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  1. And just when I got it out of my head on comes the episode when they sing the duet. What's worse is I've now caught myself listening to it on youtube. I even considered downloading it for as a ring town but Im not sure I'd want to tell Jay-Z he was replaced by Penny and Sheldon. Just isn't a New York thing to do.
  2. Probably didn't like the origional either. I didn't wake up to it this morning. Well, I woke up THINKING about it but it wasn't playing in my head. Hope it doesn't get the voices upset thats all I can say.
  3. I propose a slow, humorous death (lots of tickling, good stand up comedy, nitrous oxcide...) to the writer(s), director, & producer who thought it was a good plan to include "Soft Kitty" in this show. I am so tired of waking up at 4 AM with that song running through my head. I hate you all !!!!!! P.S. I hope you never loose your great team. BBT is one of the only sitcoms I find worth watching, so maybe just pipe "great green globs of greasy, grimmy gopher guts" through the bedroom sound system of the "Soft Kitty" writer!!!!! bc
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