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  1. As long as it's not literally "juicy". Although I wouldn't mind an episode dedicated to the shamy trying out various juices in a bid to lower their tea intake. but i'm just fruity like that.
  2. Hello! i'm a total lurker but had to come out of the woodwork eventually I have a hope for how the realisation that Sheldon wants to kiss Amy will come about. I would love it if he tried to initiate a kiss but try and cover it as being the social convention to do so then be called out on it. Like, for example, he goes out of his way to hang up some mistletoe and when he announces to Amy that they have to kiss because its the social convention, she refuses because she doesn't want him to kiss her because he feels he has to, and he goes on one of his rants and isn't happy his plan didn'
  3. Hello to all! I'm new! and I am sooo digging the Shamy!! I have been really unsociable and been stalking this thread since it was created but i've decided to stop being so rude! Thank you Spook and Monique for posting the taping reports!
  4. Well I have been pottering about on here for a while, but felt I was being rude so decided to join and say hello! I have been in love with BBT since the start of the year and have managed to successfully get my mam and her best friend completly addicted to it (they are welcome!) So, yeah just thought i'd say 'what's the gist fellow wannabe -or genuine-physicists?' xXx
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