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  1. I imagine a good portion of California doesn't really care right now, as it is bailing itself out of storms, and the rest of the country seems to be getting an early spring. Sadly, I seem to be unemployed as the former ratings guy on the IMDb board for BBT. :'(
  2. The big issue BBT will have to deal with on Monday nights is going up against The Voice, which is currently the strongest competition the show has in general. Here's where the DVR crowd would come in handy. Since Nielsen numbers count anyone watching it up until 3 AM (zone time) to count it for the ratings, either fans of both shows will 1) DVR BBt and watch it after The Voice (bad news for CBS launching Scorpion) or they'll DVR The Voice and skip through the commercials they'd miss in the first half-hour. Either way I don't see more than a 10% drop for BBT, which they'll only have to endure for six episodes anyway.
  3. Thanks, Maddie. Great report.
  4. Thanks for the info. I have to admit it doesn't sound like the most exciting episode we've seen but you never know.
  5. Yeah, I just read about that. Hopefully the two can work it out so the kids can keep to as normal of a routine as possible. It gets too easy to put the kids in the middle of the conflict. I hope they can rise above that.
  6. Thanks, first, to Kyzzx for the taping report. As for Leonard turning down sex to play D&D, I think there's one thing you're forgetting: what he told her. He felt like he "owed" it to the guys to play. There's two ways this can be interpreted. 1) Exactly as is, that he's been with Penny as much as he has (we don't know what goes on between episodes) and he wanted to reunite the guys that they might need a day like this. 2) It's the writers throwing a bone to the fans who think the relationships are ruining the show. (You wouldn't believe how many there are on the IMDb board that think that way.) While there have been a ton of geek/nerd references this year (Howard in space, Sheldon's 43 mystery, going back through Sheldon's journals, etc.), I think this one is sort of a nod to those who want to see the guys do more of the things they did in the past. But that's just me.
  7. Cool that you are watching the taping, Kyzzx. Can't wait to read your report
  8. Thanks for the report, Kyzzx. If BBT doesn't win the Emmy this season, it never will.
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