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  1. Wouldn't it be funny if the Russian who wrote the paper disproving Asymmetry was the ex-physists/janator from Sheldon's Physics Bowl team (Season 1 Episode 13). 

    Third Floor Janitor: The answer is minus eight by alpha.

    Sheldon: Hang on, hang on a second, that’s not our answer. What are you doing?

    Third Floor Janitor: Answering question. Winning physics bowl.

    Sheldon: How do you know anything about physics?

    Third Floor Janitor: Here I am janitor, in former Soviet Union I am physicist. Leningrad Politechnica. Go Polar Bears.

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  2. Now that I've seen the 11th  season finale, I will make an almost certainly wrong prediction for 12.

    I want to see Lenny moving out because they are about to have (or have already had) a smart and beautiful baby. Stuart ends up up with his new assistant (don't remember her name), and Raj with Sheldon's sister. The second offers plenty of opportunities for comedy, and the return of Sheldon's Mother and brother. And of course Hodette and Shamy do a bunch of things as well to fill in the rest of the time.

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  3. I want to see a lot more Leny moments, now that they will have finally got the major Shamy crap (even Amy admits he's crazy) out of the way. Quite frankly Lenny is the only thing keeping me interested in the show.

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  4. 9 hours ago, SRAM said:

    Hey Desert Fox, where have you been?  Welcome back.

    Went away for a while. It seemed like we were always arguing over the same stuff. Also Season 9 wasn't all that good. The last two seasons (10 +11) have been much better. Still been watching the show and reading Lenny fan fic (what relatively little there is).

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  5. Hi, I have a prediction for next year. The series started with Penny, moving in next to the guys and Leonard predicting 'smart and beautiful' children. I think the series will/should end (next year) with Lenny moving out with their new 'smart and beautiful' child.

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  6. 14 hours ago, Lady in Red said:

    Don't they need the wide hallway to allow for the TV cameras?  Or, does this discussion assume the fourth wall is in place?  :icon_wink:

    Depends, Yes they need a wider hallway to accommodate the cameras. However, if this is supposed to be a real Apt. the hallway is too wide. Also, as Tensor pointed out, Penny's Apt. would be hanging out over the street.

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  7. 49 minutes ago, vonmar said:

    IMO...The dimensions are all off....the hallway in the guys apartment (past the kitchen..off of the bathroom and L/S bedrooms is huge.  Its bigger than some of the living spaces.  

    I'd noticed that, it's what drew me to noticing the size of the bedrooms, wondering if they could move a wall to make hall narrower.

  8. 5 hours ago, Esteben Feynman said:

    I cannot remember the quote, word for word or the episode but I remember there was an episode where Sheldon told Penny, "Keep eating. Ive seen pictures of your mother." Which I assume was to insinuate that she was obese or overweight? Please correct me if I am wrong. :)

    That is essentially correct. Of course if Penny's mother ever appears and she's not overweight, they may not even mention it (given the shows lack of concern for continuity).

  9. Maybe it's just me, but with #200 coming up and their need to make it big (lenny got back togrther in #100) I don't like where this may be going. It just seems like a they may mess them up for #200. I may be paranoid but I just didn't like some of the undertone. Since they had Shamy's coitus already, (and lets face it that's what we expected #200 to be about since lenny got married). That only leaves a shamy wedding, kids or a breakup as big events (of course they could combine things ie. a shotgun wedding).

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  10. On 11/18/2015 at 1:41 AM, veejay said:


    3 hours ago, Chocoholic said:

    I don't think Sheldon was uninvited because he was sick. I think it was because he was being mean to people (which i guess was because he was sick). But you know that's no reason for Amy to not be in scenes. They could have showed a couple of scenes of her taking care of him. No biggie. 



    Just watch Series 1 Episode 11 – The Pancake Batter Anomaly for how Sheldon is when he's sick.

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  11. 37 minutes ago, 3ku11 said:

    Oh Lenny are getting some fluff and their moment in the next episode. But in terms of the focus of the show. Shamy are clearly the cash cow, and where the money is. I guess if you want to see the show from an ensemble pov. Go watch Season 3-7. Other then that, its just tibits from this point on. If your hardcore Shamy, then great. But for those who may enjoy the other characters more, and not getting the chance to experience the show as a full. It is disappointing I have got to say. I guess though in all popular sitcoms, one or two characters generally take over the show, it happens all the time.

    Yeah, I stopped watching Will & Grace, when it became the Jack & Karen show.

  12. Penny and Leonard were support characters to the Sheldon plot with the documentary, there was no real plot with them, yet when they put them together like this episode they add like two different perspectives to the scene when they talk to Sheldon. There is also this closeness and comedy when they talk to each other on the side that makes the scene funnier.  I hope they continue to have them like that when they are supporting a scene.  Like I said many posts before, they are married now so   they should be together, unless there is an obvious reason for them to be apart, like girls night.  

    I think this shows just what was missing from season hate. This just shows that they don't have to be the focus of the episode. They could have had little things like this in the background of other scenes showing them as a loving couple

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  13. Just remember, this won't be the first time Leonard has danced for Penny. Back during their first time together, he occasionally striped for her.

    Leonard: There are a couple of things I did with Penny that might be a little silly, but…

    Raj: Like what?

    Leonard: Every once in a while, before we’d go to bed, I’d put on a little show for her.

    Raj: What do you mean, a show?

    Leonard: Well, you know, the way I took my clothes off.

    Raj: Like, to music?

    Leonard: I’d look pretty stupid if there was no music.

    Raj: So you’d do a striptease?

    Leonard: I wasn’t swinging around a pole.

    Raj: Good, good.

    Leonard: There was one time I put body glitter on.

    So he's had some practice.


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  14. Something tells me he'll be forced to go with them. LOL. 

    I'd love to see Lenny do some sort of family dinner. Penny's dad + Leonard's mom (drunk) - could be hilarious!

    It would be funny if Penny's dad and Leonard's mom dated in college.


    it still is odd though that Lenny both know Sheldon wanted to propose to Amy and yet everyone is still encouraging both of them to date other people.  It is so odd. I realize it isn't their place to say anything, but that has NEVER stopped Penny before.   Not when she knew that Amy loved Sheldon and vice verse.

    Where they take it from here will be intriguing.   I really thought we would get an indication in this one where they were going but I still am not sure it was that clear other than they both had lousy dates.   I still am hopeful it leads to a conversation between them in the subsequent episode.



    Maybe the reason they encourage them to date others, is that They think Amy could be happier with someone who treats her better. As for why they help Sheldon, maybe they think there's someone out there that might tolerate Sheldon's brand of 'romance' better than Amy. I always thought 'martha' from earlier in season 3 (episode 12) would have made a better match. They share common interests, she was impressed by Sheldon's 'Hulk Hands', and his Green Lantern Lantern (so she was into comic books) and she liked to play 'Rock Band' (so she was into video games) and despite Sheldon's indifference she wanted a second date with him.


    She's the woman on the right.

  16. Erudite = Nograv


    Now you have aan idea of how I feel typing Johnny Galecki Hot into Google lol

    Don't just sit there dreaming get it out of your head and onto paper we need more Lenny smut on FF.net  :icon_twisted:

    Again... read 'what could have been'. I think it's about half smut in some parts. But as I've said a good story.

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  17. Why? He looks like a guy who just lost something. Did something happen that I don't know?


    Oh I get it - Yes, I admit while scrolling back up, I was sidetracked.

    To get back on the Lenny track, I think that the writers (reading the taping reports following the last aired episode) have sort of "healed" our Lenny enough to go on with the other plots. It looks like they'll leave them alone to focus on mending somewhere else. I have this feeling. IMO, the apartment issue will be Lenny's new concern, along with finding a solution to Dr Cooper's - er... - adherence. (now, I'm hesitant to name the character)

    I think you can name the character in context of Lenny ie. Lenny needs to find a way to get shed of Sheldon and lead a real life. The easiest way of which would be to move away and not tell Sheldon their new address. But since this is a tv show their next best choice is to switch Penny with Sheldon, and put new locks on the door.

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