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  1. Ahh good, the same week the new big bang airs! My week will be back to normal again! lol. Also Jane goes on a date with a beautiful woman? Unless that woman is Lisbon then boo! Oh but if he's just up to his tricks again then it's all cool
  2. I have bad feeling that they could have a bot on their side too.
  3. Oh my, every time I refresh the page Mayim and Zooey's numbers have gone way up. There's a battle going on
  4. LOL I actually love that the photos they choose to admire of each other are them pulling creepy/hilarious expressions. It's so them and just proves neither of them give a crap about conventional attractiveness. Still Pasadena's favourite couple of weirdos
  5. haha, I was ill on Monday and voted like 200 times...I have such an exciting life lol
  6. Loved it!!! More of the casual touching between these two, with Amy touching his arm up the stairs and Sheldon touching Amy when he said he didn't want to inconvienience her (I don't know this for sure but it did look like he lightly touched her shoulder there) always pleases me . That line also was in-keeping with smitten Sheldon imo, like since when does he ever worry about inconviencing people? When he loves them that's when . It was also cute that he sounded so endeared by her offer. Amy's line "I'm like a pyramid" just cracked me up so badly for some reason, It think it was just the mental image it created. It was one of my favourites and I also loved watching her owning that video game. All of the dreams were really great and I agree with people who said they could watch the fat trio all day, so funny!! I thought the shenny dream was amusing too, and it didn't seem too over the top to me. We all know Amy has some slightly exaggerated views of Penny and it was funny when he was talking about saving himself for an exact description of Amy...no worries about her being insecure on that one! Her reaction to his screensaver was priceless and so was her walking up the stairs but other people have already said what I think of that so I won't waffle on that one forever. My heart jumped for joy when Bernie aknowledged what we've been seeing all along with Sheldon always listening to Amy and respecting her opinion, and I'm glad Amy finally saw her impact on him. She deserves all the love . And where were the mean punchlines from Sheldon? I'm so disappointed (sarcasm). All of Sheldon's calls to Amy were adorable and his growth was incredibly obvious here which is always a pleasant suprise (sorry Sheldon purists)! The "Or instead of me" felt like nothing but a little joke from Sheldon. It didn't ruin the poignancy of him wanting to have her there with him, which was the part I think he truly meant. What a fab little christmas present to tie us over until January, thank you TBBT! There goes the tradition of crappy eleventh episodes...
  7. it wasn't really a whisper, more of a kiss on the cheek from Mayim, lol
  8. I was wondering when this thread might begin
  9. I will forever be jealous of Penny/Kaley's undershirtness (if that word I made up makes any sense at all).
  10. Just looking at it makes me uncomfortable, even though I know it's nothing to worry about! But I do agree Kaley still looks good under her shirt, lol
  11. The scene may seem pointless now but Monique posted all the dream sequences and not the stuff in between, that means that it could have easily come about because of a conversation the gang were having that was separate from the main "theme". People go on tangents all the time, It's likely to make much more sense when it airs. They wouldn't just stick it in there without any lead up or explanation.
  12. I'm so glad to see we have something to be excited about again . Also those that were confused about Amy dating Stuart won't have to worry anymore . The way I saw it, I didn't actually think Amy crying alone on her birthday was that OOC. I think her whole life she had wanted friends and company but built up the robotic outer shell to protect herself from ridicule, and to stop others from seeing that they were hurting her. She probably told herself that friendship and romance were absurd and beneath her to stop her from feeling so small. It was only when people cared about her enough to help her overcome her social barriers that she saw how wonderful it all was when she had it for herself, that she felt confident enough to leave that facade behind. I'm willing to bet that she probably cried alone to herself sometimes, when no-one was around to judge her. And the fact that she was completely alone on her birthday when normally everyone would show their love and appreciation for you would have hit seriously hard, even with all her barriers. ETA: and also thank you sooo much Monique for bringing us this joy we needed it!
  13. I remember it as Jim: What did I give you originally? Mayim: Well the table read had us kissing. Jim: Oh okay we had a kiss. They way Jim talked it sounded to me like he was thinking of something else on the "what did I give you originally?" bit (I can't say for sure though), so I didn't take it completely as an SIK. Could have easily been though.
  14. maybe we can just ask Monique to tell us whether 7.11 is any good and provide a few highlights and then an actual report on 7.12.
  15. It's nice to see once again how carefully she treads around those who may not agree with/ are unable to achieve her style of parenting. It was very gently written. Even though I'm no-where near a parent it's always nice to see how different people do it. I just hope this doesn't attract more idiotic haters who probably didn't even bother to read it properly.
  16. I'm very excited for this it looks like it could be pretty funny. I just hope they can fit decent stories for each character into such a short space of time!
  17. I Iiterally can't think of anything that will cheer people up despite all the cute stuff that has happened this season. I think there's definitely some deep damage here that I had sort of stored away into my subconscious when season 7 started because the dynamic was so radically different. Even though what has happened so far is not that bad (yet) and much has changed I think part of me (and I can't speak for everyone but it's possible that it could apply to a handful of us) is still angry and can't let go of the way Amy was treated during season 6. So even the slightest reminder of what was has bought it all back to the forefront of my mind and is adding a huge amount of fuel to the fire at the moment. Although I'm trying to remain positive and take a step back I do find myself agreeing with a lot of your posts and it makes me confused and annoyed. What happened last year has conditioned a fear of that kind of shamy into me, and as soon as I'm presented with tiny glimpses of it, I want to scream and to beat it to death with a flaming baseball bat, even if it's relatively harmless. I don't even know whether what I'm feeling is rational or not. Part of the annoyance I feel I know is legit but I ask myself if I'm getting more upset than I should be. How much irritation is being stirred into the pot from the stagnant old jug labelled "bear paw" and how much is already there from what is happening now? I just don't know . I think for that reason, I might step away from reading most threads for a while until can clear my head, so I'll see y'all in a bit!
  18. ME TOO! Not to mention the fact I finally have someone to share in a green christmas avatar with.
  19. I didn't know you could vote again by refreshing..teehee
  20. HALLELUJAH! The queen of Salt Lake City is here! I'm so happy to see you haha
  21. Sneak Peek for y'all http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FHwT6-OmAeI&feature=c4-overview&list=UU4e0hMc3DMMdQ47dkoP0zVQ
  22. I agree! So many new questions to answer! I just hope they do end up answering them this time . I liked how Jane requested Lisbon, that was sweet. Interesting to see Cho there too. I actually enjoyed this episode quite a lot, so my excitement is being restored
  23. Nice edit queeny the position is very cute. I wouldn't mind seeing something like that for real at all
  24. A kiss for many people at present can mean nothing and so can sex, both are done "Just for fun" massively in today's society. Sex is no longer being seen as the pinnacle of love as it used to, which is why some people still can't seem to accept Amy's desire for it, because they think she's a horn dog and nothing else. Sheldon and Amy are very old fashioned in the sense that every act of physical intimacy is an absolute embodiment of their emotional intimacy and I love it. All of this is new to Sheldon and the difficulty translating his feelings towards Amy is very real, especially with his touch issues, as his emotions have to be great enough to push past that barrier. It will mean a great deal to Sheldon when he kisses Amy and will it will mean absolutely everything to each other when they take each other's virginity. It will be a true statement of their love, which is why I'm adamant that Sheldon would never have sex with Amy just to please her, He needs that strong emotional desire to overpower his fear of touch and I just don't think it's in the brutal honesty of his character to have sex "just for" anything but love. People forget that Amy is the same, it's made more clear that she wants to have sex with Sheldon because it's also much clearer just how much she loves him. Much like Sheldon she also had zero interest in sex before she met him and so, without the touch issues acting as a barrier, it's perfectly reasonable that we see her feel this way now. So no, she's not pathetically desperate and horny for a bit of hanky panky with some guy she thinks is hot. She wants more than anything to feel like she means to world to him, because he means the world to her.
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