode. We should be past that nonsense.
  22. Oh, don't get me wrong. I am honestly fed up with it too, and Leonard's current snark in particular. The medication jokes aren't funny at all, and I do agree that Sheldon right now is for the most part a sweetheart and doesn't deserve all these jabs. Especially when he's said far worse things in the past with less consequences. I'm just saying that I was surprised re-watching the early seasons how common those jabs were even back then. That we talk a lot now about people getting meaner but actually even back then they were. There were a lot of jokes when Sheldon wasn't around about how much the guys enjoyed not having him around and tried their best not to have him around. And even back then it was clear that Sheldon often couldn't help it, although we were missing the part where he tries to work on it as much as he does now. And the fact that Sheldon was less aware of the jabs back in the day doesn't make it better, IMO, because regardless of whether he's aware or not, it doesn't reflect well on the other characters. Amy's literally the only character who's never mocked him or taken jabs at him. I guess I just wish the show called them out on it for once, and pointed out how, although these are comments and jabs people do make in real life too and they don't always mean to be cruel, it's not a cool thing to do.
  23. I just watched it and I think I would have liked it much better had they cut Beverly out of the episode. I'm sorry, but she irks me beyond belief. Christine is amazing, but I'm tired of the "cold-hearted jerks are always geniuses" stereotype she represents when all she does is spout pop-psychology nonsense that is less professional than what you find on Tumblr and the most "scientific" citations she comes up with are Freud's. And it felt like a lot of drama shoved in just for the sake of drama when there's very little to justify it, especially when it comes to Shamy. Sure. Sheldon's the one afraid of commitment after he suffered through a breakup and couldn't get over her and after he's been the one insisting they continue living together and agreed to continue living together again. Sure. Sure. Like he doesn't already have a lot of more realistic, scientifically-sound and IC reasons to be stressed by someone taking over his room. Having said that, I did like the plot about Raj trying to find a place to live (although I'm still not convinced by this sudden financial crisis), I liked how the gang tried to help, I liked how Sheldon tried to handle his conflicting emotions, I liked how supportive and rational Amy was about the whole thing, and I agree that the bedroom scene was fantastic and I liked that Sheldon couldn't sleep over it and how much he wants to feel secure in his relationship and how proud of it he is. But this is definitely not an episode I'm going to watch again. As for people being meaner this season than in previous seasons? I don't think so at all. I'm rewatching S1-3 at the moment with my roommate and I was surprised by how many times we turned to each other asking "why are they even friends with Sheldon if they hate him so much?". I think it's a bit of an issue with the show overall. Some of the jabs they make about being happier without him have been there since day one. I don't like them, but they're not new.
  24. Yeah, I can see that. It's tough, especially given how they're both little spitfires when it comes to their work. I mean, I wouldn't even put it past the writers to end it on yet another cliffhanger. But I doubt it would be anything serious, they're not going to recycle the same plot from S8. But what I love about it is that they both maintain their individualities in their relationship and their work is so important to them that they're not willing to compromise it. Remember when Amy was all "First of all, I'm a scientist", back in S7? Even when Sheldon asked her if she wouldn't choose to be the first woman on Mars over their relationship, Amy didn't deny that she would consider it too. Their relationship is a wonderful thing, but I think it's very dangerous when a relationship becomes a thing that encompasses and overshadows everything else, and I like that their passion for science hasn't taken a backseat in their relationship. But, ultimately, they don't need to choose because they are just so well matched that they're going to find a way to slot things together in whatever form they come.
  25. I'm really hoping the season finale is big on this project too. I would love it for it to be the episode where they get to a breakthrough of some sort. I would also love it if they got so wrapped up in it that nobody hears or sees them anymore and they start worrying. Especially after the way they've been not so nice with Sheldon lately. I also do wonder whether they might get a bit stir crazy working together and living together 24/7. But I'm sure they will work it out in their own unique way as always. They've literally ironed out every single kink in their relationship this season, there's no way they're not going to make it through whatever challenge comes their way now.
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