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  1. I prefer this one to Malevic. By the way... I've organized a tour to see it at the Tate M. soon.
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    F A I T H: what a big word! I have hope in life
  3. George is just a baby...little cute thing! He is not aware yet...... to be the third in line to be a king.
  4. Well Gaqo what a choice! That is the ecstasy of Santa Teresa by the sculptor Bernini of Rome. It's a baroque extravaganza. Rome is the capital city of Baroque art. I lived there. You should take a flight (only two hours from London) to marvel the opere of Bernini. There're so many there that you can get lost amongst them.
  5. Is anyone in this forum of Indian origins like Raj and perhaps experienced a kind of Bollywood romance?
  6. @ Geniocrat I'll bear that in mind...you want to get rid of me...don't you :lol:
  8. Yes indeed they are sophisticated @Gaqo It was a very simple technique to begin with...and very well known to say the least. It is still used by some muralists in nature nowadays. They were inspired and used the natural embossing of the bumpy rock walls of the caves... to suggest the initial relief of the design. Once satisfied by their shape and form jotted down...they'd colour and countour it with the charcoals.
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    Super Nerds!

    Not only Sheldon wishes to live long enough to become a robotSheldon machine Andy In 1963, long before computers became part of our consciousness, before Kasparov lost to Deep Blue, before HAL took over the spaceship, Andy Warhol said, "I want to be a machine." Andy knew that machines were things to be feared, worshipped, admired and, therefore, emulated. His artwork was about people and ideas that were, more or less, generated by the machine: the media machine, the political machine, the printing press and the television, all iconic images that were powerful, not because they were complex, nuanced, interesting or even beautiful, but because they were relentless. Warhol's brilliance was in recognizing how deep the machine metaphor had embedded itself into our personal ambitions and our collective self-image.
  10. The caves were special not only for representing the mural depictions but more importantly rituals were held there almost daily. Of course there were other external sites but those caves were sheltering by protecting them from wildlife animals attacks. Primitive indigenous people worshipped hunting and by the act of painting those symbol-like-wild-creatures they would in a way take hold of the surrounding fauna and control it in secret. It was a sacred refuge for that people, a safe place from the dangers of the outside world.
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    Super Nerds!

    Oh I am glad someone here likes Andy Warhol Do you reckon he was a super nerd?
  12. We do a great job to keep Chit Chat busy...pity that I feel we are just the gutter press :D
  13. Well, well things are looking up...the best scene of that episode! I did not enjoy Howard's cloning of al Pacino he was funnier as Fruit Loop young man. But that's only my opinion.
  14. I barge in...only to to say that I am against Raj's parents going to Pasadena We give too much credits to these people. After all who are they? Simple reason I do not wish to see them as I do not like: A Bollywood romance in Pasadena.
  15. Mine is better because i MADE A COMPARISON
  16. Hi Kitka nice to see you back! By the way… going back to what women and a men needs are. Taking as an example Sheldon when tells Penny in the launderette that Amy is horny. (S4-The Alien Parasite Hypothesis) We're expected to believe that Amy has never experienced sexual arousal until she meets Zach at the Bar with the girls. I mean, as far as I know, Amy does feel arousal, but the fact that she got like that by JUST seeing a guy would completely surprise me. But once she realized what she experienced, she was very open about her urges. I like that she accepts exactly how she is and what she is made of "I have a stomach, I get hungry, I have genitals, I have the potential to get sexually aroused" By contrast Sheldon thinks he can live without sexual contacts, almost a celibate life. Then Sheldon being upset because of Amy’s hormonal needs and doesn’t want to do anything about her urges. "A cross we all must bear". He adds! So of what cross is he talking about? Is it to make women in a bad light? Like a curse to the humanity? We are women and of course we have needs indeed.
  17. @Sherminator From just reading the first two paragraphs of yours... I had to stop reading you :D Historians are not imbecils but perhaps critics are ... Serious historians base their arguments on facts whereas critics on various self projected opinionated speculations. My opinion in a few sentences? The cave paintings are super! They are artfacts on their own right. I've been in Altamura caves (Spain) They are mitical and magical.
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    This is my thought about alien abduction. Nothing to do with religion as such. Someone out there, few centuries back, had some peculiar ideas about UFOs or flying objects to brush them up in the sky in the painting I am pasting here.
  19. Yeah... I would call it rather a routinue. They don't give a toss about what people think...because of the impending success of the show anyway.
  20. @ Willo good news... I've found Sheldon's double here...what a twitch (Herbert Lom...as Dreyfus) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LEcsgbwBFRs
  21. Very well Ray Ellis If you are sick of Sheldon... you have all of us from this forum... who can give you support ...otherwise You can always join us in Chit Chat for a more convivial debate of somesort and forget about Sheldon ok?
  22. I do not believe it Gaqo in a lesbian commune? How come you got there in a first place? Well a good therapy to exposure to semi-nudity... you say only topless? It must have been an adventure of somekind.
  23. @Gaqo If just wiggling her ass would be enough...you also need other attributes to keep a relationship going, sex in itself does not do the trick!
  24. For some people nudity it's not. I think nobody here even you has ever been in a nudist beach. Because I have and every one there had to be. It's not fair I am in the nude and you are not. It's not a fair game.
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