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  1. Holy crap on a cracker!! That reverse video! I played it on half the speed setting (without sound because it just sounded really creepy otherwise lol!) and almost got a nosebleed. Thanks! It's amazing how it comes off completely differently but works just as well in reverse. I'd be funny to see the whole thing and wonder why he was stepping backwards though, haha. Oh boy...I need help.


    I also noticed at the end it said "made by AR is bored". I'd laugh hysterically if I found out Ar Diem made it!!

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  2. I had to weirdest reaction to the kiss. I was clamping my hand on my mouth up until it happened to stop myself from screaming, and when he moved in my hands were sort of blown off my face by a sigh akin to Sheldon's "It's like looking at the universe naked" one. It was absolutely incredible, and longer than I expected. I don't know when I'll be able to stop watching it!

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  3. OMC your reactions are amazing. I LOVE the energy here! I'm so pumped there's no way I'm gonna be able to sleep tonight!!! Also that preview is adorable, the way they're talking to each other is adorable and Sheldon cocking his head after Amy's monster line is adorable, reminds me of Warewolf :p. Yaaaaaaaaaay!!!!! Love you all!! <3

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  4. I'm so excited for this!!! Moonbase, I seriously don't suggest you watch this at all. All I'm saying is, there's some serious love that goes down between these two and it's immense (well, for the likes of me anyway). If you don't feel like sparing yourself the agony like you still seem unable to do then don't blame us if we fight back :p

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  5. Just watched the whole lecture. Again, I'm pretty amazed at how completely un-hollywood she is, how she kept saying she thought she earned a "stupid" amount of money and that she wasn't very social and wanted to go back to science at some point. I feel like I could listen to her talk about herself all day, lol.

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  6. Season 7 is definitely shaping up to be one of my faves :) many examples of a good balance between humour and relationships have been displayed here, imo :p. Other than that, I'd say S4 was my absolute favourite so far, but I think all the seasons have their strengths.

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  7.  Freaking out is a common symptom of being a hardcore fan so it's not like we were dying or having heart attacks, I can understand it not being funny if we were faking that. People always say the shamys freak out over stuff they don't know enough about, so that's exactly what we decided to do, since the report was so vague. We were laughing at ourselves, that was all.


    Anyway, as I said above the report really isn't detailed enough at all to be able to say anything final on it. But I don't blame sprinkles, she kinda had the task pushed on her last minute there :p. The second half is interesting, I sorta took the fact that Sheldon was letting Amy talk for him as an indication that he felt pretty bad about what he did. I'm actually glad moving in was brought up again, even if Amy didn't quite get what she wanted this time, it shows the subject is on the writer's minds....Possibly :p. Who knows, now I'm dying to see how this plays out on screen!

  8. NAUGHTY SHELDON! Looks like he got overwhelmed again. It's possible that locomotive was meant to display his physical feelings coming out into the open, and this is more focused on the slightly more emotional side of his feelings, which evidently, still hadn't been explored a huge amount up until this point.  Hmm....I'm incredibly interested to see exactly what goes down

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  9. Just watched it. I agree with everyone here who said she was adorable and that her and Cobie were awesome together :p Oh yeah the picture of her and her reaction was just amazeballs. I'm quite excited to see some gifs of all the cute/funny moments. Yay!!!

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  10.  I'm not walking up to someone I'm interested in and calling myself a "Big Banger". I don't think things will work as I intend them to.


    I think Theorists is pretty good :). If something is found that most people can agree on then consider me on board! I hope it catches on too. Though I'm happy with the generic term, I admit that a cool name would be kinda cute.

  11. I love seeing Sheldon and Amy turned towards each other in the promo pics. I think that's the most turned I've ever seen them. (I can just imagine not being a shamy fan and reading those first couple of sentences, thinking "What the heck is her problem?" lol)  Sheldon's face in the second pic is adorable. I also love the pictures of Mayim and Jim on the train with Eric. So cute  :wub:

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