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  1. "Leonard at his door shouts "I may have been unfaithful, but but.. but.. At least I'm not hard to lift." Quote from the Taping report. Oh Damn! now he's really in trouble!
  2. Since when? These are the same writers who had Lenny engaged for a year without discussing their wedding or their living arrangements. The season 7 finale had more mention of Lenny's future life than the following year.
  3. My point is that Leonard saw the girl had joined cal-tech (in my speculation), revealed (to Sheldon) about the kiss, and realized that Sheldon would eventually spill to Penny. Co-incidentally Penny wanted to get married in Vegas, and Leonard decided to get the kiss out in the open before it was too late. The timing could have been better, but Leonard only had a brief window to defuse Penny the situation.
  4. Does this mean we may finally find out Penny's original last name?
  5. What would really be funny, is if the girl was so drunk she doesn't even remember the kiss, and she isn't even interested in Leonard. And all this has been for nothing.
  6. The girl MUST HAVE JUST JOINED CAL-TECH! Since it is well established that Sheldon can't keep a secret, that makes Leonard telling Penny an effort to defuse Penny's reaction to this (better a controlled explosion). Plus, since they got married right after the revelation, he proved he's not interested in this other girl.
  7. Well... I can see Penny not being happy about that! Wonder who will be the guest star who plays the girl on the upcoming episode? On the other hand that might explain why Leonard felt the need to mention the kiss. especially if the girl just joined the lab. We need more information.
  8. At Last! And not us getting screwed raked over for a change!
  9. The problem with wearing your own items on screen is continuity. It is expected that some things stay the same from episode to episode. If she wore her own ring, something could happen to it off screen and they would need to make a duplicate or explain what happened. Not to mention that Kaley's real ring(s) are probably worth a lot more than the prop(s) she wears. BTW, an I the only one who noticed how almost all the food/water containers have 'clearance' stickers on them. I can understand the food that no one's going to open and eat anyway, but even the water they drink in the cafeteria has them. Just something I noticed after watching the episodes too many times.
  10. Everyone always compares it to 'friends'. I'd like to see some elements from 'mad about you'. I'd like to see a bedroom scene like after Burt's heart attack (season 2 episode 3). Not to mention they managed to slip in a "shit" on TV.
  11. TWO WEEKS! (give or take a few hours depending on when the report gets posted)
  12. The 4th of July, or as they call it in The UK 'the day of colonial aggression'.
  13. My feeling, is that they will come back married, and then (like last season) fade into the background. It seems that the writers are going to continue with the Shamy show. I hope I'm wrong, I mean they are paying Lenny a collective 2 million an episode, it seems a shame to downplay their relationship.
  14. I call it 'baseless' because no matter what, the show's writers manage to choose the least interesting possibility. Last summer, they could have chosen to have Lenny move in together (NOPE), make plans about their wedding (NOPE), do ANYTHING that advanced the story (NOPE)! Instead, they chose to do NOTHING! Yet we spent the entire Summer making both logical and crazy predictions about what would happen. If ANYONE had accurately predicted what actually happened they would have been roundly laughed out of here. The summer was a precursor for the entire season. Except for Penny's job, Lenny could have gone into a coma after Sheldon went on his train ride, awoke about episode 22, and they would have been just as far along with their engagement.
  15. In 47 days, (Aug. 12th.) we'll have the first taping report and all will be revealed! Until then we can drive ourselves, (and each other) crazy with baseless speculation or calmly wait and see... Baseless speculation it is.
  16. Based on past experience, Season 9 will probably start after whatever happens (or doesn't) in Vegas. The only two times they didn't jump ahead at the start of the next season was when Howard went into space, and when Leonard went to the North Sea. So I believe they will start off back in Pasadena either married or not. Personally I'd prefer that we picked them up during their honeymoon (and in Nebraska, so we could meet Penny's family [pay attention people from the show if you're reading this].). At least if they do an on screen wedding Penny won't look 12 months pregnant with quads.
  17. Screw it! I say get them married in Vegas Now! If they want to have a wedding for the others, have it next season when they get back! For that matter have Lenny take time off from work, and visit Penny's family after the Vegas wedding. Start season 9 with Lennny in Nebraska!
  18. The scene in the car... exactly why the groom shouldn't see the bride the day of the wedding.
  19. It seems to me that just because Lenny is going to Vegas to get married, doesn't mean they can't have a fancy wedding. If there's one place that can throw together a quick wedding and still make it fancy it's Vegas. Since the episode that would have the wedding (if they go through with it) is next season's season premiere they could do a whole wedding episode (or two) about it. It would give them time to invite all the guests they need (want) and be a big ratings start for season 9.
  20. While last night's episode wasn't a Lenny episode (With the long awaited meeting of the mothers how could it be?), it showed how they could use the limited Lenny to good effect. Penny pushing her ring into Leonard's arm and making drilling noises is just the sort of teasing I'd expect to see with a couple. It didn't take long, or detract from the main story, but it felt real.
  21. The reason the last episode was good, was because of the forth and back banter (as well as the expressions) between the two of them. If they had been written that way (even when they were background/minor characters) we wouldn't be complaining about them this season. They don't have to be the focus of the episode to be shown as a loving/fun couple.
  22. The big question is, why did it take them until episode 22 to do a really good Lenny episode this season.
  23. I actually think they MIGHT get married in Vegas. First, they did the whole regular wedding (with Howard & Bernie), second it would fit in with the way the writers have diminished Lenny since the engagement, and third because it would clear the decks to make a big deal about Shamy's wedding (since they've emphasized Shamy, since Lenny got engaged). I'd rather they gave Lenny a nice wedding, but I'm just saying...
  24. I would like to point out that considering how popular Leonard appeared to be (in the scene in the first episode of season 7, we saw him dancing with four women), one drunken kiss (that went nowhere) shows just how loyal he is to Penny.
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