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  1. here's Jim and Todd's acceptance speech, for those of you who don't frequent the land of Tumblr : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qN4ksgA7qoY
  2. I think the person was meant to type "before" instead of '"become", if that makes any more sense.
  3. Good point! I was thinking about that recently actually, it's been a fair while I don't understand the network sometimes.
  4. Oh gosh, that picture seriously looks like it belongs on the cover of a high-end magazine. Absolutely stunning!
  5. Is that pink cardigan on the right new? or is there a hole in my memory again?
  6. No I've never seen Seinfield, but I have heard about it, hence the "I've ever seen." bit . But yes I do care about these characters a lot, which is why it would be fustrating to see them get stuck in an endless cycle.
  7. Welcome to you HollyAndOatmeal! I always feel a twinge of excitement every time another team shamy member shows up :D
  8. I'd have to disagree. One of the main complaints from the critics of the show was that the characters were developing too slowly over the past few seasons, and were starting to stagnate. The only characters that have shown any large development from their beginnings are Howard and Amy. It's difficult to strike the right balance between character development and jokes but IMO, TBBT has had the least amount of serious/character development moments compared to any sitcom I've ever seen. This doesn't mean that the characters need to change their foundations, as that would jump the shark entirely, but they've got a fair amount of work to do on an aspect of the show they've pretty much left untouched for at least 3 years. It's been 7 years now, if it were even as little as 2 seasons ago I might agree with you but I'm happy with the fact they're finally spending more time addressing the characters' issues. Especially now that most of them are in committed relationships or seriously trying to get into one, it's pretty important. I've actually found the first few episodes of season 7 much funnier than the first few of season 6 though, meaning they've got a good balance going on in my eyes.
  9. Oh good I was a tad confused. Well in that case I agree that an actual Sheldon dream would be cool to see, but I can live with what we've got at the moment
  10. The dream is going to mean nothing more to me than pure eye candy Sheldon can be as out-of-character as he likes in alternate universe, it doesn't bother me much. Amy was clearly looking for a short-cut to get to the good part of her dream, so I'm not surprised he was off. Also am I the only one who thinks it would be weird for Sheldon to have a daydream about kissing Amy on the couch when he was sitting right next to her in reality? If he wanted to do it that much he knows he could just go for it and Amy would have no complaints. And before people say germs, I don't know about you but I wouldn't daydream in a good way about something I had a phobia of....but that's just me. They love and trust each other very deeply too, so he shouldn't have fears about it being so "weird" that he could only dream about it. Amy having the dream was totally her, and though it didn't show any progress I don't think it meant anything bad at all, plus it gives us something pretty to look at
  11. More of seeing shamy share food makes me happier than it should. ETA: Also I'm curious as to what the bag in Sheldon's hand is all about. Probably nothing significant but I don't remember it in the taping report.
  12. Interesting! I hadn't heard of the Raspberry Pi until I heard a friend (who is obsessed with building gadgets) talk endlessly about wanting to get his hands on such a thing. I'd already joined the site then so it was a sorta funny coincidence . ETA: darn it, sorry for going off topic! I'll run off now
  13. It's not there? I deleted it because I wanted to edit it and those big orange edit bars at the bottom get on my nerves for some reason when I've only written a short sentence. I did re-write it but I guess there was some sort of hiccup in my connection. Darn it Oh and I will edit to say that said post was a lame joke about it being obvious what my favourite pie was
  14. I wish I could place a bet with you, because Lenny has always been the fan favourite couple from the pilot. The proportion of people who voice their hate of the couple online and perhaps those you have spoken to are a minuscule audience compared to the 20 million plus viewers who tune in because they love the show. If Leonard and Penny tie the knot, I can almost guarantee the ratings will be, at the worst, unaffected.
  15. Ahh Freud, the man who believed any man who grew up without a father would be a homosexual, that if we liked pooping everywhere as children we would never be able to stop giving gifts into adult life and that men were better than women because, unlike them, we didn't have to fight through the fear of having our balls chopped off by our father because we had a super secret crush on our mother. Also, assuming that Sheldon's attraction to Penny is logical because Freud is right and Penny is like his mother, the Electra complex, also considered a Freudian theory, says that girls are attracted to their father growing up too, so is Sheldon anything like Wyatt? Or should we just discount that part of the theory for the sake of true love? I digress. I thoroughly enjoyed this episode, some of the lines really cracked me up, like when Leonard told Bernie she was "really mean" and staggered out of the comic book store while taking a puff of his inhaler, and Amy telling Howard that Penny warned her never to get into a car alone with him. Sheldon sulking and walking into penny's apartment was really funny too and scrambling up the stairs to Sheldon's spot was hilarious. Great interactions in this one! It's great to see things mixed up a bit
  16. New sneak Peek for 7x03! Pretty cool that Amy went to Harvard! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oN7wALjoZIE
  17. That was adorable, I like how her kids asked about Jim like she tells them about him. . For some reason it did make me feel oddly sad for her again, like just winning that emmy would have made her a lot happier than she lets on
  18. I know this seems kinda random but I always wonder what happens between those cuts they do in the ET interviews. Like just before the guy asked who they would ask to babysit their children Jim seemed to be looking at Mayim and laughing about something. It's probably pointless and boring but I wouldn't mind seeing some of the pointless stuff they talk about too! lol
  19. Hug days sounds like the most adorable thing ever. I did sorta wonder why Sheldon said "It's crazy." after saying they had a physical relationship, but the hugs on non-hug days makes sense, and I love it :D
  20. Melting into puddles of good feels, however, is perfectly acceptable
  21. I just realized Mayim weaved Pink's "Just give me a reason" lyrics at the end of her first paragraph haha. Took me a while...
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