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  1. Happy Birthday koops!!! here's to another year of being awesome
  2. I'm totally with Mayim on those bra cup sticky things...They are all kinds of awkward . It does seem though that her dress will have a lower back this year...sounds interesting! I can't wait to see it :D
  3. Hmmmmm Eric that sounds rather too specific to be just hypothetical.......... ...Oh what do I know. But it sounds awesome I really enjoyed their first science fight. EDIT: btw was that an old article? Because if so then ignore everything I just said
  4. What's this? New post on the Mayim thre... ...HNNNG
  5. OIC, I didn't know the timezones went back that far . In that case, back to crazy voting I go :D
  6. Holy crap on a cracker we're back in the lead! We gotta keep ourselves there even though I'm wondering why the poll hasn't closed yet...
  7. koops' post was actually going against the double standard that you just described. It's annoying that people should find a character's behaviour creepy or unacceptable just because they're a woman when it's just fine and hilarious for a man to behave that way.
  8. Very cool looking!! And congrats on getting your prop on the set, I'll keep an eye out for it
  9. Plus the actual report is not detailed enough mainly due to the weird timings of the tapings to jump to any conclusions about it yet! There's probably a lot more stuff in the real thing that we'll see that's not on the report.
  10. The taping report seems fine to me, and it's really not detailed enough to jump to any conclusions yet .
  11. It's on youtube, here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gBGL5LUELxQ&feature=c4-overview&list=UUZZD0p9CEe_EPWtbI15T8bw
  12. Yep, I'm almost certain Mayim was kidding (especially given the fact she wouldn't actually wear those clothes irl). She was playing on the fact that Jim said the writers had done things in the past that had surprised him, so she just went for this crazy scenario :D. If she had meant it then yeah, it would've been a bit weird coming from her, lol.
  13. I just thought Mayim's Grease makeover comment was a joke O.o nevertheless, those two always turn me into a puddle of feels
  14. Though I do love the fact that Majim complained about not being able to rehearse it. Classic them
  15. Just checked tumblr...Of course they cut a freakin' kiss!! Why oh why TPTB
  16. I just wanted to come on here to randomly express my first world problems to my friends because my mum gave me this super awesome soft kitty t-shirt for my birthday and the words are in the shape of a cat so I was really chuffed until I found out where it should say "little ball of fur" it says "ball of purr purr" where the collar of the cat is so I was walking around all day with my arm covering it up
  17. You have an entertaining narrative and story premise. You may, however, want to consider your super long paragraphs, which can easily put a reader off. The reason for this is that usually when someone new speaks, you stay on the same paragraph. The general rule here is to start a new paragraph when someone starts speaking, only sticking to the same paragraph when the same person is speaking again, which you did correctly for a while near the start during the conversation between Howard and Bernadette and a little between Sheldon and Penny. Take this segment here for instance: "Ok guys, we need to evaluate the situation." Leonard says to the group. "Excuse me, how come you get to decide what we should do" interrupts Sheldon. "I am the leader of this enterprise so I should give the command." "Fine. Go ahead Sheldon" There are some bits of speech that are okay to stay in the same paragraph, and some not. This is how you could make it easier to read: "Okay guys, we need to evaluate the situation." Leonard says to the group. (start new paragraph after this as Sheldon speaks next) "Excuse me, how come you get to decide what we should do?" interrupts Sheldon, "I am the leader of this enterprise so I should give the command." (You can keep both of these bits of speech from Sheldon in the same paragraph because no-one new is speaking.) "Fine. Go ahead Sheldon." (and new paragraph again as we go back to Leonard). There were a few spelling and grammar mistakes but they can be ironed out either with a beta reader, or just going through your fic with a fine-tooth comb a few more times . I hope this helps a bit on your Fanfiction writing road
  18. Though how could I forget the worms crawling on the rectum over lunch? that's gold!
  19. You're right on that. But do you perhaps recall the painful sensation felt when he has a bowel movement after curry? Asking Leonard's girlfriend for a prostate exam? Something about a full pubis of hair when he was 19? His functional and aesthetically pleasing genitals? Oh and maybe showing his assistant graphic images of sexually transmitted diseases? I could go on... Oh I get it, none of the above is inappropriate or shows a lack of social skills on Sheldon's part because Sheldon can do no wrong
  20. Of course it makes sense for them to be paid that much since CBS are raking in the cash from this show. I'm just being hopelessly idealistic and wishing that the people who work equally as hard but get peanuts for it were given a fair share of what they deserve
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