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  1. Is the debate over now? Am I allowed to say I had fun? Or is it too soon
  2. Seriously though, people here are just different types of feminists. Some people think women should set examples of how to follow the rules and discipline bad behaviour even if it doesn't bother them personally, so men will finally learn because they can't figure it out for themselves and society will finally begin to clean itself up. Others just think women shouldn't have to be burdened with the responsibility if they don't want to and have the freedom to do whatever the frickety frack they want and not be judged for it if they're not harming anyone. It's not anything to despair about, the world is not coming to an end because we have different ideas.
  3. Defining what is realisitically "feminine" is and saying Amy should adhere to these rules is a very second-wave feminist idea. I want to see women of all shapes, colours, and personalities portrayed on TV and I don't want to see them limited by a rule book. If men are allowed to act a certain way on TV then women should be too. I understand that Sheldon's "get me a beer" behaviour is sexist but putting Amy down for liking it doesn't sound like my idea of feminism, it's basically forcing her into an "ideal" stereotype that isn't realistic at all. She is allowed to like whatever she wants.
  4. I think there's a bit of confusion between just "accepting" something because Sheldon is a man and Amy should just let him do what he wants and her actually liking it. Sure whatever happened may be in some sexism rule book but feminism shouldn't be about other people deciding what women should want, it should be about individual women deciding what they want for themselves and setting their own rules and guidelines. If Sheldon were treating her that way against her will then I would be willing to agree that it was sexist. This episode proved that Amy can draw the line where she wants to and put him in his place when she wants to. She's still just as smart and unique as she was when we met her, she got exactly what she wanted out of Sheldon
  5. I agree with Sursonica and Monique. Sheldon knows Amy enjoys having her ass slapped and had it stored in his mind ("You're not supposed to be enjoying this!") so it wasn't any form of abuse or anything like that, it was down-right flirting. She wasn't amused by his behaviour at first but she got him to apologize to Howard so that would've satisfied her and then he happened to slap her butt afterwards and she liked it. I don't see what the problem is. If she was that pleasantly surprised by something she probably wasn't all that bothered by his "get me another beer" line, especially when she knows it's coming out of an intoxicated person who is being more like his father than himself. She may not have even been walking off to get him another beer, she was clearly done getting him to do what she wanted him to do so she was leaving the room. She owned his ass all those other times and she's allowed to have some weaknesses, one of them happening to be Sheldon's hand making contact with her butt doesn't come across as sexist to me. It's what she likes, limiting a woman and telling her what she can and can't like seems more sexist to me.
  6. If Jim picks this episode for his emmy nomination next year I totally called it lol. A slap seems fine, I'm kinda glad it didn't get more intimate than that while he was drunk....though I still would've loved a snuggle *sigh* my stupid sappy heart
  7. Sorry it took me until the end to leave a review but I seriously loved it one of the few fanfics that I actually managed to get into awesome first story!!!
  8. I enjoyed reading that, thanks! My love for Mayim continies to grow lol! That pic is also super awesome :D
  9. Nov 17th!? ...Looks like I'll have to keep myself insanely occupied!
  10. Yeah I was loving the Jisbon scene and even fell for it for like a millisecond when he said he had something in his car for her and then I was like...Dammit Patrick!!!!! I think he meant it too though . I also really hope Lisbon isn't hiding anything bad from him, she's pretty much my favorite character! I am itching like crazy to watch what happens next since I literally have no idea (I'm much better at keeping myself from Mentalist spoilers than TBBT ones, lol). I love how all these Red John episodes are coming out in succession with one another. Bring on episode 7!
  11. Fanforum : http://www.fanforum.com/f312/ I don't have an account there but we get some information from there sometimes and vice versa.
  12. Oh good thanks for letting me know *crawls back to low spoiler cave*
  13. darn it guys now I found out this tiny bit of information I'm worried that the SIK will be alcohol induced. I'm quaking in my spoiler-free boots!! (I wouldn't really say I decided to go spoiler free though, just decided to take a low-spoiler diet, lol) I don't know what to do....
  14. Welcome from a fellow shamy fan!! I hope you enjoy spending time here, I hope to see you in the shamy thread some time
  15. I think any article with information from an "insider" shouldn't be taken seriously until official confirmation, since Jim strikes me as the type of celebrity that wouldn't choose to get close to the sort of people that would blab to the media about his personal life. The same applies to Mayim and probably the other cast members too.
  16. It's already been mentioned that the Enquirer is not a reputable source....not to mention the fact that original article said "Bazinga!" at the end which seemed to go unnoticed by all the other websites that picked it up.Until we actually hear it from him or his publicist instead of "insiders" I'm going to see this as nothing more than a false rumor.
  17. Promo pics http://www.seat42f.com/the-big-bang-theory-season-7-episode-8-the-itchy-brain-simulation-photos.html/1
  18. Could someone remind which episodes are the sweeps ones? I'm going to attempt to go unspoiled for those too. Unless one of the taping reports is really really bad, someone who is spoiled tell me what happens so I can prepare for it
  19. Well I finally took the time to watch the whole Lovitz or Leavitz podcast (I know, a bit late but it was so long, lol) and I gotta say it just made me even more confused about the haters. The more I watch of her the more I know that everything they say is completely false. It amazes me that no matter how obvious it is that she really doesn't shove her beliefs and agendas down other people's throats, people still continue to complain about it *sigh* anyway, it was just awesome to learn more about her life. I also loved learning more about her thesis and about how she was lying down typing it with one hand and nursing her young son with the other, I was just like "woah!" I also enjoyed the usual gushing about Jim Parsons (will never get tired of that) and fangirling about Simon Helberg and how she thinks he's creeped out by her, lol. Also how her middle name literally means Wild Beast! You could do so much with a middle name like that! I also noticed she does rather enjoy innuendoes (Now I can see where Lorre got his sexual actress joke from at Comicon ). The only thing that annoyed me was how she kept putting herself down and not agreeing with him when he said that what she did required a lot of talent and comedic skill. That woman seriously needs some self-esteem juice or something!! Though overall the whole thing was just really fun and interesting. I know it's long but it was definitely worth the watch, you really do get a sense of just how intelligent she is
  20. Well Jim has said what a good, loving and intelligent person she is a couple of times now, and he knows her in person. If she were a racist I'm not sure he'd say such things so comfortably, or he'd just try to avoid saying things like that at all since he's also mentioned he doesn't like dishonesty
  21. Lol, yes I understand why you didn't like it, which is why I said in my example "Of course those that don't give a flying toss about paintings wouldn't bat an eyelid at such a thing." In other words, You don't care for the the scene because you're not interested in shamy, I do because I am. I only elaborated because your reply to my first point indicated to me that you hadn't quite understood what I meant. I hope you're reasonably satisfied now, lol.
  22. I know you know the scenario, we all know the scenario, you missed my point entirely. I'll try to give an example - I'm sure that people know the most beautiful painting in the world exists somewhere, but it's not so interesting until you get to glimpse at it for yourself, even if it's just a picture and not the real thing. Of course those that don't give a flying toss about paintings wouldn't bat an eyelid at such a thing, but surely it's common sense to know that painting enthusiasts might enjoy it? And now that we've seen the picture, we're even more excited to see the real thing. Looking isn't always analysing. ...I'm not even going to bother addressing the other points. You seem to think I'm trying to force you share our opinions to understand them, that certainly isn't the case. Is it really that hard for you to simply acknowledge why we liked the scene?
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