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  1. I liked it but I have to agree with a lot here that it was OK. It is good some times just to have a plane comedy with out the character or relationship growth. it was probably the most forgettable episode this season. Not the worst just the least dynamic,
  2. The more I thought about Penny's "bitchiness" the more I realize it is symptom of a 30 min sit com. She had to have and extreme example to be able to admit commitment issues. That is the exaggerated why a sit-com tells a story. To me in that context it makes sense. Even though Lenny is an ongoing thing all the stories have to stand alone in 30 minutes.
  3. I give this episode an A or A+, The reason is Penny was kinda bitchy tonight but she recognized when confronted. Leonard was excellent tonight and even with some insecurity he called Penny to the carpet. She then admitted her failings with commitment. She also was scared that Leonard would break up with her, so she has tamed her arrogance. This is no longer a one way relationship. Leonard's insecurities were out front and a lot of Penny's were hidden, but she has admitted them to Leonard. Shamy was great. Usually I don't like more than two story lines and this had many but since it was around one theme it worked well.
  4. I watched it a again, I enjoyed it especially the Growth in the three characters, 1) Sheldon actually concerned about someone else's feelings 2) Penny announcing her love to Sheldon in a controlled manor and not a slip. 3) Amy standing up for herself. But I still have two issues I think the ending was terrible and resolved nothing and I thought Leonard's response of not moving in totally out of character.
  5. I am sorry to say I think this is the worse episode in the series. They spend much of it with cheap size jokes and again Penny is made to cheapen hers and Leonard's relationship
  6. I enjoyed this episode I would give a B or B+. I was worried that they would weaken Penny's character like they have done in the past, However her irritation at Leonard was reasonable so was her hesitancy. I like Amy standing up for herself and Sheldon was good. I thought Johnny Galecki. just phoned it in on this episode and his response to Penny not want to live with him was very weak by the writers. The Raj story was funny and the Howard and Bernadette acrobat joke was funny LOL.
  7. I understand but disagree with your assessment. Penny never addresses her hypocrisy and how her intellect insecurity disappears when the scientist is hot. This shows if Leonard was taller and cooler she would not care about his intellect. If Dave Underhill had not been married she would have still treated Leonard like crap. This episode made Penny appear in the worst possible light
  8. I watched the episode again and even though I do not like the immature husband cliche, I still laughed out loud and thought it was funny especially Howard thinking about creating lady parts. It is very much in his character. The rest of the episode I enjoyed real well though Kripke is kind creepy. I know he is suppose to be. Also there was science and high tech that I know a lot of people enjoy.
  9. I don't know your odds in the world as a whole, but as far as the population of this car goes, you're a veritable mac daddy.
  10. When I was first married I was immature and was still into comic books. But I was smart enough to talk expenses over with my wife and if after we were married she took my name off of the checking account our marriage would have been in extreme jeopardy if not over. I was in college and she made all the money, but we understood we were in it together. I just get tired of idiot husbands on TV.
  11. What I do not like about the Howard/Bernadette story is "the immature husband and the mature wife" paradigm that are a part of sitcoms for the last 30 years.. It is to much a canned story. It does fit the nerd Howard charcter, but that is a tired story.
  12. I have been a part of the forum since November, I am just getting my feet wet. I just started being a fan of TBBT since just before season six started. It was recommended to me by a bunch of Engineers I work with. I caught up to episode 100 before the season started and since then I am up to date. I generally do not watch prime time television, but I love this show. I am a big fan of Lenny and fanfiction. I am impressed with the forum everybody has been kind. The reason I enjoy it so much is it reminds me of when I was in college and me and my Engineering Buddies had comic books and Star Wars and Star Trek movies were was big. (early '80s) It is all kind of nostalgic for me
  13. I think the Show would have a significant demise if Penny left more so than Sheldon and on par with Leonard. The core of the show and the major story Arc is Penny and Leonard followed closely by social maturity of Sheldon. If you replace her the Romantic comedy portion will be destroyed. The 6 year accumulation of trust and affection by Sheldon would be gone. I do not think the general audience would be patient enough to see something like that rebuilt and they would be angry in by having their investment in the characters fractured. How could Leonard really love someone else etc.
  14. The Aviation industry has been using things like them since the mid 90's
  15. Yes they are used in Rapid prototyping or tooling models. They have been around for quite awhile.
  16. I liked the episode. The slow progression of Sheldon. The only negative is the stereotypical stupid immature husband that is in most sitcoms, but it was in character for Howard. I loved the Hugging scene between Sheldon and Amy
  17. This one is my 2nd least favorite behind "Love Car" which I think is worse. It is because Penny treats Leonard like crap. In this episode Penny is shallow mean and slutty. I thought the writers did a very big disservice to the Penny character. The only reason I do not think it is the worst is because of the Spock napkin scene.
  18. Engrprince


    I have a question maybe a more experienced fan can answer. Early in the show we see a little jealousy in Penny with Leslie Winkle, But there is no Jealousy with Dr. Stephanie. Then after the break up we see it with Dr. Plimpton and Priya, but not the Donor. Why is that? Just curious.
  19. This very similar to my trek, except I got introduced even later. I started this summer. I then got obsessed and watched all the episodes in order online. I am a big fan of fanfiction, but I tend to only read Leonard and Penny. I feel your pain concerning the shenny I have been impressed with all the friendly responses and the welcoming atmosphere on the site.
  20. I agree. Wyatt was actually a use of continuity in the Beta test. I think it would be great if they brought him back.
  21. Leonard is also my favorite he is easy to understand. His motivations are straight forward. I think some story lines made him a little selfish, but that is sitcom. Leonard is the guy you want to root for, but because the series is already in its 6th season and may go for 10 there will be set backs again. I do get frustrated that his character seems to get bullied at times by Sheldon or Penny, but that is the chemistry of the show. Unlike others I was more like Howard when I was in college in Engineering until I met my wife LOL.
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