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  1. Keep in mind both Penny and Leonard said they hadn't decided anything other than they will move in together and alone soon. All three options (move Leonard into 4B, Penny trade with Sheldon, find a new place) are on the table, and mentioned by both separately. I think the writers wanted to emphasize the point that NO DECISION HAS BEEN MADE AS TO WHERE. Sheldon's most vigorous reaction was to the idea of him moving at all, on top of dealing with the unthinkable idea that he would not live with Penny and Leonard. Sheldon was upset by two separate issues compounded. All that Sheldon was willing t
  2. This is part of what bugs me. Leonard simply has to take it. If he reacted by swatting her back, he would be vilified. His response should be that if Amy is so damn worried about Sheldon, just check his Twitter feed. He posts about his bathroom habits. I'm sure his current location and specific train are up for all 100+ followers of his to see. Amy could easily fly to the next main stop and drag him back if she so chose. Beating up Leonard is wrong, even with a pillow. Penny swatting Sheldon in the episode where he tries to learn to drive was at his specific request. He wanted her to simulat
  3. I agree that Leonard just tossed the idea out of having Sheldon move across the hall. The sense I got was that he hadn't developed any sort of plan, except that he and Penny would live together without Sheldon. It remains to be seen what this means exactly, as in how much without Sheldon. One would guess that they don't need him too far away if having him or Leonard across the hall is sufficient to quality as living without Sheldon. I don't think that there is anything suggesting that Leonard would force him out. I really don't think Leonard and Penny have given it any real thought, and are st
  4. I think he sympathizes way too much with Sheldon. In the train station scene, he should have said bon voyage and let him go. Penny had to convince him. Leonard's bought far too much into Sheldon's excessive control freak nature for his own good. When you think about the way Sheldon has treated him and spoke of him, he should be happy to be rid of him. As Beverly is so fond of him, let her worry about Sheldon. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  5. Given that Penny feels this trip is good for him and he will be Ok, she may prefer distance to help Leonard separate from him. Leonard has serious case of Stockholm syndrome right now. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  6. I think Sheldon's choice will be either move to 4B, or have Penny and Leonard move some distance away. The two of them in 4B and Sheldon alone in 4A is ridiculous. Some sort of compromise will be worked out. Sheldon really had little to bargain with and part of his angst is he knows it. Big changes are coming regardless of his wishes. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  7. I think a lot of what bothers Sheldon is the gradual loss of control implicit in loving people. He can't handle losing Leonard, Penny or Amy. What he needs to realize is that change is not loss. His comment in the recent Professor Proton episode is pertinent in that all the men he respected left him by dying. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  8. Amy has shown that she will do what ever she can to bend Sheldon to her desires. Pushing a wedge between Sheldon and Leonard actually serves all purposes. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  9. Personally, I think it will be a quick elopement, trying to get away from Sheldon, or a simple ceremony involving just the core cast. At this point, I doubt Leonard would have any interest in having Beverly involved AT ALL. He will give Penny whatever she wants for a wedding, whether it is a big classic Italian duke bash, or a quick grip to Reno. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  10. I was just re-watching this episode, and Leonard simply stated that he and Penny's future living arrangements would not involve Sheldon living with them. Beyond that he seemed open to how to accomplish that. I'm sure if Sheldon insisted on staying in 4A, Leonard would move out to a new place with Penny or into 4B. He was not insisting on Sheldon moving. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  11. It makes a lot of sense that Penny would keep her mother at arms length wrt Leonard. One, she married Wyatt because she was pregnant, as did all the other women in the family. Leonard is a Northeastern upper middle class university professor. Do you really think her mom is going to make a good impression? Beverly is a nightmare, Penny's mom is just normally embarrassing, and Penny clearly isn't too close to her. Penny is trying to move away from her origins. She met Beverly more or less over Leonard's objections. If it had been up to him, Penny wouldn't have met her. Sent from my SM-G900V u
  12. Going on a trip makes perfect sense if needed, especially on trains (both Sheldon and I like to travel on train, although not to his extreme). The problems he has have been in the works for a while though, and he's chosen to avoid them. The issues with string theory are just the breaks in the game. He is contractually obligated to study string theory. Experiments so far haven't worked out, so it is less likely to yield a Nobel Prize. There are other aspects he can expand on, but it just means things aren't working out easy. The deal with Lenny wanting to move in together is inevitable, and
  13. I forgot about that. However, he was looking for consolation because there is no way he can get what he wants. He could have been more constructive and actually helped Stuart, but he really didn't want to. Getting on a train really was the last pacifier he had left. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  14. Sheldon is having to deal with an inevitability of life - change. No matter how the Lenny housing situation is resolved, it will be different and will exclude Sheldon. Sheldon trying to abandon string theory is interesting, as that is change without the need for change. String theory is in trouble but not disproved yet. There is still one more run at the Large Hadron Collider to go at its maximum capacity. Even then it just means current technology and the best version of supersymmetry aren't good. There are other variants to be explored. When you think about it, Sheldon is overreacting. He is
  15. Not the craziest idea. "The Goodbye Girl" had a similar plot line. The Richard Dreyfuss character is in an off-Broadway play that was truly awful but a big time director was there and said if he could do that part, he could anything. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk I agree. Amy did the same thing as Howard in season 3. They knew they were intruding, but was going they could force Lenny to take care of them. Lenny are the surrogate parents of the group, and always have been. The rest of the group are all beta members. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  16. One step in the right direction with Penny and Leonard is that twice she proposed, and he didn't say yes immediately. In the finally successful proposal, Penny had to work to convince him, and he would not be the guy she proposed to simply because he was a smart decision. She had to get worked up and make it clear he was what made her happy. Penny has been clear for a long time that Leonard makes her happy, and has told him so more than once. She loves him, and is happy in spite of the rest of her life not going to plan simply because he is her boyfriend, now fiancé.
  17. This is really to the point. Leonard hasn't had love in his life that one would expect from being raised in a nuclear family. Beverly's experiments and apparent inability to love denied him that. Penny is all the things missing from his life, and he will defend her easily. He's smart enough to understand why he loves her. While her looks certainly played a role initially, it was her open and physical affection for him. Hugs and kisses from early in the first season sealed that. She just likes and loves him for himself with no strings or agendas.
  18. The writers have had a tendency to slough off in this summer. The only time they really delivered on a premiere was in season 3 when Penny jumped Leonard. Most premieres are sort of let downs. There was so much hope for the beginning of season seven, but actually they didn't really do much. They were OK episodes, and welcome after a summer off, but nothing really happened as a result of Leonard being gone. We don't even know about the results of the work. Nothing. It almost seems like they don't get in any sort of groove for a couple of episodes. It would be revolutionary if Sheldon were not i
  19. This was pretty wonderful, and points out where Penny is coming from. I suspect the table episode is the last time you'll see Penny give into Sheldon regarding Leonard. If the writers need conflict, have Penny and Amy get into it. It will be particularly interesting to see Amy try to defend Sheldon in most cases, as he never really has a point. He just has desires he wants fulfilled. Amy had no problem in the episode where Leonard moved out on Sheldon for spoiling one of the Harry Potter books (The Spoiler Alert Segmentation"). I hope we see a whole new Penny with regard to Leonard now. He is
  20. The first sign of Sheldon treating Leonard badly was the episode where he threatened to tell Priya's parents about Leonard (like they would believe Sheldon over their daughter). I can forgive him that one as the Roommate Agreement seems to be essential in Sheldon's mind to his lifestyle. However, since then, he has mostly moved away from having any concern for Leonard's well-being. The only time he showed any sort of human concern for Leonard was when Penny was thinking of dumping him in early season six, and he asked her not to hurt his friend. But subsequent events makes one wonder if it was
  21. I think it would be OOC for Penny to insist on waiting to live together until after the wedding. She's simply not that formal about stuff. If the writers went this way, it would be an artificial construct to maintain Leonard living with Sheldon. One of the points of the engagement is to force Sheldon to grow up, and separate Leonard from him. Sheldon has become less and less of a friend, and more a burden for Leonard. They used to actually be buddies, and do stuff together, but Sheldon and Leonard generally choose to be with their significant others. Sheldon has been more domineering when away
  22. I bet that even the writers don't have a plan yet. We've certainly speculated on many of the options. I thought it was more interesting that Sheldon baldly stated that Leonard moving in with Penny sans Sheldon would be so inconceivable. For someone touted as being so smart, the idea that Penny and Leonard would get engaged and move in together without him seems to have never occurred to him, from the short clip.
  23. In the preview for next week, they showed Leonard and Sheldon arguing about the engagement. The gist of it was that Leonard wants to move Penny into 4A, and Sheldon take her apartment. As expected, Sheldon's response was that state that Leonard was putting his future happiness ahead of Sheldon's. To which Leonard replied, Yeah! So the initial plan is to move Penny into 4A and Sheldon into 4B. It makes the most sense, but we are talking about Sheldon here. Sense doesn't enter into it.
  24. I think they could do a great spin off with Leonard and Penny. I love the way they play off of each other, and it has actually gotten better this season. There are so many things they do better, now that Leonard is confident, and Penny fully accepts that Leonard is what makes her happy. Note that when they came into her apartment, and Leonard asked if she wanted anything, she didn't ask for anything. Definitely no alcohol involved.
  25. I remember thinking as aleonard started to ask Penny formally to marry him, Well now we'll find out Penny's last and middle name. Of course, no, we didn't. So Penny's only last name will be Hofstadter. The other thing that was wonderful was the clip from next week's where Sheldon is loudly asking Leonard "so you're putting your own future happiness ahead of mine?" and Leonard say "Yeah!", like are you that much of an idiot to think that I would spend the rest of my life catering to you? How dumb and self-centered can you be? We have indeed come far.
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