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  1. Only the best wishes and love for Kunal's birthday XXXX
  2. I am such a bad, bad fan, I think I missed his birthday. of course I wish happiness and love to Johnny on his birthdayXXX
  3. But yeah thinking about about it- perhaps it is the TNH role?
  4. I agree he certainly is thinner than season 5 into 6, but he looks OK at the moment.
  5. I'm am very interested in those glasses - why is he wearing his glasses so much of late?
  6. Josie

    True or False?

    True TNP has more than 20 pairs of shoes.
  7. This is my favourite picture of Jim Ever - oh dear, it's warm in here! Actually it really is, it's summer.
  8. Found this on http://gayanesparkles.tumblr.com/
  9. It's moving along a little quicker than I thought it would actually. I don't know they are signed up for how many seasons, 7, is that right? Are they not thinking beyond Season 7? From a grab of the hand 5.24 to saying that they could have sex 6.14, wow!
  10. My Comic Book store is filled with women, I think they even run it, and they are some cool looking girls too. Oh and Sheldon is looking a bit like Nick Cave in the first Gif in the longshot when he's dancing. You should look up Nick Cave if you don't know who he is, he's pretty cool.
  11. I am surprised Sheldon would dress up as Data, aren't him and Brett Spiner enemies now?
  12. She seems a lovely person and isn't that all that matters.
  13. Sure do and there are presents all around it. I've been busy tonight, did I mention I don't really enjoy wrapping presents.
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