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  1. The Penny finance issue is getting beaten to death, I think. It will either come up, or it won't. Penny may be doing a lot of little gigs not worth mentioning in the business. Running scripts, backup for understudies, basically a lot of minimum wage stuff people not in the business such as myself wouldn't be aware of. Consider that Leonard and to a lesser extent Sheldon have been subsidizing her with food, internet and such for years whether Leonard was dating her or not, I don't think for a minute her boyfriend and good friend will hesitate to spot her some cash with no strings attached. They
  2. I tire of this too, and the love affair the writers have with Sheldon. He's actually not been funny this season. I believe the perverted efforts of the writers to avoid the changes that are staring them in the face (Lenny and Shamy both getting a relationship upgrade, revisitng tenure and the results of the North Sea trip, Raj actually talking to a new girl sober) are making them write weird drama rather than lighthearted nerd comedy. Asking Penny to try out for an online Star Wars audition is token nerdism. Get back to science so Leonard can seduce Penny in the laser lab again!
  3. Thanks. It looks like from the report that it is a non-relationship episode, like "Bakersfield". It suits me fine. The last two aired episodes had a drama/funny ratio that was too high. I particularly don't like it when the drama doesn't accomplish anything, and they just hit the end of the episode. I'm glad Leonard and Penny are OK at the end, but it was drama and disagreement, then a ten second kiss and make up. It just seemed like such sloppy writing,as if they needed to say these things to set something up. But more so that they wanted to get this out of the way and focus on the Star Wars
  4. Thank you. It will be interesting to see how they use the Star Trek characters. Based on how Sheldon reacted to a napkin of Leonard Nimoy's, actually meeting or more of the actors would truly blow his mind.
  5. Please remind me where FF is, so I can find the post when its up? Or will there be a link in the taping report thread?
  6. As a Leonard AND Penny shipper, my problem right now is that Penny is the one holding things up in the relationship. We don't know why, really. Further, unlike Amy and Sheldon, they are so close to formal commitment of the relatioship, it just seems artificial that they aren't living together/married. It has nothing to do with jobs or finances. My sense is that Leonard and Penny are way past such mundane considerations. The romantic in me can't see what the holdup is, except to extend the artificial separation. As pointed out earlier, Shamy simply is moving so slowly in a traditional sense, I
  7. I believe there is a middle ground, in that Penny can get decorative blonde work if she works at it. There are a fair number of actors that seem to show up everywhere, but never get regular cast work in TV. Her relative maturity can work here, as she can play more groundup roles. And her personal maturity could make her more employable as she will be reliable. Her commitment to Leonard means she won't fool around and chase the other actors. She'll want to do the job professionally and go home to Leonard. What Leonard can do for her is smooth out the dry spots, as she may have good months and b
  8. I also think that the all-in mindset is ultimately good for the relationship. In Leonard and Penny 1.0, Leonard was fairly clear on the point that Penny was keeping her boyfriend options open. Not a good place for him to be, and one of the fatal flaw of that version. Leonard felt like he could lose her at any point, and eventually Penny got scared because that became no longer true. In Leonard and Penny 2.0, we get the ILY from Penny, which surprised her as much as it did Leonard. It is almost if she did not realize she felt that way. Now, in the third version (post-VD 2013) and into these rec
  9. I'm with you on this too. I've felt that they could have left Leonard and Penny alone in their happiness from season 6. They had the setup from the North Sea trip. Why did he go? They only used it to set a couple of episodes up, then they dropped it. This was a big deal, that could have important repercussions throughout the season. It would have made far more sense for Penny to do something dramatic (have Leonard move in, declare he was the one, decide never to sleep apart, a whole host of ideas presented up thread). Yet instead, they've had them have issues pretty much every other episode. T
  10. I agree with the notion that Penny has a deep need for Leonard, as he does for her. The writers probably need to expand on why a bit as they pull up to the next step in the relationship. They will fight and disagree, but the breakup odds are nil. Penny is going to need Leonard's emotional support far more than his financial support while she tries to make success happen. If she hadn't been dumb about it, Leonard would have been more supportive recently, but she put him on the spot and demanded the truth about soemthing he was perfectly willing to let slide to try and hold her together. I wa
  11. We may not have much choice based on MJ's recent experience. It seems that they may be watching folks trying to take notes, so any reports will have to be from memory. I can't see how much impact our intrepid group of spies can have on The Network's control of the basic plotlines, but apparently they may act. I'm pleased to have a general idea of the episode, as the performers add so much it is hard for anyone to adequately express what the finshed product will look like. I'm sure MJ and the rest do as best they can, but their's is a near impossible task.
  12. I like the way this reads. The Shamys get their SIK, and Lenny is plenty good. A Valentine's Day that works for them and is romantic, by themselves. The thing with the dog is just for laughs. Interestingly, it shows that Penny isn't too strapped for cash, as she could buy Leonard gifts. I'm very happy with the writers just leaving Leonard and Penny happy and stable. On the Lenny development front, it will be a while for something to happen as clearly the SIK is the big event here, and the next episode to be taped involves stunt casting, so nothing will happen there.
  13. Given that the writers fairly quickly resolved the last episode, I doubt there will be any immediate follow up. I was actually surprised that they had two Lenny episodes back to back and with a continuing storyline. I'll bet the next one is a "Bakersfield" type episode, which will be good, but not advance any plot lines. I think the writers will want to milk the situation of Penny being truly broke for a while. I did think that a certain amount of conflict in Lenny would arise before Penny and Leonard got engaged, however. Penny needing serious living money will soon be a friction point, espec
  14. Penny is putting Leonard in a spot where the only strength he has is his total devotion to her. His logic and reasoning will tell him that Penny has little chance of succeeding, no matter how talented or beautiful she is. It is the nature of the acting business. Harrison Ford is a good example. He got a couple of good small parts at one point, then ended out as a carpenter for a while. Then Lucas casts him as Han Solo. He didn't catch on until he was older. If Lucas doesn't make Star Wars, and remember Ford, one of the most successful actors of the past 30 years or so would be retired by now f
  15. I do think Penny has some justification for being a bit irrational. As she pointed out, ten years and no real acting career is hard to take. The loss of one's dream is very difficult. I think it would be easier if she let Leonard in a bit more. He might not agree with how she's handling things, but he will emotionally support if she gives him the chance. The financial support will come later.
  16. Leonard is faced with an irrational Penny, and he's trying his best. Three time in the past two episodes Penny has essentially tricked him. As Tensor points out in the "give me your honest opinion...", the "I'm thinking about qutting the CCF" and the proposal itself. She gives him five seconds to react to THAT proposal? She's also being passsive-aggressive, doing yoga with Sheldon. Penny needs to calm down, treat Leonard like her SO, and make him a partner in her life. Right now, she seems to just want Leonard to be a yes man, but that actually isn't what she wants. Whenever Leonard stands up
  17. I think Leonard is being given an unjust hard time, as he is trying to do very difficult things with no help from the group. He's trying to be practical and responsible. His girlfriend is acting irrationally after what appeared to be a career setback, but as we discussed, was not. She then quits her job, then fishes for Leonard's approval. She first says she's thinking about qutting, and when he doesn't immediately support the idea drops the bomb that she already had quit. Then she cold-shoulders him for expressing his opinion, just like in the last episode. I'm proud of Leonard for finally sp
  18. The most recent episode reinforces Leonard's centrality to the show. Note that Penny needed Leonard's support to feel OK, and Sheldon can't seem to accept that he won't be with Leonard and Penny forever. Leonard gets beat upon because he is the "hero" and must suffer difficulties for the story to most forward. Sheldon is the lancer in this.
  19. Regarding Sheldon, I thought it was curious that little discussion has occurred regarding his assumption that he was an equal partner in the non-sexual aspects of Lenny. It is clear that the way Leonard and Penny acted, he wasn't part of their discussion. Even more so than in the Season Six finale, Leonard and Penny were in their own world in their last scene, while Sheldon was desperately trying to interject himself. Further, he assumes that he will live with them. Considering that initially Sheldon was the senior person in on the floormby virtue of having lived there the longest, he is now t
  20. My sense after watching the last episode is mixed. Narratively, there is a third act that should come. But, they did leave things such that Leonard and Penny were OK with each other, and the writers could simply leave off with this if they wanted to. The reason I don't think they will is that there was no comedy payoff for what they just put Penny and Leonard through. Normally, the writers will ignore any canon to go for the funny, but there was no funny in this plotline. Sure, Sheldon kept popping up, but it was a lot like the Season Six finale, where Leonard and Penny are doing grownup relat
  21. Considering they've done absolutely nothing with this since it happened, the only point I can see is that the writers were tired of the restriction. They have had a few plot points where Raj could talk in front the girls without drinking, but it was mainly to allow him to interact with Penny, Bernie and Amy in situations where a drink would be implausible. He hasn't talked to any women other than Ms. Davis or the girls, except when he and Stewart went to a bar, where having a drink would be the rule. I find it interesting that everything set up in the last two season six episodes have had ze
  22. I wonder too if the focus is on Lenny because they don't know what to do with Shamy. Penny and Leonard were good after the Thanksgiving episode. There was really no need to focus on them, except to avoid dealing with Shamy. This has not been a good fall for the latter shippers. There has been no real progess since last spring, and I think that means the writers are stuck. Either that, or moving Shamy forward needs some changes in Lenny to make that happen. This could be leading up to a revisit of "The Spoiler Alert Segmentation" issues, only this time Penny and Leonard move in together for the
  23. We've been shown how Leonard is broken, but I've always wondered what happened to Penny, The kind of guys she dated prior to Leonard weren't necessarily indicative of problems, as she was immature and went for obvious traits. Penny's attraction for Leonard was initially as expected. He was a good guy, and treated her well. That she would become sexually and romantically bonded to him is the paradox. However, it is clear that they complement each other.
  24. Maybe the point of this setup is to put Penny in a position where she fails, and Leonard is able to finally get across to her that he loves her for who she is. He will accept her as a waitress, or an Oscar winning actress. It makes no difference to him.
  25. I do not get why it is so important for Penny to handle this full court press on acting alone and totally independent of Leonard. I keep seeing posts that state she needs to be independent. If Penny and Leonard were married, which is hopefully where this is going, then both Leonard and Penny are giving up their independence, in this regard. I've never been married, but my understanding is that the main finances are pooled, decisions are made together, and each support the other in their careers. The only reason Leonard and Penny aren't doing this now is because of her commitment issues. Wouldn
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