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  1. For one thing, it is not even 20 minutes, there is a huge audience giggling, laughing and hooting throughout the show and the characters take pauses during almost every laugh by simply making an expression. The true length of the show would be about 15 minutes, but as a fan, I really want to see more! I wouldn't go for removing the audience but they could increase the running time of the show.

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  2. Yeah man, I also want Raj to be with Alex. Besides, Alex is my second favourite female actress in The Big Bang Theory, right after Penny.

    Raj and Alex would do really good. Apparently, though, Alex seems to be hitting on Leonard and Raj is being made look like a fool.

  3. Imagine this scenario:

    Bernadette Likes Raj (Supposition)
    Raj Likes Bernadette (He confessed this in Season 5)
    Raj Likes Howard (He does, many of his actions and statements prove it)
    Howard Likes Raj (He does, his actions prove it but he isn't able to show)

    Bernadette Likes Howard (She obviously does, he's her husband)
    Howard Likes Bernadette (He obviously does, she's his wife)

    This would be REALLY messed up, the three of them fighting for each other with multiple emotions  :icon_wink:  :icon_rolleyes:

    What say?

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