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  1. They actually did incorporate accidents, remember in "The Thespian Catalyst" they faked Howard's death comically, and also made the fact Raj wanted him to die comical. In sitcoms, grief is usually turned into shadenfreude. Given the position and strength of the show, it would be compromising it to make Sheldon grieve. Many people have mentioned his meemaw dying - I don't think they could do that comically in any way (like they did with Charlie's death in Two and a Half Men). Remember that in first Will Wheaton episode he says "I can't imagine a world without my meemaw." and let's himself be
  2. What if her name really isn't Penny and she hated her name and changed it.
  3. In The Adhesive Duck deficiency, Sheldon signs her name and we see the clipboard, has anyone tried to zoom in on that?
  4. I'm new to this forum so i have no idea if anyone brought this up, but this has been annoying me since season 4. Amy is exactly like Leonard's mother. The similarities are: -They both kissed Sheldon -They both get loose when drunk -They have the same way of speaking -They have the same condescending personality -Sheldon respects both of them, which is extremely rare -They both became Penny's friend -They are both exactly like Sheldon -They work in the same field -They both have the same grasp of physics even though they didn't study it -They were both sexually attracted to so
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