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  1. It's not there? I deleted it because I wanted to edit it and those big orange edit bars at the bottom get on my nerves for some reason when I've only written a short sentence. I did re-write it but I guess there was some sort of hiccup in my connection. Darn it Oh and I will edit to say that said post was a lame joke about it being obvious what my favourite pie was
  2. I wish I could place a bet with you, because Lenny has always been the fan favourite couple from the pilot. The proportion of people who voice their hate of the couple online and perhaps those you have spoken to are a minuscule audience compared to the 20 million plus viewers who tune in because they love the show. If Leonard and Penny tie the knot, I can almost guarantee the ratings will be, at the worst, unaffected.
  3. Ahh Freud, the man who believed any man who grew up without a father would be a homosexual, that if we liked pooping everywhere as children we would never be able to stop giving gifts into adult life and that men were better than women because, unlike them, we didn't have to fight through the fear of having our balls chopped off by our father because we had a super secret crush on our mother. Also, assuming that Sheldon's attraction to Penny is logical because Freud is right and Penny is like his mother, the Electra complex, also considered a Freudian theory, says that girls are attracted to their father growing up too, so is Sheldon anything like Wyatt? Or should we just discount that part of the theory for the sake of true love? I digress. I thoroughly enjoyed this episode, some of the lines really cracked me up, like when Leonard told Bernie she was "really mean" and staggered out of the comic book store while taking a puff of his inhaler, and Amy telling Howard that Penny warned her never to get into a car alone with him. Sheldon sulking and walking into penny's apartment was really funny too and scrambling up the stairs to Sheldon's spot was hilarious. Great interactions in this one! It's great to see things mixed up a bit
  4. New sneak Peek for 7x03! Pretty cool that Amy went to Harvard! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oN7wALjoZIE
  5. That was adorable, I like how her kids asked about Jim like she tells them about him. . For some reason it did make me feel oddly sad for her again, like just winning that emmy would have made her a lot happier than she lets on
  6. Thanks Phanta!! "Yaaaay Mayim! Where's your tiara?" lol Jim
  7. I know this seems kinda random but I always wonder what happens between those cuts they do in the ET interviews. Like just before the guy asked who they would ask to babysit their children Jim seemed to be looking at Mayim and laughing about something. It's probably pointless and boring but I wouldn't mind seeing some of the pointless stuff they talk about too! lol
  8. Hug days sounds like the most adorable thing ever. I did sorta wonder why Sheldon said "It's crazy." after saying they had a physical relationship, but the hugs on non-hug days makes sense, and I love it :D
  9. Melting into puddles of good feels, however, is perfectly acceptable
  10. I just realized Mayim weaved Pink's "Just give me a reason" lyrics at the end of her first paragraph haha. Took me a while...
  11. OMC they actually had a losers party. I so wish I could've gone to that party and danced my ass off with Mayim
  12. Really bummed she didn't win but this is only her second nomination, and there's a good probability she'll be nominated again for a third chance next year if she carries on her brilliant work. She also looked amazing as usual . Please give her some good material this season writers!! Pretty please! :D Well done to Jim though, he must be super chuffed :D
  13. Since I'm not gonna be around much longer I'll just lurk in chat for a while and see if anything happens. If not I'll see you all when I wake up tomorrow and something will have happened *fingers crossed*
  14. Would somebody mind PMing me about these sides? I'm lost EDIT: never mind! Found them on Pearl's tumblr, cheers Pearl I don't know why I find it sexy that they call each other Dr Cooper and Dr Fowler at work...I'm weird like that...
  15. koops gave a rather good explanation over in the shamy spoiler thread :
  16. Another short emmy update post from Mayim, it seems she'll be trying to livetweet the event again (hopefully with more success this year! :D): http://www.kveller.com/mayim-bialik/mayim-bialik-one-last-emmys-update-before-the-big-day/
  17. So they announce the guest star winners before the actual emmys? (sorry if I sound like an idiot )
  18. "Mom?" "Yes Leonard?" "Is Sheldon gonna be my new daddy?" "We'll see."
  19. Lets be honest though, you'd think Sheldon had more chemistry with a 2000 year old giraffe-elephant hybrid from Uranus than Amy.
  20. Part of me thinks an ILY before a kiss has the potential to be very sweet, but at this point we've just been so deprived of decent physical contact between these two that I'd be happy to see a kiss before that, as long as Sheldon is fully concious of his actions and it is something he has decided he wants to initiate/participate in; because it would show the greatness of his feelings and commitment towards Amy. That means that I wouldn't be so happy if any major progress, be it a kiss, sex or an ILY was initiated by alcohol which would mean his judgement was impaired and his true emotions likely exaggerated. A bit of drunk flirting would be cute, but nothing more than that. I agree that I'd like Sheldon to say it first as I'd feel more safe in the knowledge that he wasn't any under pressure to say it to please her. He'd truly feel ready and confident . Someone said on tumblr that they think Amy should offer Sheldon an ultimatum to demand physical contact from him, but that's the last thing I want. Amy fell in love with his mind first and foremost, as did Sheldon with her, and the idea that she'd forget that and rather lose him than not have sex with him kinda defeats the reason why they got together in the first place. It'd also be a particular low blow from her since he's recently admitted he was trying his best for her. If that ever happened I'd be extremely disappointed...
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