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  1. To be perfectly honest I'm not even going to bother getting annoyed about it now. There are loads of ways it could go, maybe I'll end up watching it and think "I get it." and I'll have wasted my time being annoyed at nothing.
  2. I could just mean that Amy had a scene/scenes with Howard in the episode, instead of her being on her own for the entire thing OR that she was not alone with Howard for any scenes. Lack of punctuation can be confusing. I'm not going to worry too much at this point.
  3. I think Amy is likely to have her own dream because she could still have a connection with the guys since her work probably still required her to work at Caltech at the time, with or without Sheldon. They could see her sitting at at table on her own and comment on how weird she is or something. If Howard/Raj were that desperate they might try to approach her only to be scared off in a vintage Amy "Please don't touch my breasts!" fashion, lol.
  4. Sooo an AU episode ordealy type thing? Penny is dating a pimped out Stuart, Howard and Raj are fat and alone (from what I've read) Bernie is there but we don't really know why but no mention of Amy or Leonard so far. Since they moved the taping and only had VIPs they might be doing this in segments like Scavenger, so hopefully Amy will pop up
  5. What did you think of the reveal episode? I sort of sat back and was really unsure of how to feel. There was this huge build up and then Jane got the upper hand on him so easily, and he seemed like a bit of wimp at the end. I just didn't know!! Darn you Mentalist
  6. Her head whip was unscripted? Why she keeps saying she isn't good at that sort of comedy I do not know. It cracked me up so much! I also love that Mayim listed Jim leaving a mark on her lower back as a "top" thing
  7. Thank you for these chloe! They're so clever, already picked my fave!!
  8. I love NPH but my personal favourite character is Marshall. I don't know what it is, just the way he describes things that are important to him always gets a chuckle out of me. Barney is cool too, Ted only makes me laugh when he's not being sappy and lovesick which I find mildly irritating (unless the others are making fun of him for it). HIMYM is much more drama based than TBBT though, which is why I probably don't get as many laughs out of it.
  9. koops ITA and it also helps that she's pretty much gone through a highly sped up version of Sheldon's evolution, so he knows she can see things from his point of view which helps him to take her more seriously when she tells him that expressing those views are inappropriate.
  10. I think that Mike is secretly the butt fairy who sprinkles magical butt attraction dust even when he's not around Sheldon, he just needs to be in the episode and Sheldon will go for Amy's behind. Seriously though, fish guts and now this...I'm convinced... I'm so sorry I just came back from the pub and I'm not sure how much has left my system, though I seem to be able to type clearly so all is well . I agree with people who said they didn't care for Amy's mother treatment of Sheldon. I'd like to see Amy's inappropriate levels take a boost, I miss it . The slavery jokes didn't bother me, they weren't the best but they weren't terrible either. The spank was cute but the "ain't she great?" was just GUHHH...Dr Cooper meant it and he meant it hard. When Mike nodded in agreement I knew then that the magical butt fairy was also a genius. Well done sir, Professor Proton gets it and now so do you! Now we just seriously need Sheldon to stop trying to cover up the fact that he is completely head-over-heels for his little lump of wool because it's not doing anyone any favours. Amy should spank him for such silly behaviour.
  11. Yeah, I weirdly enough had only heard of PETA because they sent hate to one of my favourite companies, Nintendo, because one of their games featured a raccoon suit (this is Mario, btw so it was the most innocent cute and cuddly thing ever.) and apparently it promoted the skinning of animals...O_o
  12. I did!! It was really gripping as these last few episodes have been...but I was sad at the end and that's all I'll say...
  13. The ratio of good stuff to bad stuff for shamy is immensely in "good stuff's" favour, especially this season. There have been so many times this year where we have been excitedly talking and analysing aired episodes or upcoming episodes. That's what I love about shamy and it's coming back strong from the great shamy depression of season 6, lol. We're being told rather a lot that they're they're not getting intimate and it sucks but the thing is, we've still got 14 episodes left to be taped, 14 episodes where we have absolutely no idea what is going to happen, that's approximately 280 minutes of potential for future shamy interactions . Shamy have had so many adorable interactions so far that have set us up really quite well for all this time we have ahead of us, showing that they are more comfortable touching each other casually and they are even more happy being together than ever (I mean seriously how many times have Amy and Sheldon been hanging out just like they live with each other? If tea addiction were a thing, we'd get to see them attend all their teaholics anonymous meetings together too). Sheldon has absolutely no hesitation in proudly introducing and talking about his "girlfriend" and Professor Proton totally gets them . As soon as a couple of controversial lines/interactions come up (and even in these controversial interactions, others have managed to find some good), some people act like it's the end of the world and shamy will never touch each other ever again this season, almost completely forgetting about everything else that has happened. It's almost as if these interactions are acting like alcohol on our brains, bringing up bad emotions from the past even though things are changing. I totally understand that the writers have been seriously pushing their luck and re-hashing frustrating jokes, it is a legitimate complaint, but it is one among so much potential and promise. I don't want to let this suddenly turn me into the world's greatest pessimist. Like koops said, reminding ourselves of these future possibilities and everything good that has happened so far can do nothing but improve our outlook.
  14. Being famous doesn't necessarily make you a professional. The word professional implies you are highly skilled at what you do and highly skilled is not a phrase I would use to describe E. L. James.
  15. Yeah, the whole episode was just kinda okay, but not terrible so I don't really have anything to actually complain about. Not only did I like the "please" though from Sheldon but I sort of enjoyed it when he did that little lean towards her when trying to get her to smell the flower. It was tiny but it was still kinda cute
  16. I just looked at myself in the mirror randomly and realized I'm wearing exactly the same glasses as Jim in that gif ....not sure if I should be happy or sad by the fact that I'm wearing men's glasses. I'll just call them unisex, lol Also, I love that Mayim's son is into Magic the gathering. My sister is crazy about it and goes to all these magic tournaments with her friends so I never stop hearing about it, lol.
  17. Now we just need a picture of her crochet Amy and Jim's crotchet Sheldon sitting next to each other
  18. I know that alcohol has never made me do stuff I wouldn't ever want to do. It gives people the confidence and poor judgement of consequences to do stuff they just didn't have the guts to do, sort of a "Oh what the hell!" effect, lol. I'm pretty sure this would apply to Sheldon too. It's likely had the desire to flirt with Amy even while sober and tell everyone how great she was but since he's never flirted with anyone before (not consciously, anyway) he probably just shook it off as something silly and weird that he'd just mess up anyway. He knew beforehand that Amy liked having her rear touched so he went with something he knew would please her, and by the smile on his face afterwards he must've been pretty pleased too, with all his inhibitions and phobia anxieties lowered he clearly had no problem just going straight for it. That coupled with the fact that, like others have said, he told Penny that his feelings for Amy played no part in his inability to get intimate and mentioned his phobias again, I'm pretty convinced that Sheldon wants to get physical with Amy but is completely overwhelmed by anxieties unrelated to his desires.
  19. I bet Sheldon wasn't even trying to flirt with Amy when he slapped her butt, he was just trying to fix her dress by forcing all the air out from underneath it.
  20. I agree, the picture of her in the kitchen at the counter made me think the writers were keeping from us the fact that Sheldon and Amy had already had sex and she was now heavily pregnant with his child.
  21. I'm not a writer or a producer so I can't say anything for certain, but I'm going to trust the writers on this one and say I don't believe she'll ever stray from Sheldon land call me naive or gullible or whatever but that's just how I see it. LOL you're a strange one *ruffles hair* Anyway, I don't want to deviate from the thread topic any more, so I'll leave it there
  22. "On the other hand, as I stare at the blank, ape-like expression on your face, I have decided to adopt the Vulcan practice of Kolinar. Goodbye Zach." "The TSA agent got a little handsy, I may have broken her nose with my elbow." "So I can drink this without having to give up the goods?" There are other examples I could come out with, if there was much point in going any further...This girl only has the hots for one man lol
  23. I only got a chance to watch it once when I woke up this morning (which is weird for me, aha) but most people have pretty much summed up what I thought. I loved it!!! It just sucks that my throat is so sore that I was sqeaking painfully throughout the whole thing! LOL
  24. LOL... oh I do miss marina even though she'd probably smack me for my lack of knowledge on the whole thing!
  25. I would like to apologize to everyone for aiding in the discussion turning into a "feminist issue" I do need to control myself sometimes, lol. Anyway, this episode is a while off so I look forward to seeing it on screen. Until then I'm excited to watch Amy and Proton's matching orthopaedic shoes for the millionth time in the actual episode tomorrow, haha P.S. and a welcome back koops from me too even if it may only last a while!
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