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  1. 1) I know people complain that the jokes about their relationship are getting old but I think it will take a long time for me to get over my love of their creepy moments. This one included 2) Sheldon has long made comments about Penny's sexual behaviour, so this doesn't surprise me at all. I know many of my pretty immature friends like to call out their siblings on such "activities". It doesn't mean they think of their brother or sister in a "sexual way" 3) I can't really say much about this since I sorta skimmed the report so I'd still get the full...er...deal when I watch the episode but from what I gathered, it seems like just a classic bit of Sheldon obviousness (which I'm fine with since it's Penny ). As long as there wasn't much intent behind it, it doesn't creep me out too much. I generally thought this sounded pretty great. Amy sounds brill in this episode, so far over the last two eps I'm loving her portrayal :D. Her having key cards and getting super excited about her awesome and quirky made up language?! THIS is the Amy I love! I always enjoy it when Amy has random and hilarious moments (talking about cutting open her pipe smoking monkey's brain which reminds her of her uncle, singing "Dead or Alive" on the harp and now this.) while Sheldon is distracted by what one may consider "average human" thoughts. I liked the shamy in this report, no hideously nasty comments and some cute and memorable lines that I'm sure will be highly gif worthy . I'm satisfied!
  2. Let's be honest, all big TV/movie actors, as much as we love them and as undoubtedly hard that they work, are overpaid. Money in the world is never distributed fairly just thinking about 1 million per episode makes me feel kinda queasy .
  3. The epic battle between Shamy and Deeksi (or Kenks?? I don't know...I don't follow with the NCIS:LA fandom) makes another shocking turn! Will Shamy grab the gold or will Deeksi (I'm just gonna call them that) claw their way back in to first place???!!! Only the endurance of the fans' clicking fingers can decide!!
  4. I laughed at Mayim suggesting Jim try on her dresses Oh and this is for you if you still can't get the first link to work. If you can now then then silly me but I'll put what was said in the video here just in case Interviewer: You've obviously hit a little bump in your life. Mayim: Oh not that hard, life is full of all sorts of ups and downs and in-betweens. I'm grateful for my *looks towards Jim* kinda extended family at work and I'm able to separate and integrate pretty well, that's what my therapist says. Jim: I think you were able to separate and integrate beautifully, I wouldn't have picked those words but they certainly apply.
  5. It's here: http://www.multivu.com/mnr/54048-texas-instruments-stem-behind-hollywood-program-with-mayim-bialik It's the second of two video clips you can spot on the right hand side of the page
  6. I also liked the bit where she quoted the song lyrics she sang with the girls. I just pictured it in my head and it made me giggle
  7. I was exploring tumblr and I sorta love this. Mayim knows how to hold her glasses (thanks Sursonica)
  8. Yeah everyone was freaking out but with more info it's safe to say that all calmed down quite well so not too much to worry about other than having to wait until September 26th
  9. Nice to see some Mayim lovin' though they pretty much stated that the dress was the only stylish non-frumpy thing they'd ever seen her wear...they clearly haven't paid that much attention to her in the past then
  10. Here's a shortcut: think this is it??? It's pretty quiet at the moment...obviously )
  11. I think I might ask people if it's awful, and if so, I'll read it to prepare myself for the blah. If I hear it's decent/good/PASADENA then I'll leave it as a treat for myself .
  12. What time zone are we talking about for this chat? Since Rachel suggested it is it UK time or is it 8:30pm of an oversees variety?
  13. LOL I loved watching Mayim crack up over the the webchat with Amy's mother episode, even after all this time. Also, both webchats gave me the Majim feels, especially this one. I'm trying to count all the times she mentioned his name
  14. Aww, thanks you guys! It's not even my birthday yet and you're already making this baby shamy blush
  15. Right on my 18th birthday! I shall raise a glass of newly legal alcoholic beverage to your event
  16. Welcome Renoos! Awesome to meet a fellow Shamy/Mayim fan :D!! Hope you enjoy yourself here
  17. There was a live chat feed thingy going on that the moderators could see and Chloe asked how many checkered shirts he owned at he ended up hearing about it Pretty awesome!! EDIT: Basically what mel said, lol :D
  18. It was when Amy was in her ST uniform and Sheldon was lying on the couch, before they yelled "action" (or after they yelled cut I don't quite recall) Jim sat up and slapped Mayim's butt really hard apparently which had everyone laughing but it's not on video
  19. Just listening to him talk about being unable to control himself again makes me increasingly desperate to see the takes when the DVD comes out. If they don't include them (which would be bizarre) I will do a Cait and flip all tables within the vicinity.
  20. There's also a video version of it, I was kinda excited to see Alfonso interviewing her http://watch.accesshollywood.com/video/mayim-bialik-opens-up-on-her-divorce-shares-her-emmy-nomination-dead-bird-story/2600563674001
  21. I want a parallel universe where Amy Farrah Fowler is real and her and I are in a lesbian relationship...I mean...very interesting everyone
  22. Ahh yes, like nerdy said I see what you mean
  23. Mayim has also been playing piano for a long time. Time for a duet!!
  24. The height difference between her and Sheldon is also noticeably smaller. I have this strange feeling that Amy is perched on her tip-toes, since normally she'd be mostly blocked by Sheldon's shoulder.
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