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  1. This. I doubt seriously that Leonard would want the ring of Sauron on his wife's hand. It damaged Bilbo and Frodo so badly that the Lords of the West invited them to the Undying Lands. I don't think he would want to do that to Penny. At some point she will pick up on that, and really turn into the Dark Lord on Leonard's ass. It is more likely that Leonard would forge her a ring out of some unattractive but rare metal. My graduate student got married a couple of years ago, and specifically requested from his wife as a wedding ring out of Tungsten or something similar. Hard as all get out an
  2. By my count, there is one more episode to tape if they are doing 24. I'd be fine leaving things this way, but just checking. The more I think about it, the more I like how they did the proposal. They both acknowledged that they wanted to marry the other, Penny said she'd been thinking that way for a while, so they just formalized how they felt. No big moment, just OK, we're on the same page here, let's go with it. And no Sheldon caterwauling in the background. A nice, uncluttered Lenny moment, when they are at their best.
  3. Well, they worked that out pretty well. Given that the actors add so much, that SUCCESSFUL proposal will suit me just fine. Penny did propose, and Leonard added the romance. I'm very happy with this.
  4. @ArmyGirl, I'm glad to hear that you are back and hopefully OK. That was a long stretch in the hospital. It will be good to have you around for the rest of the season and beyond.
  5. I agree that the parking lot episode was funny because they went over the top, and I wouldn't want Penny to do that (although she is perfectly capable as we've seen in "The Panty Pinata" episode). In the table episode, I wanted to see Leonard and Penny NOT back down to Sheldon. I don't care if Amy looked so sad. Consider, Amy fought the group to sit with Sheldon. Penny didn't. The sense one gets is that Penny doesn't have that sense of commitment to Leonard that excludes Sheldon, while my sense is that, when pushed, Leonard will side with Penny against Sheldon. Otherwise, he tends to give up h
  6. I think a big part of the career issue with Penny is also a Leonard issue. It has been pointed out frequently that Penny is lazy. She is a bad waitress, and doesn't put much effort into relationships. It is also suggested that until now, she didn't work hard at being an actress either. Last season she found out that if she put a little work into her relationship with Leonard, it got better. Essentially the theme of an entire episode. It didn't really take, but she had the experience. Now she is putting more work into her acting. I think the problem is that Penny gets too comfortable with Leona
  7. I don't like that the ads on Facebook keep trying to fuel the Shenny. When you actually watch the episode, they are actually sniping at each other. The real point is that in the beginning, Penny is walking out of Leonard's room in the morning. Regardless of anything else, it is clear they sleep together frequently, if not every night. I do agree that the "old married couple" snarking is getting old. I have sneaking suspicion that they are marking time with Penny and Leonard, as they isn't much they can do to move the relationship forward without something really big happening. They may ma
  8. Leonard also knows how Bernie is. She will lie to him about Penny if it suits her purpose. In "The Scanvenger Vortex" she told him that Penny thought he was a wimp, or something like that. The work she does is highly questionable from an ethical standpoint, as well. Clearly Bernie has no scruples. She and Howard are well-matched. Leonard probably couldn't care less about the money at this point. One thought I had about understanding Lenny vs. the other relationships is that Penny is the only non-scientist, and is involved professionally in a field that requires a very different temperament.
  9. I think the reason why the gaps were more noticeable this year, for me at least, was that the weather was wretched. I also had some personal stuff to deal with (moving my parents to managed care, which went well) and really needed that half hour of the gang. Breaks in the deep winter months suck.
  10. The observation, by Bernie I think, in the last new episode was interesting regarding the suggestion that Penny and Leonard hadn't discussed who would move where as a result of career changes. The implication was that she thought they had already done so. This suggests that in her mind, Leonard and Penny were functionally engaged. That is, that is a conversation they should have had given the permanence of the relationship. It seems like we are getting all these subtle and not so subtle signals that Lenny is solid and permanent. There has also been an abrupt shift from the season up to Penny's
  11. One of my wishes for this season has actually been fulfilled. They didn't break Lenny up, and they have actually stayed pretty stable. indeed, I agree with Tensor's comment that with respect to Lenny, this season has been about clearing out obstacles to Lenny moving forward. "The Romance Resonace" proved that Penny had never really give up on Leonard during the breakup, and it was very important for Leonard to learn that. Penny is helping Leonard pull away from Sheldon (the episode about the table) as opposed to manipulating him. The contrast between Lenny and Shamy here is significant. The gi
  12. Isn't it remarkable how quickly the writers shifted the season. Up to the CSI fiasco, season seven was really viewed on balance as a bad one for Lenny relative to season six. Yet in a few short episodes, we've seen where they emerged from that problem to a closer couple than we could have imagined. I think I pointed out in either this thread or the Leonard and Penny spoiler thread that the car was functionally a metaphor for Lenny's engagement ring, and it seems clear that it was a transition point. That, along with the table episode, we see how Penny positively influences Leonard. The contras
  13. Thanks. I don't she'll a problem with smart and beautiful children at this point. In fact, she would probably think Leonard was cute thinking that after their first meeting.
  14. I reread the thread and couldn't pick up on what Penny doesn't know. Could you remind me? The way they are writing Lenny now is as if the successful proposal is a foregone conclusion. It would actually be a plot twist if it was, in some ways, as they often misdirect us. Having said that, it is clear that the current diection of the show is highly successful with Leonard and Penny solidly together, so any bumps in the road should be minor. I suspect that Leonard's willingness to move to India for priya stemmed from several things. First, tenure wasn't on the horizon yet. So he could afford
  15. Boy, the glass seems to be half empty for many. This is a logical progression of the story line, if you think about it. Either Penny stays at the CCF basically forever, and is therefore a failure at acting. She leaves the CCF for another job of similar skill level, if she can find one in the current economic situation, likely another waitressing job. This gets her nowhere. Or we have the current Penny storyline. She leaves the CCF to focus on acting. If she just walked into a lot of acting jobs at once, that would be both unrealistic and bad storytelling. The protagonist must struggle. The her
  16. The more I think about it, the more I like the car gift and the way it was handled. Leonard rarely gets to play Penny's knight in shining armor, without some event detracting from it (i.e. Shledon bawling in the background for attention). While the money aspect was significant, we are forgetting the effort and love that went into it. He had to go find a suitable car for his love. That means really safe, but not so expensive as to be utterly inappropriate. This is a lot of work and time. There are no strings, just a wish formher success. This is also another example of closure with the past,
  17. I felt the same way. It seemed underplayed, almost like they had written this really great moment, and then realized that they were afraid of what to do next. Upon reflection, I can't imagine what they would do next, if one is viewing where Lenny are in a positive way. Leonard and Penny are about one second away from getting engaged, as they seem past any doubt. The writers could put in a successful proposal at any point, and it would be believeable. Even Penny jumping Leonard's bones would have compromised the moment. I wished it would have been longer, but I'm not sure who they'd do it.
  18. Looking at the taping reports, they list the broadcast date for the next PP episode as tonight, as well as "The Friendship Turbulence". Am I reading this right? In the clip, it didn't seem that Leonard was being finicky about supporting her, and specifically mentioned her savings. So she does have a reserve, therefore options. In defense of Leonard, many people have an abhorrence of blank time periods on their resumes. It seems to be a thing here in NJ. I doubt it is as big a deal for actors. Did you ever see the Far Side cartoon where a character who was only a little bad was sent to "H
  19. The last two episodes have reinvigorated my love of the show. I am glad to hear that others think that there has been a shift in the writing away from drama to closeness in Lenny. I've enjoyed rewatching the last two quite a bit. They seems to be very close now, both to each other and to a next step in the relationship.
  20. Given how they are writing Leonard and Penny as a permanent couple, my analogy to this would be that if a wife's car died, the husband would replace it, if he were the primary breadwinner at that point in time. They are a team, so just as Penny was asked by Leonard to take one for the team in the last episode, in essence, Leonard paying for a new car for Penny is supporting the team. Each partner does what they can to support the partnership. I don't see this as a power thing.
  21. I don't feel picked on, as I asked some questions that I needed answered. You are helping me. I am still trying to understand what is OK in this thread and what is OK in the other thread. I see the need for this one, as there were some contributors that were bearing down on what they don't like about Lenny to the point that it no longer appeared to be a ship zone as I understood the concept. Specifically, there were increasingly frequent posts by occasional contributors to the thread stating that because of one or another perceived problem in the couple, one partner should leave the other. In
  22. I thought the contrast between the three couples in the last episode was interesting, and tellling. Clearly Lenny is the healthiest, although watching Amy manipulate Sheldon was really funny.
  23. I'm glad to have another Lenny thread, but I'm confused. I though the Leonard and Penny Spoiler thread was a Ship Zone. In fact, I distinctly remember Tripper stepping in to point out that it was. Has this been changed? If not, then the trolls have won. On to topic, I have rewatched the most recent episode several times, and really love it. There were so many good Lenny moments, not the least of which was Leonard's comment to Penny to "take one for the team.". The contrast with the other two couples was stark, in keeping with the length of the relationship, and ultimately, the nature of the
  24. I agree. The recent episodes have provided plenty of assurance that there is no threat of them breaking up. Leonard's doubts after hesitating over Penny's propsal was legitimate, as they were in weird uncharted territory, but it blew over fast. Penny ddn't seem to show doubts. I'll give Leonard his not knowing what the hell was going on as Penny was drunk, acting weird and random. He's a scientist dealing with incompete information about a nonlinear system. I also was clear from the last two episodes that Amy has Sheldon's number now, and everyone but Sheldon knows it. He barged into her ap
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