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  1. Oof, that doesn't sound like a show I'd want to join a fansite for.
  2. I literally couldn't stop staring at her hair. It's just ridiculously shiny...how the heck does she do it??
  3. Welcome to the forums and the Sharmy!! Just from reading some of your posts I think your English is excellent by the way, so you don't have to worry about us not understanding you
  4. I'm not doubting that she'd enjoy it since she's always suffered from a serious lack of male attention but I agree that we don't have to worry about anything happening. She may joke about it but the whole thing would probably scare her to death and she clearly loves the living daylights out of Sheldon. TPTB would be idiots since they know Amy has endeared herself to millions of fans and it would make her pretty unlikeable if she went down that route. Also, it would be awesome if Amy got recognized, and not entirely implausible either since she has had some of her work published, sorta like her own admirer (but perhaps less invasive in her life than Ramona, shall we say). That girl deserves some lovin'... I'd hit on her...
  5. I'm just curious as to how any actor being gay should influence your opinion on their character's relationship o.O
  6. Just thought I'd add that I love your signature. It's so fun :D
  7. lol, sorry! I literally sent that the moment you sent your response
  8. Even in season one's 'The Luminous Fish Effect', Sheldon's line to his mother ("Is Dr Gablehauser going to be my new daddy?") is one of his top childish lines (not that I didn't love it).
  9. Thank you! It's the first time I've changed it ever
  10. Well this thread will only run for a while since I don't think we'll stay unspoiled for the whole season but I'm pretty happy with the idea!!!
  11. I don't know why reading this made me a little confused (and sort of amused). Molaro makes it sound like Sheldon and Penny are the ones with what sounds like the real romantic relationship. With Penny having a 'special spot' in Sheldon's heart and Penny loving Sheldon deeply or whatever and it just sounded like Amy was the unimportant figure pushing him towards something with no feelings involved whatsoever. I know Molaro said it wouldn't happen but when someone says "probably not." It sounds sorta like they're disappointed about it not happening . And he loves that people want Sheldon and Penny to get together? Really? These fans that have harassed Bill to no end? If I were writing something I'd be unhappy that fans were pulling for a non-canon couple since I knew for sure it would never happen and I would end up disappointing them. It would also indicate to me that the couple I had originally created wasn't good enough, that's what confuses me. I totally get why all of this can be cause for anger and exasperation. Honestly though, just learning about the first few episodes doesn't mean it's the end of the road for shamy for the rest of the season. Sheldon and Penny will get closer briefly and the writers are idiots if they give even the slightest romantic drops of shenny (despite the weird hints of it's plausibility Molaro seems to be giving) since they know it will pretty much tear their fanbase apart. The producers have always been talking about this paradox crap but in reality most of the big steps they've taken have been due to Sheldon's willingness and growing feelings for Amy. There are so many writers on this show with so many different ideas so what the producers say is not going to be the be all and end all of what will take place. They never plan anything for these guys, so their initial word about how it's going to progress is never as strong as it would be if they'd already had the whole of season 7 shamy down on paper. As I said before, it's easy to get annoyed, I'm pretty peeved at the ideas going around in their heads for season 7. But uncertainty lies ahead, there's at least a further 20 episodes of mystery and unexpected progress so lets get through this together like we always have. We'll bitch about things like this but we'll also laugh at some of the desperation and delusion for the non-canon and squeal without shame about unexpected and exciting future shamy breakthroughs in the taping reports. I had the time of my life here when I joined last year and I'm really looking forward to being with you guys again for the second year :D.
  12. Whoever said anything about a petition? Wow whoever this is needs to be swiftly bought back down to earth :O
  13. koops, watching the comic con video, Bill mentions the dreaded irresistible force vs immovable object paradox again but only briefly...just a pre-warning 'cause I know how much you hate it
  14. They were only supposed to be showing funny scenes. The "erotically caress your...nose." and the "I should hope so, It's from the first Spiderman move." are examples of how Sheldon cuts through the serious tone with a joke. Many of the Lenny highlights, as wonderful as they were, had a more serious tone so weren't included. Honestly I'd be glad they didn't include the airport ily because Sheldon wasn't really that funny at all. But maybe they could've included romance ninja?? I don't know...
  15. Little bit from Broadwayworld.com... kinda similar to the one above
  16. Sooooo well deserved!! Now she can put forward some really good material (fingers crossed!)
  17. Cait I am going to attempt to join you and koops in the dangerous quest of not reading these first few reports. I may even try to go further...though the possibilities of succeeding in that are extremely small.
  18. ...oh my cod....curiouser and curiouser! Also, Amy is wearing her tiara
  19. Staring into each other's sparkling eyes.... Okay I lie. I agree with koops, I think they were probably working/reading and then "thinking about what [they] read"
  20. I think the cheesecake factory eye coitus is more intense but I see what you mean Rachel. I love the way Sheldon smiles when Amy compliments his joke, it reminded me a lot of the bashful, flattered smile Amy gave Sheldon in Herb Garden when he called her a vixen.
  21. The same thing has also happened to his voice. I wouldn't necessarily call it 'clownish' but I think he has become more animated very slowly over time and honestly I only really started noticing it in the sixth season. As to whether it's a good or a bad thing, I don't know. I'll admit I miss his lower/calmer tone of voice at times and a lot of people connect this new tone with his babyish and obnoxious behavior. Then again, his wacky expressions have always been pretty fun . I'm intrigued as to what the intent behind this might be. Whether it might be an indication of him opening himself up, just the writers fancying a change (or even not noticing it themselves) or perhaps just a simple change in Jim's acting for whatever reason.
  22. It's strange how lot of girls are convinced that Sheldon would be their perfect boyfriend when as you say, in reality he'd be one of the worst boyfriends in existence which has been highlighted pretty well in his relationship with Amy. I hope that I'll never be attracted to a guy like Sheldon in real life and God help me if I am because he would make my life a misery. I'm not denying that he's cute, but that's as far as it goes. I bet if he were physically unattractive some girls would finally be able to see it in his personality too. It's the unfortunate world we live in.
  23. It's funny that I remember Jim saying the exact same thing in an interview once about his nephew being a mini Sheldon and he'd be perfect as a younger version of him on the show. It'd be so cute if that ever happened
  24. Taking a stab at our currency? Don't worry pounds, I've got your back
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