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  1. I would just like to just say, Frieda, that the gifs in your signature made me smile like an idiot :D
  2. I was actually worried The 43 Peculiarity would be one of the worst ones so far until I saw it on TV! I was too quick to judge last time so I hope you're right this time around!
  3. Good idea, we all have our own opinions and it's okay to express them but not undermine others. Honestly though I'd love to be the writers right now and watch people fight over a couple I created...I'd see that as success in my books!
  4. Lorre carefully crafted this couple and he's not going to pour strange chemicals all over them and give the result to the fans to see if it kills them. Lorre loves this couple because it breaks his agenda and he knows he has to treat them differently. He drops these events in for humor and he's smart enough to realize that it shouldn't define them. Fans enjoy it because it's funny and rare, making it happen too regulary will be like pouring too much salt into the recipe. I know for a fact that I would struggle to carry on buying it.
  5. Yeah I'm a tad irked about it too. I guess am also one of those fans who would rather they didn't push the physical side of Shamy as well. Watching Sheldon smile with surprise at her intelligence and similar opinions was very heartwarming for me and I feel like, the way things are going now, their relationship runs the risk of becoming too shallow. I just thought it would be cute for them to enter a physical relationship tentatively when they were ready, instead of being pushed to strange extremes by a sexually fustrated Amy, who, seems almost nothing like the Amy Sheldon was attracted to in the first place. But hey, I should stop complaining, I'm sure it will be a good laugh and I still look forward to it. I mean, this kinky business makes good humour and that's essentially what the show revolves around. I just hope some day we'll see some more episodes like Herb Garden .
  6. Not that the sexual jokes aren't hilarious but yeah, I miss that old exclusivity between them too. It's one of the reasons why I feel in love with that couple in the first place! Oh and Kyzzx, I know what you mean. That's why I'm hoping for a new years episode where such dreams will come true :D.
  7. I wouldn't feel too down about this episode, it did manage to strike up some questions and comments about Amy's character which are all very interesting from what I've read so far. I laughed a couple of times on the report alone, and I usually laugh much more when it comes out on TV. Granted it certainly wasn't the best but it's the show's fault for setting the bar so high with some amazing episodes this season and more amazing episodes in the past . It's only set against the show's standard that this episode is viewed as 'bad'. It's only 21 minutes long, I'm sure they have many amazing hours in store for us in the future :D.
  8. Awesome! Thanks stardustmelody! Sheldon's looking very devious
  9. Ahaha I see, thanks for clarifying I was wondering why I suddenly liked his hair again! (also love how we're talking about Sheldon's hair, I think I can no longer deny being obsessed when my family tease me about it.)
  10. I thought he had his hair cut quite recently? It's certainly shorter in the last two episodes than it was near the start of the season, or maybe I'm just being delusional. But I agree there, I prefer it when it's short like it was in the earier seasons.
  11. It appears I may be the naive teenager here! Maybe I'm wrong about my parents, let's hope they're as cool as you guys
  12. Yeah, I'm honestly not sure whether to be excited or terrified! My parents love the show because it isn't orientated around sex (though obviously they don't mind the mild references) and they're in their mid-fifties. We always sit down as a family to watch it together and I'm a little worried about how they'd react to this one if they showed the full scene! I might have to make sure I'm not in the same room as them when we watch to avoid the awkwardness .
  13. Thanks!! I love yours too! It's nice to see someone on the same page as me
  14. This may have already been mentioned but it differs in the fact that it has more than one interpretation. Sheldon was treated that way when he was a child by his own parents, so since he didn't see it as sexual when his parents did it, I think he would struggle more to see how it changed when he was doing it to Amy. The whole 'chicken pecking corn thing' is more explicitly sexual. I'm sure he wouldn't ever imagine his parents ever doing such a thing to him in ANY situation O.o
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