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  1. Don't kill mir for this, but I kinda enjoy how the writers spice things up a bit.
  2. Koopsy, I never disappeared. I still enjoy the discussions and the occasional mental breakdowns :-). It is amazing how this forum developed! btw: I was NEVER disappointed by the Shamy development. And I am not now. I like the twists that are going on. Still luv ya all!!!!!! naaaahhhhh. Negativ :-)
  3. Hi Guys, I know I do not talk a lot in here, mainly just read (and that A LOT) My thoughts: In the last two years a lot of people where able to get a certain expertise in scoring tickets. That was not the way 2 or 3 years ago. Maybe AU and the producers are afraid that scored tickets might be sold secretly. We all know this not the case, but probably THEY can not be sure. I can imagine that people who plan a trip to LA or desperatly want to attend a taping are willing to pay a not so small amount for a Guaranteed or even Stand By ticket. By changing the rules about the transferability of the tickets AU can prevent this. It is the same with Football tickets of Bayern Munich. They are not transferable to avoid black market deals. This new rule is very disapointing imo and I think it bumms a lot of people out. Especially those who are really into getting tickets and spreading the love for those who where not so lucky. :-( Sonja
  4. Hi Guys, thought this might be of interest for you: last year I was a lucky duck and got one of those VIP tickets because I sort of have connections via my job to one of the big sponsors of the show (Taping 9-5). It was a so called "Guest of Production Ticket". I had a chair with my name on and was sitting in the second row in front of the guys appartment. No need to tell you that the simple thought of it still makes me weep..... But there seem to be different VIP tickets for real VIP's like family and friends of the staff. I had to give my phone away, but the first row not. In front of me was Kunals Brother and some friends of Mayim. She came up to talk to them and then later I saw them getting a backstage tour. I was jelous. Lots. I would give a kidney for another chance like this, but it probably was just a wonderfull one time experience.
  5. Ahhhh.... I am getting feverish only reading these posts. ALL of you out there going to the taping tonight..... ENJOY it and soak in the experience. It feels like a Once in Lifetime chance being there. At least it was like that for me at the 7-5 taping!
  6. Now it's official: THEY ARE TRYING TO KILL US!!!!!
  7. LOL You and Kunal and all the rest uf us :-)
  8. Everybody loves some Morning-Eye-Candy
  9. Good Morning @therealjimparsons. I can do morning selfies too!
  10. She adressed Jim in her post, so maybe we will get one from him now!
  11. I keep updating my Instagram and all I get is the latest Zachary Quinto selfie with a pink eye. Could be worse I admit.....
  12. Where is our selfie????? I want our SELFIE!!!!! I need it!
  13. To all of you who have plane tickets and taping tickets for next Tuesday: I am keeping my fingers crossed that the taping will take place. Fingers Crossed, Daumen gedr├╝ckt, Toi Toi Toi, Weidmans Heil and Hals und Beinbruch! (thats German)
  14. What if he only posts selfies during hiatus????
  15. I want morning selfie too..... and table read post....... AND flight ticket Munich - LA!!!!! Oneway
  16. in the shower..... it's 10 past 5am in LA. Maybe he is sleeping in
  17. Not gonna happen for me. But I support all you brave people out there :-D HIT IT!
  18. You got a new Follower my dear friend
  19. Retrospective the total hiatus seems shorter than the days until the first taping and the beloved taping report!
  20. It's adorable that he still reads into these comments. I mean.... how cute is that???? I really wish people would stop posting the same stuff over and over.....
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