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  1. Seriously man?  Do you intentionally try to be this freaking negative all the damn time???  


    The point of the episode was that it wasn't a dream but it was Leonard's thought process.  He was imagining all the possible ways that him asking Penny out again could go wrong.  He was coming to terms with the fact that he tends to over think things all the time and realize that maybe he should just go for it for once which he did and it so far has ended up working very well.

    Now i get you have this unnatural affliction with what has happened with the L/P relationship this season but honestly i can't even begin to fathom why...

    this could have been an ep when penny trys to fix things.

    show leonerd she is sorry for what she has done.

    tell him that dumping him was a mistake.

    show a little grattitude that leo even speaks too her at this point.

    and star begging him to forgive her and take her back.

    the problems in this ship are all on penny.

    untill the rancid skank admits what she is and stars making amends.

    all she can offer leo is pain.

  2. I found this episode as fascinating as Sheldon found Amy's kiss


    IMO this episode showed what exactly is wrong with The Big Bang Theory


    It was really an excellent episode until the last moments....  Priya was set up as likable,sweet person in the opening scenes... as she was happy with Sheldon peeing...she helps her boyfriend by disarming the Roommate agreement in a friendly way....an act which even Penny has not done till now...as she always has been more affectionate towards Sheldon than Leonard when is comes to an argument involving both L\S..... the writers basically love to shower Sheldon with Penny's sympathy and showed Leonard with her anger  


    Ok , so all that leads to Sheldon going to girls night... Sheldon in new situations is always a great fodder for comedy as he is the one who is reacting to others actions.... when others react to Sheldon's actions he comes across as annoying and the jokes are always the same(that he is crazy)......but here he is much more funnier and not even a little bit annoying


    and the Amy Sheldon stuff in her apartment was pretty good... his reaction to her kiss... showing us little hints of where this relationship would go.... the smoking monkey joke was an over-the -top and lame joke...this episode was too good for such a lame joke



    Now comes the ending scene... where Sheldon delivers the final blow by telling Priya that she may have studied at cambridge but he studied at Starfleet Academy....and  the audience cheer as he marches off to his room feeling triumphant


    So what is wrong with this ??????????


    --- Sheldon isn't the hero of the story......he is sooooooo selfish that he would rather ruin someone else's (in this case his best friend's) relationship rather than live with a few inconveniences.....he clearly admits to Leonard that  his own happiness is more than important thatn anything else........he essentially tries to ruin Leonard's relationship so he could eat and pee what and when he likes with a MEAN, COWARDLY , SELFISH, CRUEL ACT......Basically it was the act of a BAD GUY


    the tone of the entire story was wrong......because the fact that Leonard is the suffering hero in this story in completely forgotten by the writers....just try to imagine if this episode focused on Leonard and not Sheldon , where he , Priya along with Howard and Raj go to a club or something and spend a happy night together and then had to wake up to Sheldon's evil scheme.....


    The writers were so focused on having Sheldon win the battle over Priya that they forgot what effect would it have on Leonard.......the writers betrayed the morality of the characters

    I know that Sheldon is the reason the show is successful but I would not like any show where a main protagonist is so cruel and selfish


    Finally , IMO the final scene was despicable and very ruthless on Leonard 

    with one act of pure cruelty sheldon brought shame and dishonor to starfleet academy. :icon_evil:

    and showed himself to be nothing more than leonerds asshole room mate.

    sheldon stopped being funny for me at this point.

    sheldon is nobodys friend!

  3. Wow that is the worst episode for season 5 maybe even for the whole series, to have that for episode 100 is surprising and wouldn't Leonard dream of them having the perfect life instead of having bad dates and then getting together, no wonder that's all they did in season 3 sex and fight and it will be the samething unless the change and open the communications barriers then it'll just be like season 3 if that's the case then turn the script and move on you tried. It was either Lorre or prady that said they wanted to get back to the pilot( which explains penny's clothes which I wonder if that was the original shirt in the pilot if so wouldn't it be more snug since Kaley put on a few pounds so I don't think it is and Leonard looking creeply into her apartment) now what is going on in season 5 that would propmt to get back to the pilot, what show does that, now if they wanted them back together just do it, then shows they have no concept or just don't care for back story, their last real interraction os leonard being a jerk to penny and saying he only did anything for her is because he thought it would lead to sex, now what woman would put up with that, penny wouldn't even be talking to him much less going on a date with him where's the junior rodeo penny,good thing Leonard's dream was just that if it wasn't that would've be just ridiculous, now penny getting knocked up might be the only way they get married with their lack of communication, plus they'd be divorced within 5 years if not sooner since all the do is fight.Of course the one time Leonard didn't fight he acted like a baby and just let penny walk out and then proceeded to pout. Now what's with her acting like she would've done with her old boyfriends I thought Leonard is suppose to be "the nice guy" even though that's debatable and Leonard acting worse then Howard when it comes to sex, why can't they led up to them being together it doesn't have to be every episode, like they've done with Amy and Sheldon this season they eased into them being a real couple, instead of Leonard saying it's all about sex then a few weeks later he asks her out it like the first time, they're just friends after two bad dates and then she goes out with Stuart and then says leonard's name without any real explanation and doesn't want Leonard to go to the artic due to her conflicting feelings and then jumps him when he gets back like a scene out of a Porno, but if they get together at least he won't betray his "best friend" this time they get together. I don't see them getting together more than maybe a few dates because if they do then what, they only way they get together is at the end of the series. What was with Amy and Bernadette when Leonard asks out penny in the beginning going oooohhh like a couple of 13 yr olds and then wanting to double date like they're in high school, you're grown women you don't need to double date like you're going to the prom.

    Now I read it was either prady or Lorre saying that they're taking a break with the relationships unless they're talking about a certain couple, even though I think they've done ever one imaginable, they don't need to lie just tell the truth.

    Now in what universe should these even be together all the do is fight who wants to watch that. The mere idea that she's pining after L. as the best boyfriend she ever had would almost be funny, if it wasn't so pathetic and horrifying. And frankly, deeply mystifying. Now the old penny would've slapped her told her to get over it move on get out and start dating again, it was like someone took penny's place or body snatched her. Now I get why she was upset that Leonard moved on so quickly with priya of course he would've moved on with anyone as long as she is pretty and will put out, the same reason he saw in penny, pretty and will put out. Now where is Leonard right for her, penny right for him maybe but her no, They bring out the worst in one another not sure why anyone would want them back together.bplus penny can do better and get better than Leonard.

    That was kind of crazy with Bernadette saying she couldn't be friends with Howard if they broke up and she's a vengeful woman and has access to dangerous bacetria and what not that was kind of scary and a little frightning.

    very well said, complete waste of air time.

  4. Please.  Enough about Penny.  I really intended this to be more of a comparison of home life now vs home life as a child.  One he had no choice and one he does.  I don't want this to get too far off track with another Penny debate.  We have enough of those going on right now.  You know I agree with you to a degree about what they have done with her but I don't see it quite as extreme as you do.


    So to you et al, is this an unreconciable hole?  If I thought there was even a remote chance my roommate would treat me like my mother did I would run for my life.  Yet he signed the RA and jumped right in before the bonds of friendship formed.

    ok fair enuff.

    his home life now has an element of chaos he didnt have growing up.

    growing up his life was probably far more planed out for him.

  5. That would also mean he is trying to have sex with Sheldon through Penny. 


    Since Penny is the man of the relationship I think most of what she does is playful ribbing like guys do.  She can be condescending at times but she also brings him warmth and affection so the mother/Sheldon theory doesn't fit for me.


      warmth and affection after S3? :huh:

    i dont feel sad for leonerds upbringing,as he got away from that as an adult.

    i feel sad for what he has become.


    obligated caretaker for a crazy asshole.

    with a "girlfriend" that wont allow him to express any serious emotional attachment too her.

    and no real meaningful place in her life. she gives him sex the way people give table scraps too a pet.

    thats sad.

  6. when i think of the games in my closet.

    box games from makers like avalon hill to steve jackson games,roll playing games dating back more than 20yrs.

    and these "nerds" come up with pictioary,pie eating,dizzy math!?!?!?!,wheres waldo!?!?!?!?!?WTF.

    i know the creators and writers hate nerds butt damn this was just the most lazy assed nerd hating bullshit yet.

  7. s4 and s5 showed penny to be a gutter skank.

    i dont understand way leonerd even speeks too her.

    she acts like she has never hurt him.

    she has so much to pay for.

    she has to make up for EVERYTHING SHE HAS DONE OVER S4 AND S5.

    with both words and actions, before its even believable that she is capable of feeling love let alone say it.

  8. Horseshit. You definitely aren't watching the same show that the rest of us are watching. There's differences of opinion, and there are idiotic ramblings based on facts made up out of thin air and God knows what else. You fall squarely into the latter category, and we're all dumber for having listened to them. You are awarded no points, and may God have mercy on your soul. (Whoever gets that reference wins the Internet for today.) Sent from my Samsung Galaxy S III using Tapatalk 2

    ROFLMFAO!!!! wow that was superb :icon_eek:

    can hardly wait to see your reaction to my break down of couch conversation in 5x1.

  9. Wtf does her reaction have to do with anything? She couldn't remember anything and acted surprised... u can't just claim that the characters did something that the writers have specifically said they DID NOT do... WTF

     the quote "really.....still cant talk to me?" that says everything.

    obviously she remembers what she did. and thinks raj should be over his mute thing because of it.

    she drank more booze with leo in previous eps with no memory problems.

    the whole she dont remember what happened thing dose not hold up.

    this is what "the writers put on screen.




    raj is a turd

    penny is a skank.

    that how the writers want it thats what we got

  10. The goblyn is having a little fun with the ancient Internet art of "trolling". He has to be almost completely negative to get the desired response from the "fishes" (that's you). :icon_wink:

    buy it or not. this is the first online forum ive ever joined.

    yes i have a big gripe about penny.

    yes i am harsh.

    however,it was the l/p "ship" that got me hooked on the show.

    also i have been lurking on this site from s3x1,and learned how to avoid pissing off both "The Guild" and the cat ladies.

    arguably the easy targets if i wanted to be a troll.

    it would not hurt my feelings one bit if everyone ignored me.

    ive bottled up too much shit, and need to just get it out.


    if you are happy with the show, fantastic!

    dont let me screw up your good time.

    for 19 very short eps i was there too,now i just feel cheated.

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