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  1. That was pretty darn near perfect. Penny actually did propose for real, and it wasn't weird. It made sense. Then the Romance Ninja made the moment special. It is interesting that he acted like he had forgotten the ring was in his wallet.
  2. I like the way they have built up to Thursday, as last week's episode really focused on Lenny together away from the group. It was clear that they are as close as they've ever gotten at the funeral. An engagement is logical now. In some respects, it wasn't quite time until now. They've worked their way through some serious stuff, and some fun too. They've stayed together in spite of issues, and worked through them. This Thursday will not be quite as satisfying without out the seven years prior to it. Just like with Penny's ILY. When it came, it was beautiful. I suspect that the engagement will
  3. Following up on my original point focusing on our subject, Penny takes Leonard as he is, as Leonard takes Penny as she is. Neither are trying to change the other. Penny made that point in the table episode. People change in the relationship because they want to. One doesn't deliberately reprogram one's partner. One can set boundaries (Penny is embarrassed to go out with Leonard when he wears his Wookie jacket; Leonard prefers Penny in flats because it doesn't remind him how short he is). But that stuff isn't really their fundamental personality. My concern regarding Sheldon is that he treats
  4. I agree. It shows that Lenny can be excellent on their own. They were funny, warm and delightful. It also reinforces the observation that they are the true grownups in this show. They do the right thing. Regarding Amy and Sheldon, while I agree that Sheldon treats her poorly, it is surprising how many people will put up with terrific amounts of abuse in relationships in the real world. It is disturbing, but Amy is much like those women that will date alcoholic bikers hoping to rescue them. She has some sort of need for Sheldon, and the abuse is part of the attraction. I've dated women tha
  5. I agree with DaisyJane in that we've only seen one episode with Penny's father, and we know Leonard's mother all too well. We actually know more about Raj's family, having met his parents and his sister. Introducing a bunch of new characters, along with the likely stunt casting, would be a bit distracting. I think that they do quite well with the characters and actors they have, and trying to find the right actors to play the various family members would be a mess. I'd rather they spend time writing funny episodes for the characters we already know and love, rather than trying to work a specia
  6. No doubt Penny could find someone. She didn't want to. It is likely she was subconsciously punishing herself for dumping Leonardon such light pretexts. That pain and guilt needed to be processed. She needed to earn her way back to Leonard by being available.
  7. After having a year, and most of this season to reconsider the airport scene, it makes and interesting sort of sense. In that scene, Sheldon is doing his best to make it about him and his neroses, but Lenny pulled a cocoon about themselves and didn't even hear him. That theme has continued this year, and can be regarded as why Sheldon has been so strident, more over the top and even cruel. He is not part of Lenny, will not be part of Lenny, and can't handle it. He can no longer control Leonard, and the best he can hope for is that they will look after him from time to time. He is lucky, althou
  8. I agree with Tensor. While I disliked that Leonard was with Priya as opposed to Penny, she was useful for developing the storylines leading to the reconciliation. Penny's character changed a lot watching Leonard be with Priya. Toward the end, I got annoyed more with Leonard putting up with Priya. It also revealed some of the worst characteristics in Sheldon. But mainly it was important in drilling into Penny how important Leonard is to her, and I believed solidified her resolve to not mess it up with Leonard the second time. She accepted that should have never broken up with Leonard, and she's
  9. When you get right down to it, how would anyone know who the original ring is for, if it is not engraved. Leonard certainly wouldn't be carrying a ring around in his pocket with engravings appropriate to Priya. Without such personalization, a ring is fine for anyone. Even if Leonard bought a ring for Priya, he would have sold it by now. If they wanted to go cute, Leonard and Penny could go back to the jewelry store where he bought to get it engraved, and the jeweler would honor free engraving with purchase of the ring. Then the receipt would come out, and it would date from Leonard and Penn
  10. I don't think getting married to Leonard while eight and a half month pregnant was her idea of a dream. More of a nightmare, hence the need for her to go to the drugstore. She probably saw far to many of her friends 17 and married due to unplanned pregnancies. I think Penny's first wedding dream is to NOT be pregnant during the ceremony, and have a baby clearly more than nine months after the wedding. At worst, if she failed a pregnancy test with Leonard at this point, she'd want to get married ASAP. Whether Lorre and Molaro think it would be funny to recreate that scene for Penny's actual wed
  11. Mean in what sense? It is Leonard's couch. Does the fact that Sheldon claimed it has his spot make the couch his? Most assume that it is Sheldon's apartment. By this logic, once Sheldon leaves, it is Leonard's. There were two other seasons that picked up almost immediately. Season Four into Five picked up right after Penny slept with Raj, and Season Five into Six when Howard went to space. He was only slated for a three week mission, and he was held up another week due to problems with the Soyuz. He was back on Earth in the fourth episode, so Season Six picked up with days of Season Five's
  12. As I mentioned further up the thread, he'll be back by the end of the first episode. Unless they break with tradition, Leonard will be expected to fly to Texas to bring him back. This time, I think Leonard will refuse and Penny won't insist. Amy should go and take charge of the man-child. Leonard needs to stay with Penny and not continue to enable Sheldon. As Chrismo pointed out, this is the first time that Penny wasn't enabling Sheldon. We saw the first flicker of this in the second season seven episode, where Penny kept Leonard to herself when he returned early. To Sheldon, that was betrayal
  13. Sheldon is never willing to do anything, even if he would like it. His spot is a perfect example. It came through unwilling change on his part. I think the key to all of this is the length of time Sheldon is gone. If he runs to mommy in Texas, then he'll be back in days and no one is likely to have time to move anywhere. If he truly goes on some journey of discovery, then he could come back with Penny fully ensconced in 4A. The table would be back, the furniture rearranged (the spot would be gone). I doubt this will happen. One of the biggest challenges will be how to maintain "Nerdvana", as
  14. I'm one for Sheldon going to Texas. Anywhere else would be OOC. I almost pointed out that enjoying kissing Amy was OOC, but as he never tried it before, how would that fit in his character? It will be interesting to see how Penny reacts to being engaged. She could get into nesting, or not flinch and keep on they way they have been. As she has never been engaged before, it will be new territory. After her analysis of Dr. Stephanie stealth moving in, I'm surprised that we haven't got a good look at Leonard's room to see her territory marking going on.
  15. It will be an interesting battle of wills, particularly if Sheldon is actually gone for more than a day or two. As they seem to have both long and short elapsed show times, they could go either way. Sheldon could be gone for months, or for minutes. If the former, then Lenny will settle into 4A and he'll have a battle forcing his way in. If Lenny were smart, they would just move him into 4B. IMHO, this would be the most fun. However, the most likely thing is that Sheldon won't last outside in the real world. There is no evidence of this in the past, so having Sheldon return almost immediate
  16. I think this would be the funniest. With Lenny in 4A and Sheldon in 4B, you still maintain the group, just switching people around. They did this to great effect with "Friends" when Monica and Chandler got serious. As Sheldon has no real boundaries that he won't cross when it suits him, he would be over there all the time (his spot will still be there, but he did find one in Penny's apartment in the first season finale). The Sheldon as man-child has gotten old, and they are actually moving away from it with the past few Shamy focused episodes. Keeping the core three together on the 4th fl
  17. I have a sneaking suspicion that you are right. The writers have all summer to come up with a plausible reason to have the three of them in 4A. I think they set this up as a problem to solve - how to move Penny into 4A as Leonard's fiancée (I just love writing that!) that makes sense.
  18. I am also very happy that Sheldon was not injected into the proposal. The two biggest moments in Lenny have been handled that way. Penny's ILY and the successful proposal have both been done very well, and from the taping report, I think we will have a wonderful show. That just seems to be the vibe for the show, but I think it reflects the centrality of the Lenny relationship as well. Further, it is a given with the group that Penny and Leonard will be together, it was only Penny's "commitment issues" that held them getting married up. I suspect that one of the reasons for the relatively q
  19. I agree completely. It is actually sooner than I think most people predicted on this thread, and probably hasn't really sunk in. I particularly like the fact that they didn't use it as a cliffhanger. They will be engaged, and they tell everyone. They also are making it clear that they want to be a couple together, sans Sheldon. Quite frankly, the fact that Sheldon thinks he should be with them is quite ludicrous. Why would a 30-year old man, no matter how weird, think that this would be a real possibility. I love the fact that this introduces some needed distance between Lenny and Sheldon. It
  20. Leonard could have easily told Penny that she could take any money she needed until she got back on her feet. Regardless, Leonard is far less worried about the money, if it indeed happened the way Bernadette portrayed it, than the fact that she remembered to get him a gift. We always have to remember that Bernie is ultracompetitive (hates to lose), vengeful and unscrupulous. Just listen to her comments about work. Howard is a good match for her. If anything, he isn't sleazy enough. With all of these one-shot deals, I think the broader brushstrokes of the show are more important. Multiple t
  21. We're assuming Leonard didn't know already. I think someone with his sort of mind would know if he was mysteriously missing enough money to buy a decent watch. So often is seems that posters assume Leonard is entirely unaware. He's been with this woman for seven years. He knows.
  22. I'm not quite sure what all the changes are. As I read the episode, the only change that directly affects Sheldon, and it a big one to be sure, is that he will no longer live with Leonard. Apart from that single big change, everything else can stay the same. Lenny didn't say anything about taking the apartment, or indeed vocalize any decisions or serious speculations. Professionally, he is not being allowed to change his research area. That's something he wants to do on his own. Basically, Leonard and Penny's engagement was foreseen by Sheldon, so he should have thought that through. As fast a
  23. Well, I am very pleasantly surprised. First, that Leonard and Penny would get engaged for real. Second, that the writers would jump right in and have Leonard and Penny be adamant about moving in together right now sans Sheldon. No negotiation, just we're either living in one apartment or another, but not with Sheldon. This is just as it should be. It does give the writers the summer to decide to follow through with separating "Bert and Ernie", but for now, it sounds pretty firm. Sheldon running away (again) like a little boy when he doesn't get his way is predictable. I love the way that Leona
  24. I was just speculating on the finale, which tapes tonight. Given that Penny now has an engagement ring, I suspect the finale will be all about Sheldon's reaction to the major changes in HIS life as a result. There will also be whatever deal they use to finesse keeping the current living situation. Generally, TBBT doesn't go for cliffhangers as such. There might be a little hook, but as continuity is not a strong suit, whatever they do will a slight twist. Thoughts? I was also curious if any one knows why the Prof Proton episode was taped so far in advance. There have been implications that h
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