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  1. 12 Seasons as a minimum. Although, I can't see how or why it would end after that anyway.
  2. How about all the young people who watch TBBT and see that a life of science can be fun and cool and that being a geek isn't a bad thing, and may get into science because of the show? TBBT may have made 100 kids get into science, who may go on to cure the worlds diseases, but I guess you are more important.
  3. Ok, so from the list you put up, you either watched Friends enough to know quite in-depth details about the characters lives despite "not being a big Friends fan" or you simply read a page on Rachel But back to my original question (which is what I wanted to discuss), does anyone else see the facial expressions and mannerisms similarities between the two characters? For example, I have noticed Penny does this thing when she makes a sarcastic comment usually whilst drinking, she moves her tongue into her upper lip and pouts, I recall Rachel doing the same thing more than a few times in Friends.
  4. Yes, amazing points. But you forget that not at one point did I say that Penny's situation was anything like Rachel's. I said MANNERISMS, FACIAL EXPRESSIONS AND ATTITUDE. Also, the points you made were only set in stone by the 10th season of Friends, with TBBT we are only up to 6. However, if you insist... Penny lives across the hall from two main characters, Rachel also started off living across the hall from Chandler and Joey. Penny is in a dead end job serving people and also serving her friends who come into the Cheesecake Factory. Rachel worked in a dead end job in Central Perk, where she served people and her friends who came to hang out there. Penny has an on-again off-again relationship with Leonard. Rachel had an on-again off-again relationship with Ross. Penny loves fashion (shoes, dresses etc.). Rachel loved fashion (shoes, dresses etc.) Penny's best friend got married to another member of the group (Bernie and Howard). Rachel's best friend got married to another member of the group (Monica and Chanandler Bong ) Penny was a member of the Corn Queen's Court. Rachel was prom queen. (Both equally non-sensical and asinine activities anyway) I'm pretty sure if I think about it some more the list can go on. Alas, these were not the points I was making in the first place. Mannerisms/Facial Expressions and Attitude... EDIT: I see you added the coffee shop one, because your original list contained no Penny related points. Nice save.
  5. I don't know if this has been mentioned at all on the forums before, but lately whenever I watch an episode from S3 onwards, Penny seems to have morphed into Rachel from Friends. Her mannerisms, facial expressions, attitude etc all scream Rachel. I'd even go so far as to say, that if you got Jennifer Aniston to do an impression of Penny, she would easily nail it. Am I the only one who is seeing these similarities?
  6. How about Stan Lee offers Stuart the opportunity to draw comic books for Marvel in New York?
  7. At least Sursonica came up with some good points rather than "Mayim has a PhD therefore is more interesting" good job on giving us an insight into Kaley a bit more, I admit I don't really like following anything on the actors as it ruins the illusion when they are on screen. Back to the original question, is Kaley beautiful?...yes. This thread is not about Mayim, maybe someone wants to start a "Is Mayim the most interesting and therefore the only worthwhile person in the world?" thread
  8. Educational "smarts" don't necessarily make someone more or less interesting. If we take the characters in the show for example, a lot of people would rather chat with Penny than Amy (I know the Shamy lovers will jump in and say no way, but if you did a poll you know in your heart the majority would pick Penny (no PhD) over Amy (has PhD), also I personally would rather have a chat with Leonard (has a PhD) than Sheldon (also has a PhD), whilst my favourite character is Sheldon, I think I would get on better with Leonard.
  9. Plus a Shamy spin off would be god awful.
  10. I have a feeling both Kaley and Mayim would find what you talk about to be nonsense too.
  11. I probably could. But then again, I don't look like Kaley Cuoco so.....
  12. Kind of unfair to say that Kaley isn't smart but just "pretty". I'm interested to know if you have ever met her? Or are you basing this on the fictional character she plays on a fictional TV show?
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