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  1. I hope that Sheldon being a brat does not become the new normal in their relationship. However, I can see why the writers like the tension and might keep it as a joke until they tire of it sometime next season: it highlights the immovable object that is Sheldon, keeps the relationship at a standstill and has worked wonders at resetting the audience's expectations for further romantic development (see this thread). If Amy continues to tolerate his comments then most of the audience will tolerate it too. IMO Sheldon's comments in isolation were no more grating than anything he said previously, it's just they were stacked one after another in a single episode. I don't know if the tension is indicative of a future plot at this stage (e.g. breakup, ultimatum from Amy) or it's just a reminder that Sheldon's development will be achingly slow.
  2. The Penny/Amy thing doesn't even make sense in the episode's timeline. Sheldon wants to cancel date night to go to the service and Amy suggests she attends. In the next scene, Penny tells Leonard she and Amy went shopping that day for dress for Amy to wear to the funeral. The problem is that both scenes happen on the same night because Sheldon and Leonard are wearing the same clothes from earlier in the day. Both apartment sets are lit for the evening. Thus, Penny and Amy can't have gone shopping that day for something to wear to the funeral because Amy didn't know she was going yet. Maddening.
  3. Totally, they should be the science power couple of the 21st century. Minus the tragic ending of course.
  4. I enjoyed this one. It wasn't great, but it was a solid episode towards the end of the season where everyone is probably a little tired. If it was a bit by the numbers to get where they need to go with Raj and Lucy, I'm okay with that. I'm still interested in Raj and Lucy and I laughed at some of Kunal's expressions, especially with the porn/prom mix up. I would like Lucy to stick around but I'm more interested to see her interact with the group, especially the girls, than the romance with Raj. Raj can get a little dull when he is on his best behavior; I'd like to see some more personality emerge from Lucy to counteract that. Some of the jokes were recycled, but I do love Leonard's issues with his mom and his complete ineptitude for public speaking. Johnny never fails to make me laugh at either.
  5. @chiara great post! Don't apologize for its length! I think you make a great case for Leonard becoming tenured if it comes back up again. Your post also made me connect with how this episode related to another idea too: since The Egg Salad Equivalency Sheldon has been learning that he can no longer completely ignore other people's opinion of him. Previously, he only cared that people respect him for his genius, how they felt about his social or personal interactions he cared very little because he felt it completely unimportant. In this episode he understands what people think of him can affect his chances at work and attempts (hilariously) to make things right with insensitive gifts and has Amy coach him on responses for the memorial service. The same concern came up in the Bakersfield diner. He cared what complete strangers thought about him. I think that scene was even more revealing because it had no consequences at all. I think Leonard getting tenured before Sheldon might make this lesson stick. I know people are fond of saying you shouldn't care what other people think of you and should be yourself. That's fine, but you should also accept that if you care too little you invite other problems. It's not enough to conform to social convention on occasion; I think Sheldon is learning that he needs to at least try to understand and navigate it himself.
  6. I agree with this. I doubt we will ever hear him mention her appearance, or if he does it won't go much past aesthetically pleasing. He's attracted to her brain, the package it comes in is irrelevant. Amy was trying to get him to notice her physically with the ST uniform. She had his attention, but it didn't result in any progression beyond what she had already achieved in her experiment. I think they are purposely leaving out the moments where he initially sees the Snow White/Star Trek costumes so we don't hear his (lack of) reaction. I imagine his comments would be mostly related to the authenticity of the costume anyway.
  7. I forgot about no PhD Howard. I don't know about nowadays, or engineering, but I know there used to be academics without PhDs that had extensive leadership in research that were hired as professors at large universities. I would guess they had gone up for tenure like anyone else. My idea does sound kind of redundant from the parking lot fight now that I read it again. I like the idea of her going away for the summer and Sheldon missing her terribly. I don't see Amy willing substituting their relationship for Skype for very long; it sucks. Considering a permanent move suggests to me she might have given up on their relationship. I think she'd be loathe to leave her girlfriends as well. The idea of her turning down an excellent opportunity without a serious talk about their future makes me sad.
  8. Wow, the title is an interesting tidbit. Despite the recent hints about Amy's career, I think it is more likely to be Sheldon v Howard. Although there's been one recently, I could see the issue beneath the last fight coming up again. Howard already bragged that he is now a bigger deal at the university; he might be offered a promotion with tenure due to his jaunt to the ISS. Given Sheldon's recent setbacks with Kripke, it could be interesting to see how he might take the university shunning him again. Though, maybe that is too similar to the parking lot fight. I think the Amy possibilities are very interesting but the scenario that she could move away might be a little too serious/dramatic. Frankly, maybe it's also a little too early (for Sheldon and the show) for a talk between Amy and Sheldon about their future together. Or do I not give Sheldon enough credit? That RA is a quasi-legal binding covenant after all.
  9. Sounds like a great ensemble episode. I love that we finally get to see some more emotion from Howard about his absent father. I like the route they took to address it too, rather than an attempted reconciliation. Nothing about the relationship between Howard and his father was patched over; the pain still remains. I am looking forward to Simon's performance, maybe an Emmy nomination this year? Supporting actor is a tough category but he more than deserves it. I also liked that the gang were having a go at 'grown up' style dinner parties. It's nice that they are on this slow journey to adulthood all together. I had a couple big laughs from the taping report, can't wait to see it played out. It has been a long time since all seven were in a scene together. There are probably more but the fashion parade in TSS is the only scene from this season with the full ensemble (+ Stuart) I can recall right now.
  10. I totally love this idea And yep, Amy's reaction would be priceless.
  11. I should probably have phrased that as I would find Sheldon kissing Amy in her sleep more satisfying than an end of season hug. I hope they shock us though and Sheldon goes for a kiss. I think Amy does know, or at least strongly suspects, Sheldon feels the same way as she does. But I agree, he's ready to start showing it. I kind of like Sheldon's little snarky comments for one reason: Jim is so good at making Sheldon seem a little exasperated but not at all cruel. The 'lets get this over with' in 6.10 was cute when it could have come across extremely callous. It's just so Sheldon. @koops/spook: hey! you know the usual: writing papers, applying for jobs. I've been following the thread but it is moving so fast around here (so great!) what I want to say has usually been said by you or someone else by the time I catch up. It has been great reading.
  12. The play is due to close in the first week of March (3rd). The reviews are great; if I could get to NY I would love to see it. Who knows whether they will get LM in right away or just wait for the new season. I think Sheldon has been working by himself pretty well, they may save her until S7 when he requires another push. I assume the lack of casual contact now will make the Sheldon induced something in the season finale a bigger deal, whatever that something is. I liked the idea floated last week about a Sheldon kiss when Amy falls asleep. It allows him to try out something new without committing to anything, satisfies the audience but doesn't move the character too far. Poor Amy though. One day she'll remember a kiss between them lol. I just saw Stardust's post. Has she got another play lined up? The Other Place is closing in March by the website.
  13. The full Paley Center interview is available on Amazon instant streaming. Apologies to those not in the US. I hope you get to see it, it's a great interview.
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