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  1. I don't see the problem with hooking up with a prostitute, at least if it isn't a common occurence. Many guys don't get any women, should they get sexually frustruated while girls go around partying and having sex with every guy they see? Yeah I know about the stereotype there and i've accepted it. I wouldn't call either of them lonely though, look at Lennard he's meeting lots of women. Also they hang out a lot with eachother. Where I live, the average guy is 100 times more lonely than Sheldon and company. So at the same time it's not really portraited that way. That's why I always find it weird how Penny taunt about "lolol, meet people losers!". That was one of the examples, but it's more like the whole Penny history that's double standard. First they complain about how they can't meet women and they should do it... But when they do they almost get bashed for it. Whatever they do, they have to take shit because they are "nerds". Penny didn't seem to like the idea either of what Howard did, and Penny always talks about how many people she has slept with ever since she was young. So Penny is the master of double standard IMO. Maybe you don't think it is double standard, but IT IS as a fact. Howard had to practically beg Bernadotte to come back, by saying he was a jerk and bad person back then. Whoever she had sex with in the series is irrelevant since she herself has practically referred to the fact that she is sleeping with guys like all the time. At least did. She has probably slept with 100+ herself (Yea I know assumption, but it's portraited quite clearly) : > Lennard is a bad example as well, he's been sleeping with a lot of women, true. But then the double standard still applies, since Penny is still always taunting about "Hah, like you could meet another women, i'm not worried.". Referring to how she thinks Lennard is unattractive because of his interests. But since Lennard is actually meeting lots of women, she's constantly saying it because of the bias towards the nerd stereotype.
  2. Hey, first of all I have to say I love this show, very good humor, good actors, etc. So don't misunderstand this thread for some kind of hate thread. Have to say though, that here's something that always annoyed me when watching Big bang even if it's the best show... The sexual tautning from Penny. They always portrait Lennard, Howard and company as losers because they aren't meeting women all the time. Penny on the other hand is almost boasting about how she always have sex and meet new guys and that Lennards lifestyle sucks. Everyone who has watched the show know what I mean. What's so attractive about this lifestyle? The most double standard scenario happened somewhere in the end of season 5. When the info came out that Howard had a threesome with some girl and Rajesh earlier in his life. Which made Bernadotte angry and wanted to change her mind about the wedding. So let me get this right, first the girl characters complain how sexually inactive the nerdy guys are and taunt them because they are so lonely and doesn't get any girls... but when they actually get some girl or get laid, the girls freak out and call them nasty etc. Wtf? Why make them feel bad for themselves for being alone, but then complain when they actually meet someone? Penny who is meeting guys all the time and having sex like a slut, can do it and be proud of it. While if for example Howard happens to have one or two occurences of a sexual encounter earlier in his life, they almost bash him and call him a nasty guy and he's not worth Bernadotte. That is sick. The result is that he had to go apologize and almost get on his knees to get her back? Am I the only one thinking this was quite annoying?
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