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  1. maybe, however it looks in this ep that sheldon is right "this can only end in pain".
  2. this could have been an ep when penny trys to fix things. show leonerd she is sorry for what she has done. tell him that dumping him was a mistake. show a little grattitude that leo even speaks too her at this point. and star begging him to forgive her and take her back. the problems in this ship are all on penny. untill the rancid skank admits what she is and stars making amends. all she can offer leo is pain.
  3. with one act of pure cruelty sheldon brought shame and dishonor to starfleet academy. and showed himself to be nothing more than leonerds asshole room mate. sheldon stopped being funny for me at this point. sheldon is nobodys friend!
  4. ok fair enuff. his home life now has an element of chaos he didnt have growing up. growing up his life was probably far more planed out for him.
  5. warmth and affection after S3? i dont feel sad for leonerds upbringing,as he got away from that as an adult. i feel sad for what he has become. obligated caretaker for a crazy asshole. with a "girlfriend" that wont allow him to express any serious emotional attachment too her. and no real meaningful place in her life. she gives him sex the way people give table scraps too a pet. thats sad.
  6. is that why he is attracted to a woman who is also cold dramatic and condescending? could it be leonerd is still trying to have sex with his mother through penny? hmmmmmmm.
  7. no idiot i was talking about his comment on what i said. its like you people have never seen a state of catharsis before.
  8. when you start talking too yourself like that,its a sign of going crazy. please get help.
  9. when i think of the games in my closet. box games from makers like avalon hill to steve jackson games,roll playing games dating back more than 20yrs. and these "nerds" come up with pictioary,pie eating,dizzy math!?!?!?!,wheres waldo!?!?!?!?!?WTF. i know the creators and writers hate nerds butt damn this was just the most lazy assed nerd hating bullshit yet.
  10. the cycle of struggle and failure continues. howards childhood dream has come true, and now its time to shit all over it. the nerd haters must love this shit, watching howard get humiliated in front of his wife.
  11. and here we go, the wretched skank is ready to hurt leonerd again. but leo is not stupid he just makes an exaggerated frowny face and pushes pennys pity sex button. I agree with amy,good thing penny dose not have a dog. she would go through 3 jars of peanut butter a week.
  12. s4 and s5 showed penny to be a gutter skank. i dont understand way leonerd even speeks too her. she acts like she has never hurt him. she has so much to pay for. she has to make up for EVERYTHING SHE HAS DONE OVER S4 AND S5. with both words and actions, before its even believable that she is capable of feeling love let alone say it.
  13. Idk if leonerds home life was as dramatic as living with sheldon. what with the disaster drills and other contractual bullshit. it my be a disorder. ptsd? could be.
  14. I have to go to work again (stupid world didn't end like it was supposed too)
  15. thank you. i just think that the question, still cant talk to me? indicates that whatever happened prior to the question was expected to change raj. the rest is fill in the blanks.
  16. ROFLMFAO!!!! wow that was superb can hardly wait to see your reaction to my break down of couch conversation in 5x1.
  17. the quote "really.....still cant talk to me?" that says everything. obviously she remembers what she did. and thinks raj should be over his mute thing because of it. she drank more booze with leo in previous eps with no memory problems. the whole she dont remember what happened thing dose not hold up. this is what "the writers put on screen. raj is a turd penny is a skank. that how the writers want it thats what we got
  18. when penny woke up,her reaction said everything. not only did they have sex penny expected what she did with raj would fix him. she was insulted that her skills didnt fix him.
  19. buy it or not. this is the first online forum ive ever joined. yes i have a big gripe about penny. yes i am harsh. however,it was the l/p "ship" that got me hooked on the show. also i have been lurking on this site from s3x1,and learned how to avoid pissing off both "The Guild" and the cat ladies. arguably the easy targets if i wanted to be a troll. it would not hurt my feelings one bit if everyone ignored me. ive bottled up too much shit, and need to just get it out. if you are happy with the show, fantastic! dont let me screw up your good time. for 19 very short eps i was there too,now i just feel cheated.
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