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  1. I'd be nice, but I don't think 'all the relationship issues' are solved. If for no other reasons than it would be boring, and they'd have nothing to write about. There's always something coming up in a dynamic relationship.
  2. Sheldon would get the privacy he wants. Sheldon has said that the only reason he has a room mate is for the money. A single apt. would be cheaper (after all Penny can afford it).
  3. Said it before but I'd like to see Sheldon and Penny switch living spaces. You'd still get the Sheldon interference dynamic while opening new possibilities for Shamy. Also I'd like to see the fight over the couch, since Leonard paid for it, It belongs to him.
  4. I'd love to see the gang doing Karoke or somehow in a talent show as a group to Talking heads 'life during wartime' http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KsksSWOxq2Y Sheldon could do David Byrne, and in order on stage Amy and Bernie as the dancers, Sheldon , Penny and Leonard. Raj and Howard would be the Drums, Precussion. I thought of this when I saw the video from 'Stop making Sense'.
  5. Is January third a real problem? You can watch it online at the CBS website, they post it within a couple of days. If you can't wait that long there are free tv websites that post the episodes within a couple of hours after they air. The timing on the CBS website may be off, I usually watch on one of the free sites later that night. in either case no commercials to interrupt the story.
  6. I agree, that there should be more LP romantic moments. Leonard learning to dance would be nice, but how about learning from Penny? It would give Penny a chance to show Leonard how to do something, and provide a nice bonding activity.
  7. It would also go great with my Idea of Leonard winning a Nobel Prize (before the end of the series) for something that Sheldon Poo-Pooed as worthless. Imagine Sheldon's reaction to Leonard winning a Nobel for something inspired by Penny.
  8. It would probably be a one shot deal but It would go a long way towards overcoming her insecurity about not being as smart as Leonard.
  9. If Penny does take an interest in something the process of explaining it to her and the resulting discussion could even inspire Leonard to a discovery he would not otherwise have made. Wouldn't that make a good plot line.
  10. I agree with this. One thing people here don't take into account is the limits on character change imposed by the sitcom format. If Sheldon makes a major change in his personality it could mess up the show. For example in 5-18 'the werewolf transformation' Sheldon realized he doesn't need to control the world, but next episode no change. The main problem with this is that if a show remains popular long enough an actor could become bored doing his character and want out. I think that's why Charlie Sheen 'melted down' on Two and A Half Men'. After several years of playing the "playboy" Charlie was in a commited relationship and had a chance to do something new. Instead they had him break-up and turn into a depressed drunk (the way Penny was acting, but much more so). The show was becoming boring (to me at least). But the show was still popular enough to continue to make loads of money for CBS and the producers so they didn't want to change. Buy-Buy Charlie!! Lets hope BBT has more flexabality.
  11. Penny may have decided that giving sympathy to Leonard would have opened him up to teasing and saved it for later during 'alone time'.
  12. There's a difference between seeing the results of the science, ie. the hologram or the maglift, and learning how (in detail) it works. Penny doesn't have the background to be interested in the lecture and even though she's there with Leonard it's still boring. There's a chance that they will stumble upon something that will spark Penny's interest (she's not stupid) but probably not soon.
  13. While I agree that no normal, straight, male could, I think Shrldon is an exception to that rule. I believe Sheldon will remain completely oblivious.
  14. I can't speak about the Shamy haters but on the problem of seeing the episode sooner, try http://www.tv-links.eu or http://www.free-tv-video-online.me or http://watchseries.li/serie/big_bang_theory
  15. While I'm not as big a shamey fan as some, I have no problem believieing tonights episode. I was going to go into a long boring statement about their characters. Insted I'll just say that I don't expect tonight to change anything and that Amy will probably have to replace Gerard soon.
  16. I want to see LP married. Penny as an successfull actress, and Leonard winning a nobel prize for an Idea that Sheldon derided as stupid. (imagine how nuts that'll drive sheldon). Howard and Bernie with some kids, and finally Raj with a girlfriend. As for Shamey I'm not sure if Sheldon will ever make the leap to intimacy SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER (After all if Rubbing Vapo-Rub on Amy's chest and giving her a bath doesn't get his attention [even if she does have the Flu] I don't know what will.).
  17. On the living together I've always thought that the easiest arrangement would be to have Penny and Sheldon switch apts.. Sheldon has stated that he only has a room mate because he can't afford the rent by himself. If he switched he'd gain a cheaper apt. with the privacy he loves and at the same time he'd only have to move across the hall, so no big disruption in his life (compared to moving to a different building or getting a new room mate). As for the ILY I hope that it improves the LP relationship but as we havent had any episodes since then (and it looks like no major LP action in the next two) we'll have to see. By the end of the series I'd like to see LP married, with Penny becoming an employed actress and Leonard winning a Nobel Prize for an idea that Sheldon derided as nonsence. (Imagine how Sheldon would react)
  18. I just joined after reading for a while and I'd like to say from experience that if baithing his girlfriend didn't get Sheldon's attention then you may have to wait quite a while before he inititiates a kiss. Amy's time line may be optomistic.
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