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  1. How creepy the situation with Kurt and Penny is depends on how you look at it. You figure she finished high school, so she's likely 18 before she moved to CA. Kurt is probably no more than 21 at the time they started dating. They might have dated a bit and even lived together prior to moving to CA. She's legally an adult, and wanted to move to CA, so moving there with her boyfriend is reasonable. The key is how much older Kurt is than Penny. The creepy part is the two episodes in Season 1 where he figures. In the pilot, Penny gets Sheldon and Leonard to retrieve her TV. Clearly she doesn't wa
  2. I though the mirror image at dinner was interesting. Howard is acting like a kid, and Bernadette is trying to get him to act responsibly. Leonard is trying to have a grown up Valentine's (with a lot of prep to get a table at a nice place like that on Valentine's Day) and Penny is acting childish. Also, he bailed Howard out by including them on his date and sharing the table. It seems like L/P's relationship always moves forward when Leonard Is strong in front of Penny. Tonight was a great example, as he called her out, and made her talk to him about the problems. His solution was brilliant as
  3. Yes, if the timeline is deliberate. In the pilot, she said she was with Kurt four years. In "The Barbarian Sublimation" she told Sheldon she was 22. So she was 21 when she and Kurt broke up, therefore she must have been with Kurt since she was 17. Of course on Sheldon and Amy's first date, Sheldon does a calculation of how many guys she'd dated/slept with, and did not adjust for four years of being with Kurt. It will be interesting to see how they work this out, or will the writers bother.
  4. I'm rewatching this episode, and my take on the scene where Leonard and Penny start discussing him moving in is that he senses her reluctance, and point blank asks her if she has a problem with it. In fact, he asks her several times. 1. Leonard "Is that a problem". Penny "No, not at all. It's great". Then she goes off about Harry and Ginny. 2. Leonard "Wow, it sounds like you don't want us to live together". Penny "No. No, no, no, I do. But its a really big step." 3. Leonard "Can you give me one reason why we shouldn't live together?". Penny "No, I got nothing". So three times Leonard call
  5. I'm not sure if anyone mentioned this, but I thought it interesting that Amy specifically mentioned moving into Leonard's room (checking it to see if her waterbed would fit). So Sheldon wasn't faced with a physical escalation of the relationship, just that he had to deal with a new person, albeit very compatible with him, as a room mate. It seems to scare the sense out of him.
  6. I just rewatched last nights episode, and while I enjoyed it, there are a couple of things I'm miffed about. First, the ending was so standard sitcom. Clearly Penny and Sheldon were in the wrong on this by not being honest, but Penny walks away from the discussion commenting that the boyfriends were jerks. It would have been funnier if Leonard had said that to Amy, and walked off with her. Second, Penny was the one that lectured Leonard back in Season 2 about having a voice in the relationship, when he had issues with Stephanie stealth moving in with him. It just seems like with Leonard she ju
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