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  1. I'm actually glad Jim opted out of the Bikini. I'm with Leonard on preferring to leave things to the imagination
  2. Monique you're an angel, thanks again for everything! You certainly deserve a break after all you've done for us (especially delivering news of the SIK!!). Have a good time tonight
  3. I love how she slipped into that really nice black dress we saw in a couple of photos a while back to go shopping she doesn't need any designers to look look amazing.
  4. Well I don't mean in general, I just mean just in terms of that episode/the SIK but also it's probably reeeally bad that I'm being an idiot and don't know what any of those stand for....Please no-one slap me
  5. Yaay! Glad you got your laptop back to our lovely world koops and about my posts, thanks!!! 'Tis much appreciated . That's right, first time Amy has been kissed out of genuine feelings/want/love so cute. And though bigbangwiki does state that this is the first time Sheldon has kissed Amy on his own initiative in the trivia section for this episode (which I like to read when I'm sad because I have an epic life) this is the first time Sheldon has kissed any girl on his own initiative (that he wasn't related to). I freakin' love it. He thinks kissing is stupid, germy and a product of feelings that he deems unnecessary but the urges and bottled-up feelings are powerful enough to smash through all his barriers and make him melt into it like a s'more on a barbeque. I just think It's incredible that this frumpy, awkward, inexperienced woman who was pretty much a nobody her entire life, rather cluelessly waltzed into the life of one of the world's most uptight, defensive, stringent and seemingly asexual/aromantic genius' and achieved the impossible by making him fall in love with her. She went from meaning almost nothing to anybody to meaning the world to this impossible man. She made him want to break his meticulously planned rules that he had spent his entire life following in the pursuit of pure knowledge for one person. The immensity of what she has accomplished is overwhelming. And that's why when she gets little clues about the extent of her impact, I'm always overjoyed. UGHH Raz just stop gushing already. I wanted to say that koops' and Lio's posts gave me some very entertaining and informative evening reading . I almost feel like we'll have nothing left to talk about when the kiss airs, lol (aside from how great it looked or how pissed off we are if they cut it)!
  6. I agree Maddie, and the fact that she really liked the dress would just make it worse.
  7. Kinda says a lot about her fashion sense she's still got the quirky taste it seems!
  8. I was gonna say, Those are some seriously stylish OAPs. My gran wishes she could dress like that!
  9. I'm sooo glad we got SIK spoilers around now otherwise I'd be more sad about the lame awards season this year. But now my mind is straight back where it should be and I'm happy again, lol.
  10. lol the one where he asked if she could solve calculus and she was like "yeah I'm a neuroscientist" got loads of notes on tumblr. With some of the mandatory comments like "I hate the big bang theory but Mayim is cool." Just because...you know...people need to get it out there that they hate the show because if they didn't they'd be murdered in their sleep. Anyway, really sad that no-one won. Not such a good season for them this year but I guess that happens a lot. Oh well... As for Mayim's dress. Loved the top half, the sheer details were beautiful and her hair was awesome. As for the bottom half I agree with people who said it wasn't particularly flattering on her and the colour could have been different. It wasn't a complete disaster though and honestly Mayim looks amazing just being herself all the time....so that helped a lot .
  11. Just thought I'd share with you that I discovered a new shipper (who I swear must read the forums or something because he sounded weirdly like some of us)! My forensics lecturer today randomly turned around from his desk and went "Did anyone catch the latest episode of the big bang? Sheldon was so mean to Leonard!" (bearing in mind this is the UK so we just had itchy brain. Also I was like woahh, didn't know he was a fan at all!) and people were like "Yeah it was so funny" and this other guy was like "I don't know why Amy puts up with him." and some other guy was like "I think they'll break up soon. Sheldon is an ass." and my lecturer looked really angry and was like "But they were made for each other on a computer! I think the problem is that Amy is too good to him and it's making Sheldon freak out. I think he might have one of his emotion pop moments soon like he'll hug her or maybe something better." at this point I had to seriously contain myself as I was sitting right at the back. The choice of words "emotion pop" made me lol to myself and look like an idiot. All the students who watched the show were like "WTF, no way." thinking he was totally wrong in his prediction. I just smiled to myself and thought "...ha..he's gonna feel so smug when he turns out to be right." He was also like "Have you seen Amy in real life!? She looks so different, I didn't recognize her." And I sort of squealed from the back "Yeah she's so pretty!" and he nodded in agreement.
  12. I'm such an idiot, where they signed their initials at the bottom I thought for a split second "Why has Sheldon written Salt Lake City??!" That's a pretty good a sign that I still can't get the SIK off my mind Anyway, I'm really enjoying people's posts, really doesn't help my annoyance at having to wait 3 weeks though 80 I think after the SIK I'm gonna have to go back and watch all the shamy milestone episodes from the beginning.
  13. Sounds like something my mum would like, though I don't really have the taste for that song maybe I should show it to her, haha.
  14. Well, shamy did trend on twitter after the last VD episode. So I have a feeling that it will appeal to the "general watching populous" as much as Star Wars will.
  15. Thanks dana seems funny. Knowing Sheldon, he probably thinks he doesn't need a picture of him and Amy since he's with Amy all the time in real life anyway . Like him finding Alex's idea of a harp music box silly because Amy already has a real harp, haha.
  16. I'm fairly hopeful that they won't cut the kiss short since they undoubtedly wanted to get the full transition of Sheldon's emotions from it. We all know these two are great actors, so if Jim gave the impression to the audience that Sheldon relaxed into it and enjoyed it, that means it was exactly what Mark would have told him to do and what the writers intended. I don't know if Dana or Monique would agree, but I have a feeling it may not have the right effect if they cut any bits out? I don't know. Even if they could get away with it, they can't take anything away from a moment we've been waiting 3 years for...surely!!! Also, Dana, Monique said there was a tag scene at the end with shamy she couldn't remember so I was wondering if you remember anything about it? If not that's cool, as long as it didn't ruin anything
  17. Okay I'm probably the only one who likes that plaid suit I think it's his best fitting one...
  18. This has probably already been said a million times in chat, but since I've been so busy and not been able to spend much time there (which I'm really annoyed about) then I'll just spill my feels here and say this SIK really is a great scenario and I'm incredibly grateful to the writers for giving it to us in this way. I love it. At first I was like "ughh why did they just have another unhappy date and why did we see the same stuff as before? Why can't it have just been a nice moment where they kissed because it was so fluffy?!" And then I was like "Raz!! You fool!" *slaps self across the face*. This is now proof that all this time, the writers were trying to hint at what was on Sheldon's mind. We speculated before that his "everything is just sex with you!!" was his emotional brain putting an uncomfortable amount of pressure on the rest of his brain but now we can pretty much say for sure that was the case, not that he actually hated what Amy was doing. He wasn't used to it and lashing out was his coping mechanism. Every time Amy suggested something sweet or did something innocent that he actually liked, he got that pressure again and he acted up in a way he probably regretted later, and Amy, not knowing what exactly was going on, would have been hurt. I think this season has really been about the fact that how insanely in love Sheldon has fallen with Amy has been dropping on Sheldon like a ton of bricks. He's never been in love before so having this dawn on him constantly has forced him to cope with it in strange ways, he was struggling to come to terms with it whereas before S6, the feelings probably were small enough for him to wave them off. The counting to three thing at the start of this episode was an example of how close we were getting to bursting point. He probably worried that he'd lose control and lack of control is the last thing that someone like Sheldon is comfortable with, so again, he used a coping mechanism. On the train ride, his brain was probably like "damn Amy looks fine. I freakin' love that she's done this for me. Could she be any more perfect? I could just kiss he...NO! I'll lose control, I can't...just count to 3...damn it's not working...What's this? A stranger who knows about trains? This is the perfect distraction!" Amy gets pissed off again. Everything that has been happening between them is building up to a climax, it's coming out into the open. Sheldon can't run away from it this time. And like star said, through his coping mechanism of trying to argue it away, he looks into her eyes and it's all too much. At first he probably tricked himself by telling himself that kissing her was to prove a point, but then everything that had been stored up inside him was released. He realized this was all his brain was asking him to do, and he became much more comfortable with it. I love the fact that he was calm after and walked away with her. He had finally accepted his feelings and that is why Molaro said it meant a lot to them, especially to Sheldon. And now the poor train guy was the third wheel to their love. Sheldon didn't need him any more to cope. This kiss makes a lot of sense. If it had just been fluffy rainbows where Sheldon magically had no issues to resolve (as cute as it would have been), I'd still be asking a lot of questions about his past behaviour. This was more consistent with their story and it was the writers way of tying it up. So thank you, writers, I'm so relieved that you were in fact building up to this moment. It was very real indeed. They always seem to do stuff I didn't realize I'd like until it happened
  19. I was literally having the worst day and I was super unhappy until i woke up this morning and heard this.....DAMN....Guys this is it...it's really it....Mustn't...fall off...chair...
  20. I'm sure we're both seeing all the things he's doing more now/ not doing as much. I just don't see all of this behaviour as OCC and you do. No big deal. I used to do a lot of stuff I don't do now, doesn't mean I'm a different girl (at least I hope not!) All I see in front of me is a rather long list of somewhat exaggerated negativity (though isn't the fact that he didn't wave off Leonard when he had a problem a good thing?!). I do not think "Sheldon is being a child all the time." I don't think "Amy is frustrated all the time." I don't think they have "slowly taken away all" of his character and shamy's mutual understanding and I don't think everything has "disappeared". He still loves science. He still sees her as his exception (he's listened to her advice a lot this season) he still does a hell of a lot of the stuff he used to do. I'm just gonna sound like a broken record if I list all the great stuff that has happened this season to counteract what happened last season. I've done it a million times, but Sheldon has grown in many other regards, and to say he hadn't would be...well...insane. Overall I think I'm getting good value for my money You say I'm missing all the bad stuff, but I think you're equally missing a lot of the good stuff. So maybe we're both being a bit extreme in our outlook.
  21. Yeah, it's really just their mutual admiration and comfort around each other than could trick you The fact that they give that impression is good sign of their working chemistry though. Means they nail the big shamy scenes every time
  22. I don't fully understand all this talk about Sheldon not being "himself" any more. The manchild part of his personality has always been there. That part of his personality was, unfortunately for some, shown again in this episode but I wasn't questioning anything he said or did. It's fine to dislike it, I think it's getting a bit old too but that's the point...it's getting OLD, meaning as far as I'm aware we've seen it before at least a couple of times. Most of us could quite easily say that smitten Sheldon is not "Sheldon" because we haven't seen it often and we've never seen it in seasons 1-3 but we don't because we like that side of him. As fans it's easy to pick and choose the parts of a character we prefer and use it to build an ideal image for ourselves and anything outside of that is OOC, but sadly it can leave us open to a fair amount of angry confusion. I'm willing to bet pretty much everyone who enjoyed it found it perfectly IC. For that reason, I'm not hugely bothered by the L/P/S dynamic here, I could find a bit of it quite amusing because I wasn't worried about Sheldon's character being destroyed beyond the point of no return. Why they're deciding to exaggerate certain parts of his personality more I'm not sure but don't worry, it's almost guaranteed that we'll see the parts we prefer soon. As for this episode spelling the doom of Sheldon's development I think we're being a bit hasty. Just because this singular part of his character is taking longer to change than others, it doesn't mean a lot of his other off-putting traits haven't improved a great deal. I don't think this shows him going back to square one, just exposing his weaknesses. We can't have everything change at once, it'll happen. For now I feel like we're getting a bit stuck in the moment and going back to apocalyptic thinking. Overall, I rather liked this episode even though L/P/S was my least fave. I chuckled a fair amount throughout now I'm looking forward to the next few episodes big time!!
  23. So she didn't think the pictures looked like her. Well it seems many people were right then the last bit made me chuckle!
  24. Well it's safe to say I'm glad that date wasn't official . Just Jane being one step ahead as usual! It's quite cool to see Lisbon and the other FBI lady (ughh her name will stick in my brain eventually) get along, even though I think a lot of it is due to their mutual taste in men, haha. I hope there isn't too much tension between them in the future but I have a feeling there might be . I did rather enjoy this episode. I'm enjoying the more laid-back and slightly more fun approach they're taking. I guess it's not for everyone but I like it
  25. Trust me, only seeing a few tiny snippets of a show and going onto a forum for it and ranting about how bad it is just asking to get your butt kicked online. Of course everyone is going to know a hell of a lot more than you (I mean it's a fan forum for pete's sake) and will find your arguments completely mis-informed and ridiculous. I suggest you watch the whole series first before you decide how unrealistic it is and if you still find it so, at least your argument will have a little more substance and you'll actually be able to have a proper debate without people thinking you're an idiot. Also, a man thinking he can define the entire female sexuality in one sentence (especially at a level as simplistic and shallow as this) is a tad sexist. I'm sorry that your experience with women has not been a very varied one and it has meant you haven't come across the types of ladies that would be attracted to these guys. I also congratulate you for your stunning good looks and how they have helped you put your feet into the shoes of these fine gentlemen (sarcasm).
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