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  1. You have no interest in shamy whatsoever. It's understandable. If you really want to know and you can't be bothered to check around for answers, I'll sum it up, we like it because: a. We know Amy wants it, but to see a scenario before our eyes was just cool. Who doesn't like looking at pretty things? b. Probable foreshadowing (wooo). c. It showed us how Amy would react to a situation like that and it was awesome (just like watching the beauty that was Mayim's acting), she was all nervous and excited instead of throwing him onto the ground like a complete horndog. It's nice to be reminded that we're not crazy and the people who accuse her of such things are being stupid heads. (I had to edit this because putting a "B" and a bracket together makes a smiley face with sunglasses, lol)
  2. Haha! I was actually trying to think of the a good reaction gif to put in and since Chloe hadn't posted yet my mind immediately went "What would Chloe do?". It's safe to say I see her as the queen of reactions
  3. Oh Gosh, I sqee'd so hard for most of this episode. Lenny was adorable, Howard's song was just...ugh I was sort of expecting it to be a bit crap and cheesy but it made my heart melt. But this is the shamy thread so I'll move on swiftly . The way Jim delivered his romantic line in the hotel lobby was so much cuter than I thought it was going to be, he sounded like he was genuinely wooed by her. It reminded me of when Mayim delivers her "that's so romantic." and other such lines when Sheldon does something totally quirky and shamy-like. I loved this reversal and just their general dynamic so much! And the way they react to these things like their significant other just did something totally normal and romantically traditional is the best. They don't say things like "That was oddly cute." or "That was weird but I liked it." It's just "That's the most romantic thing I've ever heard!" lol. I'm not even going to start gushing about how Sheldon went from "That's the most pragmatic thing I've ever heard" to "That's the most romantic thing I've ever heard." because it's been done already and I'll be here forever. I'll admit I was a little sad that Amy didn't make the cut into Sheldon's tree fortress at the start but then when I found out it was just used so Sheldon could invite her in when she blew him away with her romance I was relieved haha. Oh and there was the fact that Sheldon called Amy Dr Fowler again....I do rather enjoy it The final scene though...it was almost as if I'd had a total blackout and forgot what was in the taping report. I gasped really loud and my sister burst into my room asking if I was okay. I agree with koops that it was better than expected, I thought it might just be some eye candy but it was more than that. It showed a very genuine reaction from Amy that I found adorable. I mean this is such a new and exciting but also a little terrifying at the same time experience for her, even if it is a dream. I like the way she breathes harder and harder the closer he gets to her face and ties in quite nicely to the way the audience was reacting too, It's like "Oh cod oh cod oh cod OH COD!!" lol! It's safe to say the real kiss is gonna kick my ass so hard, no matter what the circumstances.... WHEN WILL THIS END?!
  4. I was wondering, have we ever seen this pic of Mayim before?
  5. I wanted to bring this piece of artwork over from you-call-me-black-and-white's tumblr because it's snuggly and cute and makes me wish I could draw
  6. Darn it I can't stop staring at that 2nd picture! I hope we know the date of the SIK soon so people can start planning my funeral.
  7. I'd be willing to answer some questions . I do have rather long days of work so I may only be available for short periods of time and I don't know about time zones and such but if you can fit me in I'd be happy to
  8. There's this really short clip in this interview video where it shows the end of Jim hugging Mayim, but that's all we've got : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BuTt4LQbVeQ
  9. It's so awesome that Jim and Todd picked Mayim to present their award out of all their friends, if people still doubt the Majim bond after this then they're officially crazy, lol.
  10. here's Jim and Todd's acceptance speech, for those of you who don't frequent the land of Tumblr : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qN4ksgA7qoY
  11. I think the person was meant to type "before" instead of '"become", if that makes any more sense.
  12. Good point! I was thinking about that recently actually, it's been a fair while I don't understand the network sometimes.
  13. Oh gosh, that picture seriously looks like it belongs on the cover of a high-end magazine. Absolutely stunning!
  14. Is that pink cardigan on the right new? or is there a hole in my memory again?
  15. No I've never seen Seinfield, but I have heard about it, hence the "I've ever seen." bit . But yes I do care about these characters a lot, which is why it would be fustrating to see them get stuck in an endless cycle.
  16. Welcome to you HollyAndOatmeal! I always feel a twinge of excitement every time another team shamy member shows up :D
  17. I just watched the first part of the Van Pelt/Rigsby spoiler. I cracked a huge smile but I didn't know the second part....aww
  18. Oh Gosh, finally!! I'm incredibly excited. I love the Mentalist, plus Bruno Heller has been such a tease about Jane and Lisbon lately. It's coloured me intrigued
  19. I'd have to disagree. One of the main complaints from the critics of the show was that the characters were developing too slowly over the past few seasons, and were starting to stagnate. The only characters that have shown any large development from their beginnings are Howard and Amy. It's difficult to strike the right balance between character development and jokes but IMO, TBBT has had the least amount of serious/character development moments compared to any sitcom I've ever seen. This doesn't mean that the characters need to change their foundations, as that would jump the shark entirely, but they've got a fair amount of work to do on an aspect of the show they've pretty much left untouched for at least 3 years. It's been 7 years now, if it were even as little as 2 seasons ago I might agree with you but I'm happy with the fact they're finally spending more time addressing the characters' issues. Especially now that most of them are in committed relationships or seriously trying to get into one, it's pretty important. I've actually found the first few episodes of season 7 much funnier than the first few of season 6 though, meaning they've got a good balance going on in my eyes.
  20. Oh good I was a tad confused. Well in that case I agree that an actual Sheldon dream would be cool to see, but I can live with what we've got at the moment
  21. The dream is going to mean nothing more to me than pure eye candy Sheldon can be as out-of-character as he likes in alternate universe, it doesn't bother me much. Amy was clearly looking for a short-cut to get to the good part of her dream, so I'm not surprised he was off. Also am I the only one who thinks it would be weird for Sheldon to have a daydream about kissing Amy on the couch when he was sitting right next to her in reality? If he wanted to do it that much he knows he could just go for it and Amy would have no complaints. And before people say germs, I don't know about you but I wouldn't daydream in a good way about something I had a phobia of....but that's just me. They love and trust each other very deeply too, so he shouldn't have fears about it being so "weird" that he could only dream about it. Amy having the dream was totally her, and though it didn't show any progress I don't think it meant anything bad at all, plus it gives us something pretty to look at
  22. More of seeing shamy share food makes me happier than it should. ETA: Also I'm curious as to what the bag in Sheldon's hand is all about. Probably nothing significant but I don't remember it in the taping report.
  23. Interesting! I hadn't heard of the Raspberry Pi until I heard a friend (who is obsessed with building gadgets) talk endlessly about wanting to get his hands on such a thing. I'd already joined the site then so it was a sorta funny coincidence . ETA: darn it, sorry for going off topic! I'll run off now
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