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  1. ======================================================================================================== yea, penny lifting some of the load for a change will help alot. seeing them in a position that has them work as a team would be nice too.
  2. wow thats a big mistake on me. that futon line poped into my head and i didnt think about leslie at all. thanks for the correction.
  3. well lets see, penny did say once that she was tired of waking up on a futon with a bunch of people she didn't know. that is obviously something that happened more than once for her to be tired of it.
  4. this ep always gives me a warm feeling. most feel good season finale yet
  5. yep! look at the torture penny has put leonerd through! i get it. hope this thread gets a conversation going.
  6. I think this would be a great start I also want to see them work together on something. as a pair, say someone at school pisses penny off and the lenny face off with the agitator together.
  7. started to post as sig test and wow some local celebs stop by, very cool thankyou
  8. LG is lollipop guild .....long story weird story, funny story ....long story.
  9. the only person that will change my view of penny back into something positive is penny. i will try to pull back on the harshness.
  10. i loved penny, ep1 i was hooked. now im dissapointed aggravated and sad. s5 penny should have been groveling at leonerds feet to forgive her. insted he jumps hoops, and apologizes for things that are her fault. leonerd is insecure about the ship because of pennys behavior,if she cant take responsibility for the damage she done.and make up for it,then 6x8 is an epic fail for leonerd.
  11. after s4 trainwreck, penny needed to do so much work to fix the damage she caused. that beta test made her look like a bitch, on top of the untrustable gutter skank title she won having sex with raj.
  12. how was the beta test successful? what did it resolve? other than giving leonerd something to say i'm sorry for wtf?
  13. thanks for the welcome. sill getting my feet (analog man ina digital world) all hope is not yet lost. now i need to find an avatar and sig.
  14. the name is a ref to an old npc from a fantasy rpg. extra point if you know npc netmouse is cool usename too best thing about the name? it was available!
  15. hello all i have stoped lurking and started posting. a goblin walks up to you at the bar and says, "look heres da ting, my poison dart suplyer is under investigation and the dragon is on lockdown at the port. we have to push the encounter back a couple weeks." do you tell him hes got the wrong guy?
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