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    I have a husband, two boys and am currently in medical school. When I find time,I read, write fanfics, and do Sudokus.
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    Jim Parsons
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    Season 3
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    The Rothman Distintegration

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  1. I dropped hot,melted cheese in my pants....no really OWO OWOWOWOWOW
  2. 4485 Would you like a Jelly Baby?
  3. I'm eating a weenie in my PANTS ......
  4. As everyone sits around on their butts missing me I sneak up and stand proud and tall on the hill, my NEW BATMAN SHIRT glowing in the sun (reallly...it changes color...IT'S SO COOL!!! I have a Spiderman one that changes too) and yell I AM QUEEN OF THE HILL !!!! GIVE ME YOUR CHOCOLATE, YOUR WHIPPED CREAM, YOUR CADBURY EGGS YEARNING TO BE ATE,THE SMOOSHED MARSHMALLOWS FROM BEING GRABBED IN HASTE FROM CROWDED STORE, SEND THESE, THE SWEETIES, CART-DRIVEN, TO ME, I LIFT MY BAT SIGNAL BESIDE THE GOLDEN DOOR !!!!
  5. 4463 ..nearlyyyyyyyy thereeeee !
  6. Do you wear your cowboy hat even in your house?
  7. Screeching and heading for the hills whilst I remain,as always, QUEEN OF THE HILL
  8. I do not flee as I have just got over it so HAHAHAHA. *ahem* I mean I AM QUEEN OF THE HILL.....You may be my Prince, MiracleMike if you so desire
  9. 3651 yay Sorry to hear it Nutboy
  10. Just as she drifts off to sleep the TARDIS appears, and Mrs Toad steps out, to dump a bucket of cold water over sleeping Kitka (because she knows cats HATE water,especially cold water). As Kitka runs screeching down the hill Mrs Toad stands triumphantly (umph umph umph) . A banner unfurls from the TARDIS, proclaiming.... I AM QUEEN OF THE HILL
  11. Great ! LONG,hectic, but GREAT thanks ! My school days run 8am-8pm (classes are 8:20am to 7:30pm). But I enjoy it ! Have you heard anything back yet?
  12. My husband was sick and had me rub Vapo Rub on his chest and sing 'Soft Kitty' to him :D Oh AND he just bought the complete BBT DVD collection
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