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  1. I don't really know where you got this 'neediness' idea from but if you think Ar doesn't get noticed I'll have you know he's very well-liked among the likes of me and my buddies . But even so why would he run them to get noticed? He runs them because people have fun and are entertained by them (which, by the way includes new members) and nothing has been done like this on the forum before.
  2. It's just so ridiculous that haters feel the need to pick fights. I wouldn't parent the same way as her but so what? They're her kids and it's her life, she's not hurting her kids and she's said repeatedly that it's not for everyone so it really doesn't affect them in any way. It's like people who hate on gay marriage even though it has nothing to do with them. It just makes me sad that people have to go out of their way to give her a hard time even with everything else going on in her life
  3. Haha, that'd be interesting! I'd be so great if they acted out the alternative valentine's day scene for shamy :D. Anyway, if the cast don't show up I think they made a really poor choice there plus we'll have no beautiful gifs to keep us going over the hiatus
  4. *pounces in* 1) I am running towards you like a mad woman with a chainsaw. Would you rather keep your arms or your legs? 2) What is your favorite brand of biscuit/cookie? 3) Describe the perfect date. 6) What is your opinion on Marmite? 7) What would the best sandwich in the world contain?
  5. Haha, well thank you to Stardust for finding that awesome article . I loved that quote too, every time Simon interjects with anything I just smile :D Here's LA times article for everyone for convenience : http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/envelope/tv/la-et-st-big-bang-discuss-future-season-6-20130606,0,2389727.story?page=1. Jim and Mayim sorta get to shamy on page 3!
  6. I know this is a tad off-topic but sorta refers to your new icon, I just went on your tumblr Ruby and saw the pics :D so lovely!! Even if there was only a tiny bit of Majim I still died a little . Thanks for sharing!!
  7. "Oh Amy, don't you see? Sheldon is only pushing you away because he loves you!" - Rajesh Koothrappali, season 7
  8. OOOO, more questions!!! As soon as I can think of anything remotley as exciting or interesting I'll return the favor Cait 1. If you won the lottery, what would you do with the winnings? I'd buy a castle in Scotland with a certain Canadian bestie, where we'd throw rocks and boulders at people that annoy us. 2. You are no longer allowed to have a British accent. Which new accent do you choose? Ever since reading To Kill A Mockingbird in English class I'd like to have a deep Southern American accent, so I can lull my future chillun' to sleep with my soft tones. 3. Purple, yellow, blue, orange, or pink? Pink used to be my fave color when I was part of the little girly hype...but I think I'd pick purple, it's so deep and awesome (you can tell I have little idea of what I'm talking about) 4. What is your dream job? I would absolutely love to be a comedy actress and be able to pull all my weird/creepy faces for money. If I only had the lady balls. 5. Where do you see yourself in five years? Once I'm done with my forensic science course I suppose I'll be out looking for work or I may even stay at my university and work there :D 6. Do you have any phobias? Not that I know of, but I do have fears, such as Crane Flies *shudders* when I see them fly around frantically with those long, gangly legs I get all squealy and panicky. I also hate mosquitoes (though they apparently love me), and can't sleep until every last one in my bedroom is killed (I know, I sound quite evil now) 7. The answer you chose in Question 3 is the colour of your skin now. How does that make you feel? I have purple skin!? I love it! Though I may have to hide from the authorities to avoid sceintific tests. Also I'm glad I'm not yellow otherwise I'd fear for my liver. 8. Favourite kind of food? MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAT. Also gravy makes everything better. Culture wise it's a tie between Chinese or an awesome (not too spicy) curry. 9. Describe your perfect Friday night. At home with my twin sister and/or my besties, do some crazy dancing where we wouldn't be judged to cool music, then order a super-delicious takeaway and sit and watch an amazing film that I've never seen before or a film that's so crap that we can all have a hilarious time taking the piss out of it with sweets/candy, popcorn and crisps/potato chips. No parties or clubs with scary people I don't know and loud music I want to dance to but can't for fear of looking like an idiot. 10. Since you're close to graduation, what are your thoughts about high school? What will you miss? What are you glad to be rid of? I'll have to say I made some good friends and did a few things out of my comfort zone, I also managed to gain loads of social skills. However, some of the people I called my friends were, for lack of a better word, bigots who were so ignorant that they couldn't even see how they were behaving towards certain people they considered 'outsiders'. So I'm glad I'll be able to leave them and meet new people now that I'm much more wise in that area and actually, they sorta did give me more tolerance for fustrating people that I'll be able to put to use for possible future co-workers. Also, I struggled a lot with my A-levels (our UK college qualifications) despite doing really well academically in all of my years of high school up until them. I'm glad that the stresses of those will soon be over and I can start again with an alternative exam-free course that I'm hoping will be more suited to my strengths and I'll be able to gain confidence in my intelligence again . (lol, sorry for the short story on the last question) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Okay Walnutcowboy, onto your questions 1) What has been your favorite post that you have ever posted? Ooooh, that's a good but tricky question!! I got my first gold star for a post where I was pretending to be a whiny teenager (since I was the youngest in our fandom) when someone made a point about how all shippers are teeny boppers or something like that, so I'm quite chuffed with that achievement but I think my favorite post is one I made in the shamy thead where I wrote a mini story about the cast at the table read where I was able to put a gif of Sheldon throwing all those papers into the air, so that was the most fun to do 2) What has been your favorite post that you have ever read ? ARGHHH. I really don't know, I've read sooooo many good posts!! I'll just say that those ones that really hit the nail on the head in terms of stating exactly how you feel about something written in better words than you could have ever come up with yourself
  9. In your opinion. Appearances are entirely subjective so no-one can be completely wrong on this subject. But it is true that none of the characters (apart from Penny) were intended to be physically attractive by the creators but of course many fans see otherwise and I'm sure the writers see that now. Of course he's important to the show, but that doesn't necessarily equate to attractiveness in everyone's eyes.
  10. Woop! Comic con starts the day after my finals end! What a great reward :D
  11. If you post a minority opinion on a forum you'd expect to be challenged but when it comes to ships we're all extremely protective, even when what we have is canon. When people start saying this or that should happen, it can get people angry to the point where you'd think they actually believe that person with the opposite opinion has the power to change the direction of the show. I know this because I've done stupid and petty things as a result of being made angry by strong opposing opinions too, it's weird, I'm sure shipping wars could give psychologists a good run for their money. If a shamy or a lenny wondered onto a forum full of shennys and gave their opinion they'd probably be treated in a similar way. Don't take it personally spaced_up and I'm sorry that you haven't had a very good time here. As you know, the internet is like a whole new world where people vent about their most extreme passions that they've had to keep bottled up in real life. It may look stupid to other people but for us it's some serious stuff. I wish we could all get along but when we try to fight against something that people feel that strongly about, it ain't gonna be pretty and that's the unfortunate truth. It happens to the best of us. People who generalize and call all shenny shippers such as yourself delusional are incorrect, because they're looking at a select few individuals and applying it to the whole group. The same also goes to those who also say all shamys and lennys are hostile party poopers because most of them are all very lovely people, which applies to most people generally on the forum in real life too... ...Dammit Fiction, what are you doing to us!?
  12. Has already been done: http://bigbangsheldon.tumblr.com/post/32950007796 Just look to tumblr and you'll get whatever you need
  13. I get it, it all comes down to personal preference. I still stand by the fact that she isn't sexist or inaccurate because anyone can do anything, But I guess while I look at all the things that make her endearing and a good match for Sheldon (she's smart, funny and more patient with him than probably any other woman would be.) you look at the things you find 'creepy' more seriously. You're saying she waits until he changes now but then other times you say she's pushing him too hard and trying to change him herself. Again, while you see it as her being degraded, I see her as someone who understands his issues and loves him regardless. She knows for a fact that he isn't a lost cause, he's working on his issues because he wants to. If he were a lost cause and she were just sticking with it then yes, I would see her as hopeless and desperate but at the moment, I think she's got huge amounts of love and willpower. It's just the different way we see things.
  14. I just think it's amusing that people seem to think all females need to be pretty or quirkless to make good TV characters, if they're gonna be smart they HAVE to be attractive or otherwise perfect (because all women are so kind and loving and love ponies and rainbows...it's simple biology, duh) or it's sexist blah blah blah. As Lost mentioned the guys are loved even if they're unattractive or quirky. Yes as much as everyone finds Sheldon hot as a cross bun he's not supposed to be yet he's still endeared himself to everyone. But why is it that as soon as Amy has some features of Sheldon and a few from Howard, two beloved characters (the quirky mixed with the interest in sex) she's suddenly sexist and we're not allowed to like her? Think about it. Would Sheldon be as popular if he were female? I highly doubt it, just because he doesn't fit in with society's 'image' for girls. I'm also willing to bet that if Amy were male nobody would have this kind of problem. That in itself is sexist because it's simple gender stereotyping. So, in my opinion, Amy is the most empowering female on the show, and the fact that she's found a man who loves her for who she is speaks volumes for our world. Just because you don't know any women like Amy doesn't mean they don't exist. Mayim herself said she knows women like Amy, and she's been in the science industry for years all the way up to earning her PhD. Are those women not allowed to find love? Because they're not 'proper' women? I get that people don't like shamy, that's fine, but to say Amy is an inaccurately portrayed female is just ridiculous.
  15. Oh man, seeing posts like this remind me just how much we really do love these two!
  16. I remember seeing that quote very briefly a while ago and wondering where it was from, it's still insanely adorable to read though, even now
  17. So you're basically saying that you wouldn't mind if Sheldon suddenly became interested in casual sex, lost his germ phobia and also decided he didn't care about homeostasis anymore so it would be possible for him to choose flings over a long term relationship.... ....Just as long as he broke up with Amy. Wow I'm sorry, you must have really lost hope for the show
  18. I'm not sure if anyone has read the Mayim thread but there was a tiny bit from Jim about her being very strong and loving in an article. It was sweet .
  19. I liked this season a lot mainly for the same reason others liked it: the character development story-lines. I felt there weren't quite as many laugh-out-loud moments this season but there were still some classic moments that are sure to stick in my memory. I'm also relieved to see them finally move on from some of their old jokes such as Amy's vulgarity and Raj's mutism, opening up loads of opportunities for next season. Like koops said, I enjoyed the times where they didn't compromise serious moments for cheap laughs, there's still a lot of progress to be made on that front but all in all, a definite improvement this season with moments like Howard's dad's letter and Shamy's bedroom scene. I think they've set themselves up well for next season . There were a few things that annoyed me like everyone else, Sheldon's whiny and generally stupid attitude to people, especially Amy, in some episodes but he's also had some enormous growth to counter that. The writers are doing a good job of developing him in a way that's consistent with his character and I know how tough that must be. So, the things that annoyed me are pretty minor when looking at the big picture, therefore this gets a 'very good' rating. I understand that the changes weren't everyone's cup of tea. I loved the earlier seasons but but I like season 6 for pretty different reasons. I think the development for me was necessary. I had my fun with seasons 1-3 so seasons 4-6 were welcome
  20. I really enjoyed that post . As an agnostic myself, that too is the way I choose to see the world as a a possibility for how the two exist. Good on Mayim!
  21. I thought this was written in a more upbeat way than a lot of her previous posts, every hint that she's cheering up after everything she's been through makes me happy .
  22. Loved Jim's mini 'eek' face when Mayim was like "Don't spoil it!!" also they both looked really lovely . I just can't get enough of those two! :D
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