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  1. Sheldon's "win" was that everyone gravitated back to the most unreasonable person in the room. He views this as justification for his homeostasis. I don't think Leonard lost, since as you pointed out, the table wasn't really a big deal for him. Indeed, Leonard had the pleasure of watching Amy pull his strings in ways that Penny not only never had tried with him, but wouldn't. The best part of this regarding Sheldon is that the last two episodes have shown that he is losing control of the relationship with Amy. The best part of this episode regarding Leonard and Penny is that it is re
  2. A nice, clever episode except for the end. Sheldon should have lost this one. Are the writers that afraid of change that they can't let Leonard win one? Sheldon is simply not that endearing. I did love how Amy played him. There are times that she really seems to have Sheldon's number, and they are usually the best episodes. I do like how Penny is empowering Leonard to stand up to Sheldon. An important difference in the relationships shows in this episode too. Leonard is quite aware of how Penny influences him, and is knowingly OK with it. They acted like a good couple and team in this one.
  3. Of course, I also wouldn't mind a next day scene such that we might have seen in early Season 3, where Penny has shown her very great appreciation for Leonard by destroying another bed. A worn out Leonard the next day mumbling about he should have bought her a car sooner would also be funny. There hasn't been enough implied physical affection between them in L/P 2.5. They don't have to show them in bed, but some playfulness would be excellent.
  4. I want to see all of her reaction too. I want to see her go from thinking that they are going to the CCF, to her not knowing what is going on, all the way to having Leonard hand her the keys and title in her name. I want to enjoy this, after all the snark and conflict. Loving detail, please.
  5. I think Penny has made up her mind about the deal with her and Leonard. My experience is that women are usually much further along than the guy is. She just hasn't articulated it, but I'll bet if pressed, she already knows what the kids' names will be. I believe that she seems the way she is with Leonard because he's really the only one she can trust to put up with her crap. She's trying to be tough and independent, but some aspect of that is that some part of her really just wants to let Leonard look after her. Which he would gladly do. Leonard buying the car might break the current relatio
  6. Ther is no reason why the writers can't make professional success funny. They've done it with Howard, Leonard and Sheldon. While Howard hated the space trip, he still got to do it, and apparently performed whatever task he needed to. Leonard and Sheldon have gotten grants, and published papers. All of these things have led to funny situations. Penny could get parts that were funny. Suppose she got a part like CSI's Abby, playing a scientist. She could come back and spout dialog at Sheldon. She could be saying perfectly reasonable science stuff for paragraphs, then hit a place where the writers
  7. Tenure should be the wedge to break Sheldon's dependence on Leonard. If Leonard gets tenure, I don't think Sheldon will be able to handle it without some major rethinking. If Sheldon gets tenure, which I think would be over the objections of the technical advisors as being completely unrealistic, he would become impossible enough for Leonard to live with that he would move out. Any other treatment of it would be implausible. That is likely why it has not been revisited. I also agree that "Itchy Brain" was a very bad episode. Both Sheldon and Leonard showed their bad sides.
  8. I think the writers need to realize that they need some continuity to hang the jokes on. Too often this season it felt like I was watching standup comedians delivering one shot zingers. There has been little or no development or continuity that I can see. It is as if they have lost the thread of their story. Good ideas aren't devloped and therefore wasted. Leonard's trip is never mentioned, nor was the D&D moment with Shamy. There has been a lot of noise, but no results. The jokes seem to be pulling the characters back, and are not very funny in many cases. They seem to be slipping into fa
  9. A new car as a Leonard and Penny avatar for a wedding ring? It would be more like them.
  10. Here's what I'm not sure about. Were Leonard and Priya ever really exclusive? In my limited experience, the discussion of being exclusive was an deliberate escalation of the relationship, on the same order as ILY. There seems to be a presumption of exclusivity that never existed. Part of my point in my earlier post is that Priya and Leonard never got that serious, and Priya made it clear that Leonard was never really a factor in her life. She mentioned that there might be a permanent job opening for her in her firm exactly once, and pretty much the next episode, she's going back to India. It i
  11. I've always been a little miffed at the Leonard cheated on Priya with Alice thing. There are some assumptions that weren't obvious to me. Mainly, were Leonard and Priya exclusive? Apparently Priya didn't think so. Did they have an open and honest relationship that would presume this. Apparently not, as Priya had the return to India all set up with no plan to return. Leonard only found out by accident, and she tried to cover it up. Was Leonard ever a serious boyfriend to her. Absolutely not, as she made it clear that not only had she not told her parents about him, with whom she Skyped regularl
  12. I am glad that they might do something with Raj. Given the nature of the character, they have a lot of ways they can go. I do think that a formal, accepted proposal from Penny to Leonard by season's end can open up narrarive possibilities. Sheldon's questions about whne are they getting married, and where are the three of them going to live sort of highlights the things they can have fun with. First, getting engaged doesn't immediately change anything. Second, we can have Sheldon going off about the future. How is he going to deal with his spot? The SIK certainly opened some interesting doo
  13. I was quite happy with this episode on a couple of levels. First, Lenny seemed good with each other and comfortable, which many have noted. That reinforces the notion that their now six year experiment is working out. As to them not doing anything for Valentines, Penny doesn't like it, and theirs is a relationship of small gestures. The box from earlier in the season is the key relationship point. Big things for them don't work out. I do love the Shamy kiss. I suspected that when they actually had a SIK, Sheldon might find the experience disturbing to his homeostasis. This could actually be
  14. I always thought that was a very telling statement on Penny's part. She gets that they've really been bonded for most of the time she's known Leonard.
  15. My sense of the two part CSI episode was that the only person only Leonard and Sheldon thought there was any doubt about the Lenny relationship. That Penny would stomp out after Leonard hesitated made perfect sense. The fact that she didn't even take him to task about it later is a sign that breaking up is NOT on her mind. Quite the opposite, as asking Leonard to marry her was on her mind as a good thing in her life. That she reconsidered on reflection is mostly about timing, and the nature of the proposal. But I view it as sort of like the ILY, in that she blurted out what she takes as a give
  16. Thank you. I hadn't heard that. It is interesting that Molaro doesn't count the notional "lot" of proposals Leonard supposedly made off screen. We've only seen two. Will Penny's second be the charm?
  17. I missed the scorecard being started. Since I only really follow this thread, something started in another thread might have slipped by me. Have TPTB actually started making a joke of their own ability to write a successful proposal? These failures are their own, as none of the failed proposals, nor the suggestions that Leonard has proposed "a lot" are funny to me. They point out a dysfunction that the writers have built into the couple such that two people, in love, one highly intelligent and one that has pretty solid social skills, close to thirty, can't sit down for a few minutes and hammer
  18. Did my post about Leonard and Penny having kids strike everyone dumb with shock?
  19. As I was watching "Mom" tonight (a surprisingly funny/serious show btw), I was struck by the idea of Leonard and Penny some years from now with a typical wise-cracking kid that Lorre writes so well. Could you see Leonard and Penny with a kid like Jake from the first season of TAAHM? We only see them now as just barely adults, but a flash forward could be amazing.
  20. Becoming a successful scientist requires an enormous amount of physical, mental and emotional effort, for relatively little reward. Recall from the first season Raj's dad pointing this out. You don't make a lot of money even if you are good, and people treat you badly. This is one of the points of the show. The scientists in the show, while intellectually gifted, got where they are by working hard and putting up with a lot of abuse from society. Of course, doing most things successfully require a lot of effort and some help from a good genetic legacy. The guys are lucky to be smart, and Penny
  21. Regarding the student loan issue, guys as smart as Leonard and Sheldon get free rides. I know, as I serve on scholarship committees. Further, if Leonard's parents work at Princeton, he could go for free. That is the standard deal for faculty. Graduate school in physics at their level is free too, as they would be working on government funded projects. It is unlikely that either have student loans. One thing that hasn't been mentioned is the possibility that Penny just likes living alone at the moment. Clearly she loves Leonard, and plans to have a future with him, but at this point, she just
  22. It was sad, but good they were willing to include her anyway.
  23. Good point. However, one of the girls did point out that Penny spent as much on a little dress as Leonard was planning to spend on ComiCon tickets, so it may be she doesn't see the value of the event. The money doesn't seem to be completely the problem. I agree it was good to see her snarking about the guys doing something geeky. It could easily been a scene out of Season One or Two. This proves the writers could summon the spirit of the earlier seasons when necessary. They should do more of this.
  24. Is it just me, or did tonight's episode just seem a little weird? The JEJ/Sheldon plot seemed a little odd and creepy. It is interesting that both the girls and the boys decided that their initial "kid" impulses were not really appropriate for where their lives are now. Tea parties aren't grown up, and scalping ComiCon tickets aren't worth the risk. Not so much for Sheldon. I am starting to find that the writers don't do stunt casting episodes too well. They just don't integrate well into the group. The only one that seems to work OK is Wil Wheaton. The second Prof Proton was not bad, but the
  25. I have mentioned several times upthread that I would be fine if they would just leave Lenny be as they are. I'd rather see more science and less relationship drama. If they can make the relationships funny, I'm good with that too. But I don't notice the presence or lack of Lenny progress if the episode is funny. I am also seeing the value of Howard's trip to space last fall, as they had a ready-made B plot to the A Lenny plot, and the writers could ignore Shamy (which they seem to be desperate to do). It would be nice if Lenny could just enjoy being a couple, without any need for relationship
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