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  1. Just saw the promo after being away for a couple of days. If I were unspoiled, Sheldon spontaneously dropping his pants like that would have come across to me as a quirky sexual advancement on his part, like the scene ages ago where Dr Plimpton came into Leonard's room and interrupted his speech by shedding her robe. If it weren't for Amy's reaction I would've fallen straight off my chair lol! 

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  2. I checked out JPs one and loads of people in the comment section are crying over him being first saying he sucks and the show sucks etc yet he, Mayim and the show are miles ahead of everyone else in the votes. If you just looked at the comments, you'd think it was a really unpopular show. The haters really are the vocal ones, it's almost sad....

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  3. Many would agree with you there. I like those pictures just because those clothes do look lovely on her (and I'm terrible at detecting awkwardness as I already explained),  but I agree she would've looked her sexiest if they allowed her to pose more casually and just be herself. Her smile is really one of her greatest assets and it's puzzling to me how so many women seem to consider a lack of one more attractive. For a lot of people, their favourite picture was at the end where she was wearing her own clothes and just grinning at the camera and I can understand why. I mean...





    Look at that adorable smushy face! Smush smush smush... :p

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  4. I don't see the awkwardness in the blue dress photo, but that may stem from the fact that if I tried to pose on the red carpet I'd look like a penguin with a chronic butt-itch.


    Oh and yay for instagram! Certainly can't complain about more Mayim pics ;)

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  5. The cardigan and that xmas jumper may be the same colour, but they definitely don't look the same to me :p haha. Anyway I think it's funny to tease Amy's clothing but I don't actually hate it. To take away Amy's cardigans would be like taking away part of her soul, lol.

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  6. If it's just germs there are plenty of barriers and of course showers. So why hasn't he?


    Well there's also the noise (unnecessary appeals to a diety) and the mess and germs are still there before the shower. Shower sex could definitely be a thing but he'd probably deem it too high risk for their first time (not that it couldn't happen after a few goes though) ;). It's definitely not because he doesn't have the right feelings for Amy.


    Oh and chainy, that screenshot is from the season 6 bloopers ;)

  7. As a viewer, while I appreciate all the list of things you mentioned happened this season, overall this season has been so all over the map and confusing that I can't say that I am always enjoying it.   I find I spend more time frustrated than enjoying it.  See the problem is for every good thing (like the screensaver, the losing sleep over an argument, etc.) there are so many bad things  that have occurred as well so it makes it hard on the viewer to know what to think about them as a potential match.   Right now it is so out of balance that it is hard to watch.



    Out of balance with so many bad things? I can only think of "Everything is just sex with you!", agreeing with Raj's advice, the butt slap (which wasn't necessarily bad, but some people didn't like it) and a few boring Amy isn't getting any punchlines. 


    Off the top of my head, these good things include the screensaver, "I like you for who you are, quirks and all",  "I'm in a boy-girl relationship with this cute little lump of wool", "Oh okay, I get it now.", "Ain't she great?", "You talk about how much Sheldon has affected all of us, but you've clearly had an impact on him." (thank you for this line Raj, by the way, I forgive you for your shoddy relationship advice), "That's the most romantic thing I've ever heard.", "aww no thank you, I don't wanna be an inconvenience *arm rub*,  Shamy pretty much spending every waking moment together while at the same time the writers finally acknowledge that Amy can have her own storyline, SHELDON'S UNDERWEAR TWIRL (this may not happens but it tickles me) and him admitting in his own way that he missed her while he was away. There are more which I honestly can't remember right now but what I do remember is being excited a lot more this season than upset.


    While I do agree that the gap has widened between them quite a lot and it shows in their dynamic I think that the show is showing that it is slowly trying to freshen up it's writing. We don't have many "lack of sex" punchlines coming up that I can think of, and they're introducing some new character dynamics, not to mention the dramatic change with lenny. They are struggling to let go of some stuff but I think some serious progress is being made with everyone this season and that is promising.


    I also agree with koops that just because Sheldon doesn't show it in the traditional manner, it doesn't mean he's not in love. I think he's very much in love but of course he hates the idea of acting like a "hippie". I think that the fact we've seen a serious comeback of smitten Sheldon this year just goes to show how strong his feelings are, that poor boy just can't hold them down.


    Perhaps the fact that the bad things seem to have been concentrated into one or two episodes, whereas the good things have been spread out, means the good things are less noticable or the bad things seem more intense? I'm not sure, but right now, overall, I like where things are going.

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  8. He didn't actually tell her she was fat. One of Olive Oyl's characteristics is that she's extremely skinny, like a noodle, lol. So no, he does not think that Amy is fat and even if she was, he wouldn't care.


     Also, if Sheldon thought "Hey I just had a fight with my girlfriend, I'll go be a complete ass and tell her she's weird in the middle of the night." then yes, I'd agree with you that he's regressed. Sheldon who usually would not care to admit any "feelings" towards anyone, wouldn't want to be the one who apologizes for anything and doesn't really wish to associate himself with people he doesn't understand went over and apologized to his girlfriend, and admitted that not being on good terms with her was keeping him up and didn't understand her behaviour but wanted to tell her that he liked her for who she was. He wanted to cheer her up and make her happy because he cared about her so much. Though his lack of understanding ended up backfiring on him, his heart was in a very good place and that to me is progress.

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  9. If the writers aren't planting some seeds, I'd be suprised (they could be seeds or the writers might just forget about Sheldon saying he planned to live with Lenny and it won't happen because of that, lol.)


    I'm also proud of Amy, she could have easily used Burt as poking stick for Sheldon to move in the relationship by making him jealous for no good reason but she chose not to. I think with all this new information she has about Sheldon's feelings towards her, she probably doesn't feel the need to do cheeky things like she did a year ago in fish guts. Nice one Amy. I'm glad that she's waiting for him to act on his terms.

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  10. If Sheldon and Amy broke up and she left, I don't think any of the Sheldon purists would like Sheldon afterwards at all. She a huge part of the show and Sheldon's life so she wouldn't be forgotten.  They've been dating for nearly four years, and although Sheldon doesn't care to admit it, he loves her. Losing her would completely screw him up emotionally and it would show in some crazy way, even if he tried his best to cover it up. There's no way he'd go back to being his season 1-3 self easy peasy like nothing happened.


    It's far too late for her to leave now and have people be okay with it, even if it was gradual.

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  11. Amy casually eating lunch with Howard, Raj and Leonard. I like it. I'm not bothered about the Sheldon/Penny thing, we've seen them run errands before (though yoga lol that sounds like it's gonna look hilariously awkward) so it is more of the same but it's only one plot amongst 2 others where the dynamic is totally fresh. I think I might enjoy this episode a lot :)


    ETA: Also, the joke at the end about them living with Sheldon. I highly doubt Penny would ever move in with more Sheldon around, it would sort of defeat the purpose of Lenny living together. I'm not going to worry too much yet, I know they are prone to making these exaggerating jokes a lot. We'll just have to see what happens...

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  12. I like the look of it :) the Amy/Stuart/Raj storylines and Bernadette/Stuart storylines seem funny and give us some fresh dynamics. Awesome! Sheldon has run errands with Penny in the past, so I don't see how it is OCC. I think he finds it quite therapeutic. They could have thought of something else for them to do that we haven't seen before but I don't really mind this, it's only one plotline. I'm so glad lenny seems to be under repairs, I just seriously want Penny to be happy with her career so badly. I still feel bad for her :(

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