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  1. Generally, the big changes in Lenny happen in the second half of a season. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  2. One scene uncommented upon was when Leonard fixed dinner for Penny and they started discussing dates. Amy shows up hunting for Sheldon, and tries to crash their alone time together. Leonard practically hit her in the head with hints, and Penny finally just said "get out". I loved it. I think that is going to be a recurring theme, as each member of the group is going to have to be reminded that it is Leonard and Penny, not Leonard and Penny and whoever is feeling needy. This is really the root of Sheldon's issue. He is NOT part of Lenny, and he simply cannot understand it. I just recently rewatched the last two episodes of season 7, and found Sheldon quite unsympathetic as a character. The combination of unfounded intellectual arrogance and profound childishness is just not tolerable. Unless one accepts that he is mentally challenged, he is an ass. He will soon be a guest in Lenny's home, wherever that may be, not the lord and master of the place he grudgingly allows Leonard to rent a room. His offer of a modified roommate agreement was clearly going to have Penny stay LESS time than she clearly already was. For all of Sheldon's "brilliance" he should have understood that Penny was going to be around MORE, not less. The scene with Amy points out that Sheldon is not the only one that craves Lenny's company for their warmth and stability. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. Penny did propose to Leonard, was quite serious about it, and stressed that she had been considering it for some time. She may have been waiting for a check from "Serial Apeist 2" to buy a ring, or some other token, but she did ask, and argued with Leonard quite vehemently about it. She was not distracted, so it didn't just slip out. Leonard didn't just jump at it either. They actually had a mature, serious discussion about the concept of them getting married, and the context of Penny asking. Basically they both looked at each other and asked if they were really sure, and it was clearly something they were both committed to doing. I loved the way they handle the proposal. Where I think the writers screwed up, upon reflection, isn't the way the group blew off the announcement over Raj getting laid, it was the reason Bernadette mentioned. To the group, Leonard and Penny were functionally married. In fact, I seem to remember that there was a comment to that effect earlier in the season. The group revolves around Penny and Leonard as the surrogate parents now. The idea of them actually getting engaged and married is emotionally just details to the group. I'm sure it was just an easy joke to the writers, but if Bernie has said something to the effect that in the group's mind they were already married, then passing over the fully expected engagement and eventual marriage as old news makes sense. Regardless of the exact scene, it seems to me that the group regards them as already fully committed to a permanent relationship. In Howard and Bernie's case, it wasn't clear that Bernie was going to accept Howard's proposal. In fact, the group was under the impression that Bernie was going to break up with Howard. Penny hasn't looked seriously at a guy since her first date with Leonard. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. I too agree that they made too big a deal of Raj having sex over Lenny getting actually engaged. First, Lenny have never been engaged. There have been unsuccessful proposals, but they never actually closed the deal. Second, it is out of character for girls in general to value a single night of sex by anyone over a engagement announcement. In a real world situation, the girls would have said "that's nice" then gone back to gushing over Penny's ring. Let's face it, Raj and Emily had been dating for a while. Having sex was a normal thing to happen. It was nice, but not earth shaking. Even Raj pointed out that his news was big, but not in the same league as Lenny's engagement. He had the right of it. Penny and Leonard getting engaged was the biggest news of the whole show. The only thing bigger would be Sheldon and Amy having sex. Raj has done OK in the sex department. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  5. I think it makes sense that they would change up Penny's hair. Girls often do that when they are feeling pretty good about their relationship, or if they just want a change. In some ways, it makes less sense that she would have kept the same hairstyle forever. All one has to do is look at the first season, and the most recent. She's willing to change things around a bit. It would be more drastic if she changed the color. It will be very interesting to see the calls the writers make for what happened over the summer. As many have mentioned, the length of time passing over the summer can have a big influence on the direction of things. Second, both Penny and Leonard were open-ended about when they would change their living situation. Both said that they would move in together at some point relatively soon, but not like tomorrow or anything. Leonard telling Sheldon struck me as more just giving Sheldon the maximum amount of time to come to terms with the fact that things would change. Sheldon freaked out simply because Leonard did make it clear that they would be together without Sheldon. My sense is that there is nothing really pushing the formal residence change. Sheldon's absence, if at all extended, would actually catalyze a de facto change as Penny and Leonard would gravitate toward spending all their time in the larger apartment. The whole point of moving in together was to make a life together sans Sheldon. If he is gone for a while, they will start on that a lot quicker, and in 4A. I wonder if that suggests a direction. Bringing Sheldon back quickly prevents anything from change significantly. If he's gone for months, then Leonard and Penny will work out their own deal without his input. My vote is that Sheldon will be back very quickly so that the writers can avoid dealing with Leonard and Penny moving in together over the hiatus. Bringing Sheldon back maintains more of the status quo. It also lets them deal with the future changes with Sheldon whining and apposing any changes. I sense a subtle change in the power structure in 4A over the past few seasons. Basically ever since Leonard threatened to move out in "The Spoiler Alert Segmentation". Leonard has stood up to Sheldon more, and Sheldon has dominated things less. Now, Leonard IS going to leave soon, and Sheldon has no hold on him. In fact, it he is too much of a pain, Leonard will move sooner. This is likely one of the things driving Sheldon crazy. The one who can walk away controls the deal.
  6. I'd like to see Leonard and Penny move into together in 4A, and Sheldon move into 4B.
  7. In fact, when Sheldon comes back, there should be a change to the Roommate Agreement to the effect that comments disparaging Penny's virtue, regardless of any evidence or hypotheses, constitutes an Agreement nullifying offense, and an end to the Leonard and Sheldon Friendship. And that this is non-negotiable. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  8. I never understood the double standard, starting with when I found out that being with girls was fun. Logic to me was that if I wanted to have sex, then I needed to find a girl that also wanted to have sex. The guys trashing girls because they "put out" seemed the height of stupidity. Even now, I hear the girls in my research lab disparaging other girls for being "easy" as a reason why they can't find decent guys. First of all, how do they know? Is someone spreading tales which may or may not be true? And why is it a big deal? This generation seems to have gotten over many racial stereotypes, but as far as this sort of thing goes, the double standard is alive and well. The evidence on the show is that Bernie got around far more than Penny. Recall that she was the one that explained the three date "rule" to Howard, basically implying that she was ready to put out. Clearly Amy is dying to have sex with Sheldon, and participated in studies that induced orgasm, so why isn't she a slut? Mainly because she didn't have the social skills or appearance to make it happen. Penny is gorgeous and dresses hot, so she must be a slut. Bernie dresses demurely, and likely got around quite a bit. She was attracted to Howard, after all. Priya hooked up with Leonard every chance she got a chance just as an occasional visitor, and was chatting up her old boyfriend while sleeping with Leonard. The only one that seems to persist in characterizing Penny as a slut is Sheldon, which as has been mentioned, only rejects that God part of his repressive upbringing, but clings to all the rest. In this regard, even his mother has better balance. Sheldon has no idea what he is talking about, and Leonard should make it clear that his place in their lives will end if he ever disparages Penny again, for any reason. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  9. Some women I've known are messy on their own but when nesting are quite different. Particularly when kids arrive. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  10. I like the way this looks. I hope Emily is continued as she would be a good addition to the girls group. As a dermatologist, she is scientific, but she has tattoos and generally seems social, so she would be a bridge between Penny and the the other girls. I did forget that Penny is pretty good about doing the laundry. Maybe that can be her thing, and Leonard can clean. Cooking can be a joint thing, as I'm sure Penny can make a salads and such. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  11. When Penny and Leonard do move in together, it will be interesting to see what she brings to the relationship. This season, it has been pointed out that she is poor housekeeper and cook. Raj noted that she only had one arrow in her quiver. So is Leonard going to cook, clean and earn all the money? Penny needs to at least take a cooking class. Of course, Sheldon has never been observed to cook, but he was neat. Maybe Penny would be better off learning to clean, as Leonard is used to doing to cooking and apparently good at it. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  12. I suspect that the writers may have realized that Sheldon was getting to or there, and this is their way of resting the character. I imagine Jim Parsons was getting a bit uncomfortable with the way he was being written. They don't really need to change the character much, just dial down the mean a lot. A good example was when Leonard approached Sheldon about the potential new living arrangements. The funny line would be for Sheldon to say it would be hard to support the myth of Penny's notional virginity given that Penny and Leonard have been going at it like rabbits. Implying that she slept with a Titanic number of men (basically calling her a notorious slut) is mean and deserves a punch in the face. The distinction is important. Further Sheldon is the only one that has maintained that Penny is a slut. His math is wrong. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  13. There are several reasons why Lenny's talk so much about Sheldon. First, he has evolved into the antagonist in the story. Not the villain precisely, but frequently the character the others struggle against. For a long time, Penny was this a little bit. Leonard is the protagonist. He struggles against Sheldon's rage for stasis, and Penny's reluctance to commit. Sheldon wants Leonard to live as his roommate with only the occasional girlfriend forever. Leonard sees living with Sheldon as a situation that has an ending. Sheldon has gradually accepted Penny as his secondary caregiver, and a factor that keeps Leonard relatively happy. The long-term ramifications of this relationship changing, as they must do, is inconceivable to him, short of a break up. Sheldon has intervened in Lenny as a governor, to keep Penny from dumping Leonard, but encouraging her to "break his heart" when Leonard wanted to move in with her after he spoiled Harry Potter. Basically he wants Leonard happy but living with him. The happiness part is mainly to keep things calm in the apartment. While he does wish Leonard well, it is a secondary concern to Sheldon's stasis. Amy is also caught up in this. Now a factor essential to Sheldon's happiness, but another force for change. In the classic sense, Sheldon is the force for evil, as evil opposes change and assumes they are perfection, while good is constantly striving for perfection through change. Sheldon is not a bad guy, but serves this role as the character demanding stasis. AsLeonard pointed out in the table episode, the good in Sheldon's life (his spot, Amy, Leonard and the guys, Penny) all came about through change. Even now, Sheldon is fighting with all his heart to oppose change. He flat out states that Leonard is not moving, as if he has the power to do this. It is a good thing that Sheldon is taking time to "cool off" as he has shown that he has not boundaries when trying to get his way. He probably does have something squirreled away that would cause Leonard great pain and interfere or end the Lenny relationship. Sheldon needs to wrap his head around the fact that some change is good particularly for him. The second big reason to discuss Sheldon is that he makes Lenny more interesting. While the development of the Leonard and Penny relationship is wonderful, having Sheldon in there provides contrast and low level conflict. Leonard and Penny's central plot line is enriched by having Sheldon as a complicating factor. The issue for me is that Sheldon has evolved into a less sympathetic character, as noted above. He has soured and become more nasty. He's always been condescending, but now it has an unpleasant edge to it. Basically calling his second best friend and Leonard's fiancée a slut isn't just insensitive, it is mean. His condescension rings hollow, as not only does Sheldon have no real professional success, but the area he works in is looking like a dead end. He's mean and condescending, and I hope that this trip will be a way for the writers to take that edge off, and make him sympathetic again. Given the way he is acting, Leonard and Penny would be justified in cutting him out of their lives and Amy should leave him. The show will be even better if Sheldon can able to move across the hall and not treat Amy so poorly. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  14. If Sheldon isn't mentally ill in some way, then he is just an ass and flat doesn't care enough to attempt to understand others. He thinks he's perfect, has stated it many times even in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, and is horrified that interaction with others might change his "perfection". Consider his reaction when Leonard and Penny point out how Amy has changed him. This is right after he stated that he had been molding Leonard to be a conduit for his will. This is insane. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  15. I suspect that Penny and Leonard will get a lot more protective of each other, as have Howard and Bernadette. The latter called Sheldon out on his treatment of Howard. I don't think Leonard is going to stand for anyone to suggest his fiancee/wife is a slut for long and clearly Penny expects him to defend her. Leonard just needs to man up and defending Penny against all would be a great place to stay. The problem is that nerds get used to avoiding conflict. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  16. Some of Sheldon's best work came about through collaboration with either Leonard or Raj. Apart from what we saw in Season One, Leonard has tended to avoid collaborating with him. The best reason for this is that two people living together shouldn't also work together. I collaborated with my roommate in graduate school, and it actually drove us apart as friends. Switching places with Penny might have positive career implications, as Leonard could get some professional as well as personal distance from Sheldon, and be open to collaborate again. When one considered that each major relationship upgrade occurred between Leonard and Penny after Leonard was gone for a while, it would be good for Sheldon to learn to value Leonard more. I believe that the on effect of the North Sea trip is that Penny realized how important Leonard was to her, and how much Sheldon leaned on and exploited Leonard. In retrospect, the major theme of Season Seven was the gradual increase in Penny's possessiveness of Leonard. Penny proposed two or three times (depending on how you count the proposal game) and I believe all of them were serious. The first one had her drunk, and I think that the reasons she allowed it to be classified as not serious was because of her drunkenness and the fact that Leonard didn't enthusiastically accept. I believe she was serious, but decided when she sobered up that she'd rather propose sober, and more sure of a positive reaction. Who would have thought that it would get to the point that she would have to argue with Leonard about her seriousness and her need for him? She basically said the only thing she needed to be happy was Leonard. Everything else was secondary. Having Penny come to that realization means that Sheldon is truly and rightly screwed. Penny is going to fight for Leonard, and she's clearly stated that In her opinion Sheldon is capable of taking care of himself. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  17. Another thing to remember is that in the first appearance of Prof Proton, Leonard is deemed by Proton to be the genius. We also see who he wants to work with later. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  18. Leonard is just more balanced. Experimentally usually are, as they do stuff, or have to wait for the data to come in. If you think about the Artic trip, Sheldon wanted answers NOW, and the other guys knew it would take time. Leonard has to be patient. Look at the patience he displayed to get Penny. He went from no chance to having propose to him, and be quite forceful about it. Imagine if Sheldon wanted something from Amy and she didn't satisfy his want? Recall how he simply can't wait until the next day when getting an email from the president of the university regarding the Artic trip? Leonard will get there. It's been shown over and over that Leonard can get the job done. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  19. There is also the paper he gave to Hawking with the simple algebra error. It is unlikely that someone would get a Nobel in theoretical physics without Hawking's support. The message I get is that poor old pedestrian Leonard, put down by both his "best friend" and the ice queen he has the misfortune to have to call mother, is the most likely to get tenure and any real peer recognition. Plus the love of a wonderful girl. Sheldon doesn't have the sense to see he is his own worst enemy. He should be thanking his lucky stats he met Leonard. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  20. The fact that Sheldon has been so vocal about seeking one, and now his desperation to leave string theory for more promising areas will almost ensure he won't get one. One gets prizes like that because your peers think you deserve it. Sheldon is openly contemptuous of basically everyone, so who in the scientific community would vote for him? He also has a reputation note for pulling serious scientific boners, so they aren't likely to trust anything he says until vigorously proven. He will be quite old before that happens. He had no chance in string theory anyway, as he was developing others ideas. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  21. I believe that regardless of the state of the Shamy, there will be Lenny drama. They can't even get engaged without yelling at each other. It probably makes for great make up sex, however. I would like to hear about them needing a steel frame bed though to replace the wooden one. There will be issues to confront, as they are from very different backgrounds, and we really haven't heard much about them discussing marriage issues. Kids is a big one. The results of the North Sea trip still haven't been discussed either. They did have one talk about who would move if one or the other's career necessitated it. I think Shennies have always lived in an alternate reality, as there is really nothing in the show (and I've watched religiously and obsessively since the first episode) to suggest that either Penny or Sheldon had the least interest in each other. The very definition of a Platonic relationship. As recent as the finale Sheldon expressed a pure desire to avoid sex in general, as well as with Amy in particular. Since about the third episode you might have well as branded Penny with Leonard's name, since there has been a distinct and steady movement of Penny toward Leonard. At this point, Penny is the one encouraging separation from Sheldon for both of them. Sheldon is more likely to take up with Beverly than anyone other than Amy. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  22. I hope that the Shennies continue to enjoy disappointment, 'cause that's all they're going to get from this. Penny's possessiveness of Leonard is just the start. It won't be Penny trying to get Leonard to leave Sheldon behind, she will get between them and warn Sheldon off. At most, you'll get a scene like at the end of "Superbad". The guys will look at each other over their shoulders as their girlfriend/fiancée leads them away. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  23. It really doesn't make sense to split up Lenny. Shoot, Bernie and Howard actually have real problems. Lenny has had seven years to sort things out. I think they're past breaking up. Really, moving Sheldon to 4B just changes him to the frequent drop in guest. Over the years some of his funniest moments have been walking in on Lenny while they were making out. Having Penny and Sheldon fight over the constant violation of Lenny space would be hilarious. The writers like having Penny and Sheldon get into it, so having Penny fight for Leonard turf could be wonderful. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  24. I think it will be fascinating to see Sheldon trying to live alone, even with Lenny across the hall. Remember he had bad dreams when Leonard was gone, and high jacked Penny's bed. I thought that was seriously out of character, as he slept in a bed that was still warm from a girl. the premise of next season could have two facets - Sheldon tries to Live Alone and Leonard and Penny Play House. You could have all three having discussions about the shortcomings of the new situation. One problem with not having Lenny in 4A is that it has been amply proven that the group is Leonard-centric. That is, the group meets where ever Leonard lives. If Sheldon is there alone, no one will hang out there but Amy (who of course will be pressing Sheldon to let her sleep over). Leonard in 4B is simply unworkable from the standpoint of the group dynamics. Furthermore, Sheldon has been such a PITA that the group is even less likely to hang there. One must also recall that Bernie and Amy are Penny's posse, so having Penny in with Leonard now is a double draw to the group. The writers have effectively painted themselves in a corner, IMO. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  25. This points out Sheldon's dilemma. He can keep His Spot in 4A and lose Lenny to distance, or move across the hall and give up His Spot. What Sheldon wants, he can't have. He wants stasis, and that is simply not possible. It is not even a given that if he were willing to move to 4B that Lenny would want to be across the hall from him. Invariably, Sheldon would want to visit HIs Spot and would try to spend as much time as possible there. He clearly doesn't respect anyone's territorial boundaries when he wants something (just as President Siebert). All of the assumptions above regarding His Spot are based on the idea that the TV doesn't move. If Penny moves in, she will want to nest and take ownership of the apartment. It would not be a continuation of the current dynamic, as that would be truly ridiculous. Lenny will give the couch to Sheldon, the TV will move, the table will come out, and things will no longer be the same. This is actually the best he can hope for.
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