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  1. It indicates some sort of split in humans; those that have faith in God, and those that have faith in science,science fiction, and aliens(although believing in all four, or any combination is okay!) Technology is merely a tool, originally it was a stick, more recently it was the Hubble Space Telescope. I think we may have had comparable intelligence to someone(6000yrs ago), but I think it's how we use intelligence and technology combined, that is creating a developmental change. Computers when combined with other technology, take us into a new era. I don't believe any lifeform that could make it here, would have a physical structure as we imagine it.  


    F A I T H:  what a big word! I have hope in life :)

  2. Well Gaqo what a choice!

    That is the ecstasy of Santa Teresa by the sculptor Bernini of Rome. It's a baroque extravaganza. Rome is the capital city of Baroque art. I lived there. You should take a flight (only two hours from London) to marvel the opere of Bernini. There're so many there that you can get lost amongst them. :)

  3. I've just read that today is your Birthday Walnutcowboy :huh:



        56 years candles








  4. Can we work our way, through the whole history of art, doing detailed counter analysis, until we reach the future. I always noticed the sculptures, and art in Star Trek. I think that cave dwellers, were just either painting their homes. Some caves would have inspired higher feelings! I looked up The Altimira caves. The bison are very sophisticated, and were probably, painted over a more basic, earlier attempt. I'm sure someone must have carbon dated some charchol used to draw sketch. I think they probably worshipped the Earth, Sun and Moon. Therefore painting down into the Earth was a gesture. Your last idea about the quality of spiritual art, the words' 'scraping' and 'barrel', flash before me!


    Yes indeed they are sophisticated @Gaqo


    It was a very simple technique to begin with...and very well known to say the least. It is still used by some muralists in nature nowadays. They were inspired and used the natural embossing of the bumpy rock walls of the caves... to suggest the initial relief of the design. Once satisfied by their shape and form jotted down...they'd  colour and countour it with the charcoals.

  5. Not only Sheldon wishes to live long enough to become a robotSheldon machine

    Andy In 1963, long before computers became part of our consciousness, before Kasparov lost to Deep Blue, before HAL took over the spaceship, Andy Warhol said, "I want to be a machine." Andy knew that machines were things to be feared, worshipped, admired and, therefore, emulated. His artwork was about people and ideas that were, more or less, generated by the machine: the media machine, the political machine, the printing press and the television, all iconic images that were powerful, not because they were complex, nuanced, interesting or even beautiful, but because they were relentless. Warhol's brilliance was in recognizing how deep the machine metaphor had embedded itself into our personal ambitions and our collective self-image.

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  6. If it pleases the court, I have here two pieces of solid proof why those heathen cave paintings cannot be spiritual in nature.


    Spiritual people are very egoistic. Fact.

    When spiritual people do spiritual stuff, they want to have a big audience. They want to be as visible as possible, and make as much noise as possible, while they are doing their spiritual stuff.

    So, would a spiritual person go to a very remote, dark cave to paint a spiritual mural?

    -I do not think so!

    A spiritual stoneage artist would do his painting in as visible place as possible, to attract a crowd.

    -They would also choose a place where the painting would be seen by all.

    So, they would choose a outdoor cliff wall for their art, rather than some remote, hard to reach, pitch black cave.

    So, based on the psychological profile of these so called spiritualists, those cave painting could not have been done by spirtiual people. So, they cannot be spiritual in nature.



    The caves were special not only for representing the mural depictions but more importantly rituals were held there almost daily. Of course there were other external sites but those caves were sheltering by protecting them from wildlife animals attacks. Primitive indigenous people worshipped hunting and by the  act of painting those symbol-like-wild-creatures they would in a way take hold of the surrounding fauna and control it in secret. It was a sacred refuge for that people, a safe place from the dangers of the outside world.

  7. I barge in...only to to say that I am against Raj's parents going to Pasadena :icon_eek:

    We give too much credits to these people. After all who are they?

    Simple reason I do not wish to see them as I do not like:  A Bollywood romance in Pasadena.

  8. Hi Kitka nice to see you back! :)


    By the way… going back to what women and a men needs are.


    Taking as an example Sheldon when tells Penny in the launderette that Amy is horny.

    (S4-The Alien Parasite Hypothesis)


    We're expected to believe that Amy has never experienced sexual arousal until she meets Zach at the Bar with the girls.

    I mean, as far as I know, Amy does feel arousal, but the fact that she got like that by JUST seeing a guy would completely surprise me. But once she realized what she experienced, she was very open about her urges. I like that she accepts exactly how she is and what she is made of "I have a stomach, I get hungry, I have genitals, I have the potential to get sexually aroused"  By contrast Sheldon thinks he can live without sexual contacts, almost a celibate life. Then Sheldon being upset because of Amy’s hormonal needs and doesn’t want to do anything about her urges. "A cross we all must bear".  He adds!


    So of what cross is he talking about? Is it to make women in a bad light? Like a curse to the humanity? We are women and of course we have needs indeed. :angry:

  9. many historian say cave art was very rare, and therefore sacred and special.


    They are imbeciles.


    Let us consider the facts:


    Specialists and historians agree that cave paintings we know are extremely well drawn.

    -they were made by people who knew how to paint, and who were extremely practiced and skilled at the art.


    This is a fact.


    Now, how did they became so skilled at drawing animals?

    -With practise. Lots of practise.


    They must have painted hundreds of cave and cliff faces, to get that good.


    also, there must have been paint making skills that were passed from master to disciple for generations.


    This must mean the following:

    -there was a lot of cave and cliff paintings done in that era. A lot.


    And that means the paintings were very commonplace in that era. Therefore they could not have been very sacred.


    Of course, most paintings have been lost to the ravages of time. Only ones left, are the ones in deepest caves, where forces of nature or humans could not touch them and destroy them.


    So, those cave paintings we have now, were not the only ones in the era. They're just the ones that survived.


    Now that's logic. There's no need to become spiritual and mystic about it.




    From just reading the first two paragraphs of yours... I had to stop reading you :D


    Historians are not imbecils but perhaps critics are ...


    Serious historians base their arguments on facts whereas critics on various self projected opinionated speculations.


    My opinion in a few sentences? The cave paintings are super! They are artfacts on their own right. I've been in Altamura caves (Spain) They are mitical and magical.

  10. This is my thought about alien abduction. Nothing to do with religion as such. Someone out there, few centuries back, had some peculiar ideas about UFOs or flying objects  to brush them up in the sky in the painting I am pasting here.


  11. It shouldn't , because for some its a valid response to the character. And if you trawl backwards every character has had a turn in the barrel. Characters resonate with people differently.  But it is easy to beat up Sheldon, because they deliberately write him so that you can oscillate between wanting to kiss or kill him. That's why he is an engaging character. Then it goes to the reader's preference, which defies argument. IMO.

    TPTB want people to care about the show so they will watch and generate revenue. They don't want or need all their characters to be loved by everyone. So they gave us 7 choices, so the one character doesn't have to cater to all preferences.



    Yeah... I would call it rather a routinue. They don't give a toss about what people think...because of the impending success of the show anyway. :p

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  12. Indeed he is! Gaqo you were not here yet..when a Galackifan (girl?) for Fool's day (last April) sent PMs to the members asking very personal anatomical feature about Johnny. This person was banned without warnings.

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  13. I have stopped watching TBBT because Sheldon, the host of behavioural diseases that merit incarceration and Lithium, always seems to win.  He never pays for his egocentric abuse of everyone else, his narcisism, his smarmy self-satisfaction.  Even Penny punching his whining face doesn't make the abuse bearable.  In anything resembling a real world, he would have his ass kicked by everyone within a half mile,  And he deserves it!

    Yeah, go ahead, flame me, tell me how wonderful Sheldon is. 

    I respect your right to be horribly wrong.


    Very well Ray Ellis

    If you are sick of Sheldon... you have all of us from this forum... who can give you support ...otherwise :icon_rolleyes:

    You can always join us in Chit Chat for a more convivial debate of somesort and forget about Sheldon ok?

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  14. I know we're having a number of simultaneous conversations here. I once spent two months living in a lesbian commune in the Caribbean, they went topless, I got totally blase after a while.( I am male, I think!) 


    I do not believe it :icon_redface: Gaqo in a lesbian commune? How come you got there in a first place? Well a good therapy to exposure to semi-nudity... you say only topless? It must have been an adventure of somekind.

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