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  1. I just came back for a brief moment to say I LOVE MUSE and you are awesome. Okay....
  2. I liked that article. I thought she had a rather good take on it. The worst thing she said was she didn't know how she felt about it, but I think that was shock more than anything, not disappointment or desire to slow down. Then afterwards, she talked about the dress and stuff (which I do agree would have been nicer if she included a little of the Majim interactions), but in terms of the scene itself I got the impression she thought it was wonderful and she put a lot of thought into Amy's portrayal.
  3. I have nothing against Frozen but I wasn't as into it as a lot of other people were. My love for Disney remains mostly in the Pixar classics region . Like a few people have said though, it does seem like she just wants to have a go. I have no issue with her opinions, I'm often told I act like some old lady complaining about pop culture to my family and friends...which is probably considered weirder for a 19 year old lol. People are allowed to feel what they want. But if I were relatively well known I wouldn't write a public article about it and stir things up for no productive reason. In an ideal world, people would just read her opinion and think "whatever" and move on, because it really won't change anything. But this is the human race - we have the tendency to take things personally. Plus who likes people we respect bashing our favourite stuff? I would have tried to take that into consideration before sharing those opinions with the world, at least. I think all they needed was a little tone change and it would have gone much more smoothly. We all have our moments, even if we earn a lot of money as some people have been saying, so I'm not appalled or shocked or upset by her. I just think "oh well" haha
  4. Awesome! Had a really bummer summer so a good start to the next academic year for me is always a good pick-me-up love you guys, and thanks kazzie and Michy!!
  5. yep, we had faith in her skirt and she delivered!
  6. Like others have said I don't think the actors a being overpaid, given the industry they're in and the money they bring in to their business, but compared to the rest of the world, I think they are. It still saddens me that money in general is distributed so unfairly. The actors worked hard to get where they are, so they deserve a lot of money, but so do those who work non-stop in healthcare, community and other work for the benefit of humanity, yet they're often paid peanuts. I wish there wasn't so much money being thrown around up there in the entertainment industry, and more was being given to those equally as deserving. But that's wishful thinking, would be near impossible to achieve, and another topic entirely. And I'm just being a grumpy old (18 year old) fart .It's definitely not their fault. They work hella hard and have to put up with a lot of crap from others. I know in their position I'd be absolutely delighted, and I'd definitely want a good share!! So yeah, it's all relative I guess. To sum up, solely focussing on the industry, I don't think they're being overpaid
  7. When she mentioned the skirt I though of something more like Kaley's last emmy dress, that lovely red one that poofed out at the bottom. I'm not too worried about a repeat of the oddly shaped skirt from the SAG awards. I'm sure she'll look absolutely stunning ETA: Also...hello koops!! I think my lurking phase is over for the time being :D
  8. Just wanna pop in here and and join the chorus of "damn!" she looks fine. Not sure what it is about that peplum dress that I like so much, it's a bit like an odd combination of her latest golden globes dress and SAG awards dress (except this time with a lovely, flattering skirt half). Kinda gothic but it's different and it suits her. And of course I can't forget that other badass outfit. Wish I had such fabulous curves! Raz likey!
  9. Regarding the Nissan commercial, I used a VPN to get round it. I'm afraid I'm not really sure about capturing videos, but maybe just telling you what happened might help explain the weird food, lol. *standing in front of car* Jim: The all new Nissan Micra, it has great fuel economy, it sips fuel. *walks over to soup bowl* Jim: Like a tapir, enjoying a hot bowl of French onion soup kinda sip *sips soup* Jim: This is the kind of fuel economy the Micra gets. *back to car* Jim: And sipping is important, we're taught from an early age to sip Jim: Sippy cups *drinks from sippy cup* Jim: Sippy straws *sips out of straw in a glass* Jim: Sippy juice boxes *sips out of, you guessed it, a juice box* Jim: Sippy sandwiches *holds up sandwich with big straw in the middle* Jim: Besides, gulping is so boreish. *puts on serious face* Jim: It can get you exiled in some countries. *cut back to car* Jim: The all new Nissan Micra, it's hip to sip! *laughs* It's hip to sip, who wrote this? There you go, hopefully someone can get the video up soon The other one was quite funny, he was basically just talking about all the stuff you could fit in your car, like your enemies and all your weird thoughts. Like how the word "bed" is the same shape as a bed.
  10. I'll give you a strong hint, it's actually from the closet reconfiguration when Sheldon is in the laundry room with the girls.
  11. and I'm so happy it appears that they still have date nights and Sheldon probably put kissing in the RA!!! It still lives! Viva la Relationship Agreement!
  12. He's not going to forget TBBT for his entire career and he's made it pretty clear how grateful and honoured he is. Doesn't mean he wants to stay as that character for the rest of his life. Sheldon Cooper is a character that will go down in TV history, and leaves Jim more susceptible to being typecast than most actors out there. We don't know how many times he's had to put up with "Say bazinga!" and "Look, there's Sheldon!". The whole point of SNL was to show all these other roles he could play, so the song was just supposed to be a light-hearted way of leading into that, doesn't mean he suddenly hates TBBT and his role in it.
  13. I'm sure she said it with the best of intentions, but to put the two words in the same sentence isn't a good idea. People are instantly going to look at it and jump down her throat especially if natural birth is something they've struggled hard with, and it doesn't come as easily to them as it does to someone like Mayim. I'm not saying I'm angry with her myself, but I can understand the reaction...I guess.
  14. Love Mayim, but that C-section tweet was sort of asking for trouble, haha. I think it's great that she loves natural birth but to put C-sections and outrage in the same sentence sort of defeats the point of not judging other people for their preferences. Since that's all they are, really, preferences. Neither choice is damaging anyone or any thing. I bet she will have ticked off a lot of necessary C-section patients, whom she probably should have mentioned since I'm sure it wasn't her intention to call that an outrage. We all have strong opinions on a lot of stuff, which can make us anger other people in some cases. We're only human. I still think you're great Mayim but I can see why people are mad.
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