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  1. I Love this show.I love the friendship of two girls. And I want to know if there is someonoe who likes Caroline~~~~~I love her~~~
  2. Is this question important? If we have reached the conclusion that one character is most important,does it mean other characters can be got rid of?
  3. It doesn't matter.China welcomes you at any time.
  4. Happy Birthday mayim! We chinese "shamy" group on Internet is organizing an activity,collect blessings from the big bang theory's audience. Can we use your picture of "happy birthday mayim"?
  5. 44 per episode or the entire season? Sounds really good! Thanks to the Chinese people who love sharing,I can download free episodes at about 10:00am Friday in China.
  6. I can't agree more ,I'm willing to dig shamy. Here are my collection of mayim's photos,wait for your supplement!http://tieba.baidu.com/p/1988298711
  7. This is the collection of some shamy pictures made by one of us,I think you can also understand though there are so many chinese words. http://tieba.baidu.com/p/1905871447
  8. Emm,unfortunately all of our statements are made in Chinese= = But we can conmunicate there~~~ I can share our resources and interesting opinions with you~~~
  9. As a Chinese,we don't need to spend money on Chirstmas presidents~ But we have to spend much on Spring Festival,(a Festival in February usually),We have to give cash as presidents to friends' or relatives' kids,about 400~1000 yuan per kid,being equaled to about 70~170 euros per kid.And we also have to buy many presidents to our friends and relatives. So my family(my parents and I altogether) has to spend really a lot,I can't measure them clearly,but rather much more than 1000 euros.
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